Best Bluetooth Home Lock 2019

Best Bluetooth Home Lock

In this post you will find out all about the best bluetooth home lock available in the market.

Bluetooth locks are one of the coolest inventions to be realized. Since the release of the Kwikset, one can be able to have the pleasure and luxury at home without having to bump into stuff all over the place. Locking a place can be disappointing. However, with the new look one can forget all the worries and embrace technology. One can now have peace of mind while coming and going out of your house without having to worry much about locking the door.

Best Bluetooth Home Lock


With the advancement in technology made, life around the home will be easier. Usually, one can lock a door and forget where they placed or kept the key. With untold frustrations and disappointments of searching the key one ends up breaking the padlock and maybe damaging the door as well. The Bluetooth locks are the best at their form. One can have a sneak peek of the available types of locks systems that can suit their needs. These are some of the best available best bluetooth home lock in the market at an affordable price:


Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Padlock

Known widely, they provide the best service when it comes to securing your property or even a locker at school. They have a diversified range of products that they offer from high-end security needs to the simple locking of a briefcase. With the long acquired experience in offering securing locking system, the master lock manufacturers have developed a Bluetooth enabled locking system.

The new improvised Bluetooth looking system is easy to use, unlike the previous padlocks that are opened through key or code combination model. For one to be able to unlock or operate the padlock, you will have to install a mobile application. The application is compatible with Android and iOS which can be downloaded from play store on your device. All your padlocks that are Bluetooth enabled with pop up, once you click on the icon of the padlock you want to unlock it will just pop open in real time.

Once the lock has been turned on the device will be paired automatically. You will only need to link a few details to facilitate synchronizing your account to secure is permanent. Even if you lose your gadget you can simply log in to your account and unlock the locks.

Another good thing about this Bluetooth home lock is that you don’t need your mobile with you to open it has a directional code which you can use to move the lock face in a certain direction for it to open. This lock also has a unique reserve system which keeps batteries protected all the time. In case batteries are depleted you only need to push up the known directional pad, this will in turn tap into the power reserve thus giving you another chance of opening it ten more times.



Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Lock

Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Lock

Even though this type of Bluetooth home lock padlock requires some more time to install when compared to its counterparts, it is actually one of the easiest Bluetooth locks to use. This lock has a plethora of alternatives that enables you to regulate how your lock acts, assisting an individual to balance between security and efficiency. Sometimes you will need to use an included application by default to open the lock. This app allows you to re-enable the Bluetooth briefly so that you can actuate the lock if it happens that you turned off the Bluetooth for some reasons.

This lock can also be set to automatically open when you come close to it.This is actually convenient because you don’t have to take your mobile phone out regularly whenever you want to open it.

The Nulock Bluetooth home lock is made of stainless steel which is the same as the steel chain used on top-tier bike locks. This feature makes this look flexible and lightweight but hard to break or cut. This also makes this lock to be used anywhere from bicycles to home doors. Even though stainless steel does not normally rust, there is a possibility of it wearing out due to constant use. To avoid this these locks are coated with rubber to make them durable.



Noke Padlock

This has been seen to be the best app of all the other Bluetooth locks ever. This interface is not only easy on the user’s eyes but also it is easy to use too. It is quite simple to add this lock to your phone. This is by just two simple steps. All you need is to open the app and wait it detect all the nearby devices and then you choose a name for the device you need from a list of devices that may be around. There exist so many pre-filled fields for some things like a shed, your locker, bike and other more things. To see all the locks you have, you just open the app and then a list will be displayed on a large grid. A big green button will display at your right at which you can tap to unlock it if a lock is in range.

Noke Padlock lock has such a plain and simple design. It has an indicator on the front side the slim blue LED. This indicator helps you to know that it has a battery and it is locked too. You can open this lock with a simple tap code if you don’t want to open it with your mobile phone. This actually works bit similar to the morse code of the secret knock that was used a long time ago. You can either choose a pre-filled code alone or pick the code by yourself. Strangers usually won’t know for another alternative to use to break through.




All these Locks have different unique features with them and it may be so difficult to decide the best bluetooth home lock for you. For the mission critical situations, it is recommended that you go for Master Padlock. This is simply because it has the capability to reserve power and even if you are caught without any power you are sure to get into the lock.

Nulock is the best choice when considering simplicity and style. This is an attractive lock of all locks and it has got a unique tap that is simple and effective to use. On the other hand, the Noke Padlock is the best choice if you need to make use of the chain. Even if how the lock will be advanced, the chain will remain to be the weak point of it. Noke Padlock includes a vibration sensor that can prevent thieves from cutting through it.

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