August Smart Lock FAQ

August Smart Lock FAQ

There are a lot of questions asked regarding August Smart Lock. This post answers all August Smart Lock FAQ’s.

August Smart Lock FAQ

August smart lock is not only a good looking smart lock, it also provides strong user management and convenient automated features which make it a leader in its niche.

Just download the August app on your phone and it will be connected to your August smart lock.

It’s very easy to use. This lock unlocks itself when you approach and lock itself if you forget to lock your door. Installation is quite an easy process. August includes everything which is used to install the smart lock.

August smart lock works well with deadbolts. When your smart lock is installed, insert 4 AA batteries in it. After this process, open the August app to connect the device to wifi network. August smart lock can be used now.

This lock is also featured in our list of the best smart locks.

You can get August Smart Lock and read its customer reviews from here.

August Smart Lock Appearance

Let’s talk about its physical appearance. August smart lock is round in shape and pretty bulky. It has a rotating piece around the outside which enables you to lock and unlock deadbolt manually. Just grab and twist and you are done. A raised bar on a rotating piece gives information about whether it is locked or not.

August smart lock comes with an optional DoorSense module. Fix it on the door frame near the smart lock and after calibrating it, the distance between sensor and lock will make the app to know if you have left the door open.

The August smart lock will cost you around $199 without the module or you can purchase it in $249 with the connect module.

This smart lock uses Bluetooth and your module will act as a pathway between the lock and WiFi network. You can now see the status of your lock. You can lock and unlock it from anywhere.

Let’s have a look at the August app, its features, and design.

The first thing that I like is that it enables you to link devices.

Whenever there is someone at the door, you will get the notification about it. An in-built feature of this app lets you open the door by just tapping a button.

The design of the app is simple but attractive. The app screen has a huge circular button which helps you to know the status of the door.

Red colored button signifies that door is locked while green shows that the door is open. There is an option of settings where you can invite other people to use this application. You can also setup an auto unlock feature for yourself.

You can change your lock name, can see the activity feed, and can control lock system remotely. For the guest users, they can only lock and unlock the door.

You can also restrict their access through this app. Beside these, there are many things in the settings option. Here you can set up smart alerts. You will get an alert when someone looks or unlocks the door.

You can set the auto lock feature to lock the door instantly as soon as it is closed. This feature is very cleverly designed. This feature unlocks the door when you are in Bluetooth range of it. When you go away from home, August smart lock will go into away mode and It will be watching for you to return.

You can also set the Door ajar timing if you are using Door sense button.

App also enables you to connect August smart lock to a Z-wave hub with the help of Z-wave S2 protocol. Another great feature of this smart lock is that you can recalibrate it if your lock is not turning the deadbolt.


August Smart Lock FAQ List


Is August Smart Lock Safe ?

First thing that comes to our mind while purchasing smart locks is that whether it is safe or not. Researches have shown that many smart locks can be hacked which require encrypted passwords but it’s near to impossible to hack August smart lock.

Quality of product and brand reputation are the key features of August which makes it really hard to hack it.


Is August Smart Lock compatible with wink?

August smart locks are compatible with wink app. Link wink with August app and it will lock and unlock the door and also keep track of people who come and go.


Does August Smart Lock work with Android?

August smart locks also works with androids which have bluetooth 4.0 and running android 5.0 or higher.

Install August app on your android device and then you can keep track of smart lock technology.


Does August Smart Lock work with Nest?

August smart lock works with Nest.

Link your August app to nest account and then you can control nest thermostat from August app.

You can also set up home and away status when you lock and unlock your door. This feature starts warming or cooling the home when you enter your home. When you are not at home then this feature activates away status and saves energy.

Another feature which I found awesome is that it allows you to know the temperature of your home even if you are far away from home. Nest thermostat can be controlled through the August app.


Does August Smart Lock work with Apple Watch?

August smart lock works with apple watch. You can lock and unlock the door with your apple wrist watch by just a swipe and a tap. You can also see the data of visitors and also get a notification when someone opens or locks the door.


Is August Smart Lock compatible with smartthings ?

August smart lock is compatible with smartthings.  Connect your lock using 82 protocol security. You can also turn on or off lights with the August app.


Does August Smart Lock work with homekit ?

August smart lock works well with homekit like Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

You can even ask Siri if the door is locked and also command her to lock or unlock the door.

August Home app is compatible with iOS devices. You can control your lock with any iOS device, handle your thermostat, and turn on or off lights of home.


Does August Smart Lock work with Alexa ?

Alexa can also do the same for you. Link Alexa with August app and give permission to control the lock. Use commands like “Alexa, ask August to lock/unlock the door”. If you want Alexa to unlock the door then you have to set the PIN code and if you give wrong PIN code three times, you have to reset your PIN.

Does August Smart Lock work with Google Assistant?

Google Assistant can only lock your door. Give a command to lock the door and your job is done. August also supports Z-wave with S2 protocol security.


Does August Smart Lock work in the UK ?

August smart locks are not officially available in the UK but you can purchase it from online for $199.


Does August Smart Lock work with IFTT?

August smart lock works well with IFTTT (If This Then That) technology. It allows people to connect devices, services, and accounts. With IFTTT you can add different automated recipes like Turning off the lights when the door is locked, start receiving notifications on your car dashboard when the door is locked.

In IFTTT August home channel, you can add these types of recipes. August smart lock has advanced feature except for an alarm system but still, this smart lock is the top pick of many happy customers.



We hope this August Smart Lock FAQ page is helpful for you, if you have any other questions feel free to comment below.

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