Best Smart Lock Canada 2022

In this post, you will find out all about the best smart lock Canada.

There’s an old myth that Canadians never lock their doors. Whether that’s true or not, home security is one of the most important personal issues no matter where you go. It’s not just a matter of “if” you lock your doors – but what you lock them with.

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best smart lock canada


Keys have become a primitive relic of the past as technology paves the way for the smart lock. Lending both security and flexibility, a smart lock connects the safety of your home to your phone.

Best of all – smart locks are a cinch to install!


Best Smart Lock Canada 2022 List

Here’s a rundown of the best smart locks in Canada:


Second Generation Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock Canada

Kwikset Kevo

A keyless entrance has never been as convenient with the Second Generation Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock.

It’s all-around stable and simple for installation. Upgrade this smart lock with the $100 Kevo Plus and you can control your home security wherever you go.

No key can provide perfect security – however, Kwikset’s keys and smart locks have never failed to come as close to perfection than any other brand. The Kevo smart lock works with a normal key, wireless key fobs, or a smartphone; the most versatile of all the devices on the list.

Unique to the Kevo is the tap-to-unlock mechanism. Most other smart locks require additional steps before being able to lock or unlock the deadbolt – the hassle of grabbing your phone, opening the app, typing in a passcode, and reading through notifications are brilliantly streamlined with the Kevo.

Sharing eKeys with those you trust is simple with the Kevo. The Kevo smart lock utilizes a close-range authentication system highly more reliable than geofence-based mechanisms employed by other lock brands.

The only downside to the Kevo smart lock is that, for so many features, you will end up paying big time for the smart lock and upgrade.



Kwikset Premis Canada

The Kwikset Premis is a replacement for your deadbolt and was made for the Apple HomeKit System, which allows you to control the smart lock with the voice-activated Siri.

Use your iPhone to remotely add or delete user codes, especially convenient if you have frequent guests or are running an Airbnb.

For being one of the pricier models, the Premis has many additional features beyond your average smartlock.

The Premis can be programmed to either be integrated with or be activated other devices in your house. It can automatically lock or unlock according to the time of day, for example, or it can turn on your lights and adjust the room temperature as soon as you walk into the house.

The Premis pays attention to the finest details – you can assign unique details, codes, and passwords for every user, and you can even control the volume of keypad beeps.

This is the best smart lock if you want a security mechanism integrated with a complete luxury home system – and if you can pay the price for it.



August Smart Lock Canada

August Smart Lock

Best for the renter who isn’t allowed to adjust the locking mechanism on the door, or if you’re satisfied with your deadbolt but are enthusiastic about entering without a key.

Perhaps the most well-known of smart locks, the August smart lock provides the simplest instructions for installation. The design is visually appealing and matches most deadbolts, and the app has an easy-to-understand layout.

The August lock scores high on the list for convenience, and offers more options for home security than most smart locks on the market – you can use Bluetooth or the app for simply locking and unlocking, and it also functions with Siri and Amazon Alexa systems.

The smart locks’ app is conveniently designed an easy to navigate, so the user isn’t wasting time and energy scrolling through menus and pressing buttons. Locking and unlocking is as simple as pressing a large button, and information on recent lock activity is readily available.

While one of the best smart locks, it falls short on battery life. You might find yourself replacing the batteries multiple times in just a few months. And while the smartphone app is convenient, it just isn’t on the same level as the Kevo above it.



Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt Canada

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot touchscreen Deadbolt BE469 CAM 619

Unlike the other models on this list, the Schlage comes with a clean, smudge-proof keypad instead of relying on a smartphone or a key fob.

The user may add or remove guests’ access to the lock by using the fast-acting keypad. If you aren’t savvy with smartphones, this smart lock is your best option.

It’s battery-powered, but even if it runs out of charge, a common key can still be used. Though it might be bulky, the Schlage has the added perk of being commercially approved for security – that’s how well it can resist burglary attempts!

The Schlage boasts a unique alarm system to any other smart lock on this list. It can be set to respond to specific scenarios, including when an intruder tries to pick the lock or if they ram hard on the door. The alarm that follows is truly an ear-blowing noise that wards off unwanted guests like a charm!

If you are a smartphone user, you can convert the Schlage to a smartphone-based lock with a Z-wave hub and then download its app.

The Z-wave is a device that allows another device to operate on a different radio wave frequency and communicate with your smartphone.



Lockitron Bolt Canada

The most economic of the smart lock options, the Lockitron Bolt has a sleek design and is surprisingly sturdy. The additional Bridge is required to remotely access the smart lock. It’s the cheapest model, yet still provides a clever and convenient solution for home security.

You can either install the Lockitron Bolt as a conversion unit, or it can replace a deadbolt entirely. The smartphone app that comes with the lock is clean and straightforward, though dips slightly into technological language in the support page.

Sharing access to the smart lock with guests is simple but surprisingly secure – special permissions settings allow the lock owner to limit the access of guests for additional security.

The Bolt requires its bridge upgrade before you can activate it from a distance. It comes with an auto-unlock feature that is activated by geofencing, which senses the phone’s geographical location and unlocks or locks when it’s within your home’s coordinates.

This function gives the user options: choose to have a notification pop up when you are in range that asks permission to unlock or, it can unlock automatically when you’re within range (which we do not recommend).




Best Smart Lock Canada – The Verdict

The Kevo and the Premis were closely tied for the best smart lock canada – however, the Kevo is the better smart lock for an everyday homeowner’s front door; the Premis, with its functions to change access codes remotely and quickly, is better for renters who have other tenants to tend to.

The Lockitron Bolt stands out as the cheapest option, but doesn’t fall short at all in ways that security matters.

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