Alfred ML2 Smart Lock Review

Alfred ML2 Smart Lock represents a radical innovation in smart lock technology. Read our Alfred ML2 Smart Lock review to know more.

Smart locks are an incredible innovation in home security systems that have not only enhanced security in door locks but have also introduced automation that offers the greatest ease to homeowners and others.

You can now control your door locks remotely, control entry/exits through them, manage users, provide auto-entry to guests, maintain a record of the door activity log, and much more.

While different smart lock players are busy in the race to introduce the best functionalities in smart locks, Alfred achieved a technological breakthrough in an entirely different direction with the launch of its Alfred ML2 Smart Lock.

While the company has been developing innovative smart locks for industrial and commercial applications for a long time, this time, it partnered up with another tech giant Wi-Charge to develop the new smart lock.

Let’s dive deeper and go through the Alfred ML2 Smart Lock Review:

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Alfred ML2 Smart Lock


Product Overview

The launch of Alfred ML2 Smart Lock takes us into a new era of smart locks that do not have “low battery” issues. You don’t need to attach the Alfred ML2 to a power supply, nor do you have to put in a battery in it.

It is the first smart lock that’s powered wirelessly from a distant Wi-Charge device that relies on AirCord technology to deliver power over the air. The Wi-Charge device is a product of Wi-Charge, a tech company that claims to be the Future of Power.

The mortise-class designed Alfred ML2 Smart Lock was showcased in the CES 2023, but it wasn’t clear whether the lock was actually charging over-the-air at the event or not.

According to Wi-Charge, the smart lock can receive several watts of power from the Wi-Charge device at a room-sized distance. You can use your smartphone, an NFC card, or a code to unlock this lock.


Alfred ML2 unlocked using NFC



  • Wireless charging means no battery-related problems
  • Lock/unlock through a smartphone
  • Keeps you informed of who enters or leaves through the front door
  • Available in three finishes
  • Both keyless and keyed versions available
  • Remote access



  • Requires the Wi-Charge device for wireless charging
  • Quite expensive
  • Compatible with old mortise-design locks




Long Distance Wireless Charging

Keeping track of the remaining battery, charging the batteries, or replacing them after every six months or so can become quite inconvenient.

In fact, many busy homeowners end up being locked out of their homes just because they forgot to charge or replace the batteries of their smart locks at the right time.

The evolutionary wireless charging technology of the Alfred ML2 Smart Lock brings an end to this problem.

All you need to do is spend some extra amount on the Wi-Charge device and forget about batteries and power sources for your smart lock. However, be sure to take into account your required distance because the Wi-Charge device will charge the smart lock from a maximum of 10-meter distance.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use traditional charging methods at all. The smart lock does have a rechargeable battery, which can be charged either through a USB port or wirelessly through the same Wi-Charge device.

If you use the Wi-Charge charging adapter that relies on infra-red (IR) technology to charge your smart lock, you’ll experience more efficient charging than using a device that relies on radiofrequency (RF). While radio frequency (RF) demands more power and offers lesser charge, infra-red (IR) delivers faster and higher charging and that too over long distances.


Voice Control

Think about the time when you had to walk all the way to the door to let your guests inside as they arrived. In fact, it’s still inconvenient to create a temporary access code and share it with a visitor for one-time use. Some homeowners would rather stand up and open the door themselves instead of going through all this hassle.

Thus, if a smart lock doesn’t offer the convenience of voice control in this era, it isn’t smart enough. The Alfred ML2 Smart Lock integrates with popular home automation platforms such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so that users can lock/unlock it through voice commands.

When you hear the doorbell, just call out “Hey Google, unlock the door”, and your guests will be able to enter your home. Consider how valuable this feature can be for people with disabilities if there’s no one else at home when someone’s at the door.



Mortise-Class Design

Most smart locks available on the market support the standard deadbolt design, which is mostly used in residential homes. The Alfred ML2 Smart Lock is compatible with mortise-design locks, which are also used in industrial settings in addition to homes.

While most other smart locks cater to residential needs, this is among the few smart locks that tap into the industrial market, where security is just as important as for homes, and in some cases, even more critical.

The lock supports the most high-security keyway and cylinder systems.  However, keep in mind that mortise-design locks are old-fashioned systems that are used in very few homes today. Most homeowners have standard deadbolts installed on their front doors. This can prove to be a big limitation for the lock.


