Best Smart Lock To Use With Alexa 2019

Best Smart Lock To Use With Alexa

Amazon has been able to develop an application called Alexa. therefore alexa is actually a virtual assistant
which was first used by amazon echo. amazon echo dot have speakers that are smart which were actually
developed by amazon lab126. it was in 2014 when amazon decided to announce the launch of alexa together
with echo. alexa is said to be inspired by the voices from the computers together with the conversation
systems.they chose alexa word because it had a large consonant which is x and therefore people will be able
to recognize it with high precision. alexa name has also claims that its reminiscent with a library from

benefits of using alexathe application has different capabilities which are like music playback,

interaction of the voices, alarm settings, able to perform to do list, it can play audio-books, weather
information provided, traffic and also other important information such as the news. weatheralexa
capabilities of providing weather information that is usually provided by accuweather where the news are
provided by the tune|n.this is from different sources which include ESPN, NPR and even local radio stations
so that to provide relevant information to its users. home use when its at home it can be used to
connect with other devices automatically. the devices are from other manufactures, which are like ecobee,
Belkin, Phillips hue. this home use was developed and launched on 2015 . the developers from the home are
capable of creating smart home skills especially from the kit in alexa skills. making orders- this is a benefit
that alexa offers to its users. one can order for goods or services at the comfort of their place. when one
wants to order food, its provided by the Domino’s pizza.when one wants to order pick-ups Starbucks is there
for them. its a great advantage to the users since alexa collaborated with smart lock together with alexa
clound cam. this is where it allows amazon couries the capability of unlocking their customers front doors and
also deliver the packages inside. music alexa has the capability to accept multitude of the
subscriptions which are based with free streaming when using amazon devices.

the services that are included are like the prime music, music from amazon that is unlimited. in the music of
amazon unlimited, it has millions of music that one has access to.alexa having capability to stream music and
media directly one has to connect amazon device to an account. one can also upload favourite music play into
the library even upto 250 songs sportswhen it comes to sports one is able to enjoy the updates of
all major clubs of soccer. this is from major leagues. it is capable for one to save from favorite sports team
from these major leagues; MLS – major league soccer NBA- national basketball associations EPL- English
premier league FA cup- football association challenge cup UEFA – union of Europe football association
German bundesliga 1st and 2nd division NHL – national hockey league NFL — national football league

calls and messageswhen two people have their devices supported by amazon account, they can send
messages for each other using alexa application. although it has the capabilities of sending messages, it
lacks features that will allow pictures and videos to be sent to each other.the messages can be heard by
everyone who has the access in the household. this is because this application that sends message has no
password protection not even a pin. as long as one has someones cell phone he/she can be able to access
the has a feature that can block messages or calls that is called do not disturb although its a
temporary feature. business so that to support the application, it should be paid so that to
increase more development for support. it will allow the companies that are using alexa so that tojoin the
conference calls, being to schedule their meetings and also their custom skills should join the third party
vendors. connectivity with alexain the current version it has three languages which are english,
japanese and the current state most of the devices with alexa have the ability to allow users to
activate their devices using the wake word especially echo. in some devices that are mostly used like the
android and iOS that have the amazon mobile application always have the button that they push so that to be
able to activate alexa’s listening mode.alexa is able to connect with some of the devices which are; smart
speakers, TVs and media boxes tablets and phones computers smart home wearable earphones
automotives integrating august smart lock with amazon alex so that to integrate amazon alex with
august using someones voice it has to be connected to the WIFI. this is possible when using august doorbell
camera or august connect that to integrate with the august smart lock there are two possible ways
that include the following skills; 1. alexa smart home skill this enables one to make commnads in the
house. an example is when you want the door closed. you have to make the command for example, “a|exa
lock the door”.this is posssible after installing the application on the android or iOS using the procedure.

i. launching and log in into amazon alexa application for either android or iOSii. selection of alexa navigation
menu and the click to the skillsiii. in the skills, search for “august”iv. enable the skill by log in without august
information of the account 2. custom skill in this skill you ask a question to alexa about august. an example
is like,”a|exa, ask august to lock the door.” then alexa will ask for the pin.when one has a door sense installed
on the door so that to indicate whether the door is locked or open, alexa responds with door status. when one
checks the door to install the custom skills; alexa mobile application select alexa navigation menu then go to skillsii. search for augustiii. select august
home (icon labeled red)iv. enable the skill by log in august account informationv. one can also set lock pin, if
one wishes to use unlocking function especially when linking the account to alexa

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