Best Smart Lock for Ring Alarm

As smart locks are all about home security, in this post, we will take a look at the Best Smart Locks that work with Ring Alarm.

Smart locks are one way to increase home security. But, if you wish to enrich the security of your house with a smart alarm, search for one that is compatible with your smart lock, or vice versa. Ring Alarm is one of the top home alarms, and if you connect your door lock with it, you can be sure that you can leave your home for a long time, and check the status whenever you wish.

Best Smart Lock for Ring Alarm

Ring can do more than just power your security system. The most important thing is that it connects to the Ring App, so you always know what’s happening at home. Additionally, the alarm sends alerts to your phone or tablet when the Alarm is triggered. You can connect Ring Alarm, with Doorbells and Cameras and sync them from one dashboard to the Ring App.

The best manufacturers of smart locks have made their products compatible with the Ring Alarm. The best smart locks that work with Ring Alarm are Schlage Connect Z-Wave deadbolt, Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt, Kwikset SmartCode Z-Wave deadbolt, Yale Real Living Security Z-Wave and Yale Assure Lock SL With Z-Wave Plus.

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Schlage Connect Z-Wave deadbolt

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Connect is one of the top smart deadbolts available on the market. But when you connect it to Ring Alarm, it makes your home even smarter.

The Ring Alarm operates via Base Station on a Z-Wave mesh network. That means that the Z-Wave-certified Schlage Connect™ Smart Deadbolt and the Ring Alarm work on a single, integrated interface. This connection simplifies the process of making smart homes more convenient and secure.

But what does this connection enable you to do?

When you pair the devices, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere via your smartphone. You can also add and remove access codes, and get alerts when a code is entered. You can do all these actions from one spot – the Ring App. You can also check your lock’s battery level via the Ring App, which makes it easier for you – no need to use two applications.

One of the great things is that Ring Alam is connectable with other security smart devices such as carbon dioxide and smoke detectors, flood and freeze sensors, and motion and contact sensors. Checking all the devices from a single app simplifies the whole process, and leaves more space on your mobile phone.

Both Schlage Connect and Ring Alarm are compatible with Alexa so you can use voice commands to check if the door is locked and unlock it if a friend comes over and you are busy in the kitchen.

Schlage Connect is a great smart lock itself, with incorporated Z-Wave Plus S2 advanced security system. This system provides additional protection and encryption from intruders. It is also equipped with a loud alarm, which is an extra measure of security.


Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

This is another advanced smart lock made by Schlage and compatible with Ring Alarm. Once installed and set up, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your doors through your Ring app.

Same as Schlage Connect, Encode model is connected to Ring Alarm via a Z-Wave mesh network. Once the devices are paired, you can give commands to your Schlage Encode via Ring application: lock and unlock the door, add and remove access codes, get alerts to your mobile when a code is entered on your smart lock.

One of the features that are about to come in the future is the ability to arm your Ring Alarm by locking the door as you leave or turn off the Alarm by unlocking the door when you arrive home.

But why is Schlage Encode advanced compared to other smart locks?

It is a new Schlage model, introduced at CES 2022 and this is the only smart lock that doesn’t need a hub for the connection. It works solely via home Wi-Fi. It also allows you to manage your lock via the Amazon Key app remotely.

Installing the Encode lock is a simple and straightforward process. The lock is compatible with doors between 1-3/8-inches and 1-3/4-inches thick which have a standard deadbolt mounted separately from the door handle.

Aside from compatibility with Ring Alarm, it is also compatible with Ring Video Doorbell as well as with The Cloud Cam and Alexa or Google Assistant, too.


Kwikset Smart Code Z-Wave deadbolt

Kwikset 888ZW500-11PS Smartcode


With a Kwikset Smart Code lock, you cannot go wrong!

This smart lock proves that locks are not only about safety but aesthetics and style, too. They are also proof that if you have a pretty handle and lock, your home can still be ultimately secure.

Now, imagine connecting one of the most secure smart locks with Ring Alarm. Priceless combination, speaking about security. But not only that. There is this touch of the convenience of handling both devices from one application from a mobile – Ring app.

All the features of Kwikset Smart Code locks are available in the Ring app – locking, unlocking or handling access codes. Push alerts are sent to Ring app too when someone types the code in a smart lock. So if your mobile is filled with lots of applications, you can handle two devices with one app and save some space.

But, aside of the all the opportunities that you get when connect your Smart code with Ring Alarm, this is a great smart lock which is compatible with Alexa so you can use voice commands for more comfortable control of the lock. It also has an auto-lock feature, and you can make up to 30 access codes for your friends, family or delivery service.


Yale Real Living Electronic Push Button Deadbolt

Yale Real Living

When you think of smart locks, and home security one of the first manufacturers that comes to your mind must be Yale. Highly professional, with excellent smart locks, Yale now connected with Ring to improve home security even more.

Real Living Electronic is an excellent solution for your door, it can accept 250 codes for your friends and family, and has an auto-relock function. Privacy feature blocks all other users if you don’t want to be disturbed.

So, what benefits does connection with Ring Alarm brings to me, you might wonder. There are several advantages. The first one is that you can control both devices from one application. Another one is that Ring Alarm is equipped with S2 security which is a stronger security layer than you can find in most of the other security systems. It works in Z-wave protocol ensuring your data are safe within your home network.

Of course, all other features that are already listed for other smart locks connected with Ring Alarm are also there: locking and unlocking function, setting and changing codes for visitors, and also receiving the alert to your mobile or tablet when someone enters your home.

But, the Real Living is also compatible with SmartThings,, Honeywell, Vivent, Vera – just a few of over 50 home automation and security systems that the lock integrates wirelessly with.


Yale Assure Lock SL Z-Wave Plus

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus

Yale Assure is the top of the security locks available worldwide. Only a few other locks can stand shoulder to shoulder to it. Now, when connected with Ring Alarm it brings you even more possibilities.

It does all those smart things with Ring applications – lock, unlock, change codes and so on. But additionally, it is Alexa compatible and also, has improved security because it completely eliminated traditional key support.

So, if you connect all of them – Ring Alarm, Yale Assure SL and Alexa, you will have safety triangle in which you can control the lock via voice, Ring app or Yale app inside your home, or from anywhere in the world.


Related Questions:

What do I get in the package with Ring Alarm?

Once you purchase Ring Alarm, you will get:
– Base Station – keeps your Alarm system online and connected to your mobile devices, either via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It links to all Alarm components and selects third-party devices via Z-Wave.
– Keypad – It arms and disarms your alarm system.
– Contact sensor – Informs you when doors or windows open.
– Motion Detector – Detect the motion inside your home and triggers the alarm.
– Range Extender – It extends the signal from the base station, so you don’t have to worry if all the doors and windows will be covered with the signal.

What are other smart locks that are compatible with Ring Alarm?

Three manufacturers have established smart locks compatible with Ring alarm: Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale.

Schlage models that are compatible with Ring Alarm are all Connect Smart Deadbolt models as well as all Connect Z-Wave Deadbolt and Smart Start models.

Kwikset Smart Code are all compatible with Ring Alarm as well as Signature series.

Yale assured to be completely connected with Ring alarm, so all of its models are compatible. However, Yale x Nest is not, due to its connection with the Nest system.

More details about compatible locks are available at Ring’s official website.

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