August Smart Lock Pro vs 3rd Generation

August lock makers continue to ascend the scales of glory in providing smart, secure locks. The world leaders are focused on revolutionizing and advancing the quality and features of each lock they produce to meet the emerging needs of their clients.

Paying close attention, just like the August 3rd generation smart lock incorporates improvements on features and qualities of the 2nd generation smart lock, the August smart lock pro follows in revolutionizing the specs and features of its predecessor probably in a bid to keep up with the consistently changing market trends and needs.

We take an insight to understand which is the smarter of the two smart locks:

August Smart Lock Pro vs 3rd Generation

As indicated earlier the August smart lock pro is the recently launched product of the two. It is therefore expected to capitalize on the weaknesses and limitations of the 3rd generation smart lock.

We find out if that’s the case.

Design and Appearance

There is no significant change in the design of the two smart looks as they all take on a fine aluminum finish, the difference comes in the shape feature as the smart lock pro takes on the traditional cylindrical shape while the 3rd generation lock takes on a more elongated shape that features a thumb turn.

As such the August 3rd generation design is easier to use with the kids and it easily blends in with other smart appliances in your home without drawing undue attention.

Installation and set-up

August smart locks have long been known for their ease of installation that only requires a deadbolt, a screwdriver and 10-15 minutes into the task the lock will be up and running.

Basically the installation process of the dual is relatively easy, you may require to eliminate the inner portion of the exiting lock to fit the smart lock. However, it is important to note that August locks still allow for use of your former keys while supplementing the door lock with other security features.

To ease the installation process, one is required to download the August smart lock app, you are required to create an account before using the “set up a new device option” to complete the process. The app provides tutorials on the DIY installation process among handling other critical duties.


Smart Home Compatibility Settings

The August Smart lock pro is by far well adjusted and designed to support smart home compatibility settings. Unlike the 3rd generation smart lock, the smart pro lock comes with an August connect which is a device designed to bridge the blue tooth lock to a WiFi network and other smart home assistant apps making it well adjusted to Homekit support.

The August 3rd generation smart lock runs low on this feature however at an additional cost one may acquire the August connect WiFi bridge. The connect will enable you to access support from apps like Google Assistant, Alexa among others.

The August Smart Lock Pro lock boasts of Z-wave support, Siri and Apple Homekit compatibility, WiFi support, improved Bluetooth features among others.

As such the operations of August smart pro locks are advanced and significantly improved. The app lock is able to provide smart alerts on operations on the lock and information on the door status.

For example, it provides information on the state of the door, whether locked, unlocked or left ajar (a door sensor may be required to provide fully accurate information).

The August app in the smart pro lock is able to provide information on the state of your various August smart locks in a multiple set up. The fast responsive app enables you to remotely lock and unlock different locks in your property.

The lock’s app can decode information on who opened which lock at what time? It can differentiate between a manual and automatic unlock, it can also provide information on how many times the lock has been accessed. All these are encompassed on the smart alerts feature.

Most importantly the auto-lock and unlock system is time and distance responsive example the lock will auto-lock or unlock if you are within a 200 ft radius. Finally, the compatibility to Siri, Z-wave and Apple Homekit make the operations of the smart pro lock incredible in a smart home set up.

Most of these features are limited in the 3rd generation smart lock especially due to the fact that most of its operations cannot be controlled remotely. Locking, unlocking, settings update, status checking must all be conducted in a 40ft blue tooth radius unless you choose to acquire the August connect.

However, it supports auto lock and unlock, time and geographical responsiveness, monitoring features just as well and is a sure-fire security instrument.


Conclusion: August Pro vs 3rd Gen

August smart pro lock’s compatibility to Siri, Apple Homekit support, Z-wave, and Zigbee support combined with the fact that it comes with an August connect to boost its auto operations makes it the ultimate best retrofit lock in the market.

The third-generation smart lock takes the upper hand in budget-friendliness, ease of use and friendly design especially for use by children.

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