Multiple Access Options

The keyless entry options for Alfred ML2 Smart Lock include access through a smartphone, entering a keypad code, and an NFC card.


Offers Various Finishes

The Alfred ML2 Smart Lock comes in three different finishes. The options include black, chrome, and gold variations.



About Alfred Lock and Wi-Charge

Alfred is among the most reputable players in the lock industry that has been manufacturing door hardware for industrial and commercial applications.

The company discovered a huge gap in the lock industry that most players ignored the aesthetic implications in their attempts to develop highly secure smart locks. Alfred realized that aesthetics and design do matter to the customers, especially to the commercial and industrial clients.

According to Alfred, little discrepancies exist between many elite smart locks when it comes to functionalities, but in terms of style, no smart lock has been able to prove itself yet. The emerging smart locks would either resemble the old-fashioned locks that rely on physical keys or a high-tech device that’s at the first few stages of development.

Even the most sophisticated locks would suggest that the manufacturer is learning to build a high-tech lock. Alfred recognized the enormous room for design improvement and focused on this area in the development of smart locks.

Consequently, like its ML2 Smart Lock, all Alfred products are designed with aesthetics as the major focus. The devices aim to add value to your doors, while not compromising on the technological features.

Besides the most recent Alfred ML2 Smart Lock, the company previously launched 5 other products that include 3 smart locks, 1 Wi-Fi bridge, and 1 Z-Wave Accessory. The three previous smart locks include DB1, DB2, and DB-2.


Alfred DB1 Smart Lock

The advanced DB2 and DB-B locks have the same functionalities as the basic model with the additional support of a WiFi Bridge. The wireless hub allows you to operate the phone using Alexa or Google Home. With the phone connected to the hub, you can control your locks using your smartphone.


As the leader in long-range wireless power technology, Wi-Charge is an innovative company that believes in a life without cables and wires.

According to the company, why connect devices physically for power when every other function can be performed wirelessly? You’ve gotten rid of wires for internet connectivity, data transfer, and many other functions so it’s high time that you say goodbye to wires when it comes to charging all these devices.

You don’t have full freedom with cables and can’t rely on batteries for sufficient power supply. As the future of power, Wi-Charge relies on its patented light-based system, which marks the only means of power supply to distant devices.

Given the massiveness of the ever-developing home automation industry, Wi-Charge has a large room of opportunities to offer wireless technology to a large number of smart devices covered by the IoT. Hence, with the help of Wi-Charge, all these devices could appear to be charging themselves without the need for cables, charging pads, or even human intervention.

The Wi-Charge device that’s used as a power source is based on an infra-red (IR) beam to deliver power to the relevant device. When it comes to safety, the device complies with the stringent national and international safety standards. Hence, you need not worry about safety, whether you use it in residential or commercial applications.


Final Verdict: Alfred ML2 Smart Lock Review 2023

The home automation industry is turning increasingly exciting as we move forward in the 21st century. Every year proves to be more interesting than the previous one, only making us more curious to discover what lies ahead.

Unlike other smart lock players, Alfred undoubtedly made an intelligent move by collaborating with Wi-Charge to introduce the wireless charging feature in a smart lock.

The innovation leaves other smart lock players disappointed with their most recent launches that lack this essential feature. They realize that it’s not long before wireless charging will become a need for customers and will have to be incorporated into the smart locks.

If you don’t like the prospect of having to charge the battery regularly, this smart lock is the right for you. With this smart lock, you no longer have to worry about replacing old batteries.

The steep price of the device is one of the drawbacks of the Alfred ML2 smart lock. Most other smart locks available in the market are in comparison to half the price of this lock. Moreover, you will have to purchase a separate Wi-Charge system to power the device.

If you can afford to pay one grand for the device and the charging adapter, you should definitely go for it as it will provide a great convenience in operation with no worry about low or dead batteries.

Overall, Alfred ML2 is one of the best smart locks with innovative and convenient features. The price of the device justifies the high costs. The product is more targeted towards commercial concerns that want convenient entry and exit for their employees.

The device provides keyless access using either keypad or card. It can store over 500 user codes making it ideal for small and medium-sized companies. The design of the smart lock is professional and suave that will leave a positive impression about the company.

We hope you enjoyed our Alfred ML2 Smart Lock Review, which should be extremely valuable for anyone looking to purchase a smart lock.

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