Best Smart Lock that Works With Nest 2019

Best Smart Lock that Works With Nest

In this post, you will find out the best smart lock that works with Nest.

Best Smart Lock that Works With Nest


Name Works With Price
August Smart Lock Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Nest Check Here
Kwisket Kevo Smart Lock Amazon Alexa, Nest Check Here


A smart lock which replaces the deadbolts of your front door does more than just the unlocking and locking of the door with no keys.

A very large percentage of these smart locks enable you to track and receive alerts about the people who enter and leave your house.

It gives you the chance of emailing the digital limited access keys to children, visitors, guests, and trusted workers when you are away from home.

The best smart lock works by giving you the freedom of looking or unlocking of your house remotely even when you are away.

But among the smart locks, we have the best smart locks that work with Nest or that are home ecosystem compatible e.g. Nest, the Wink, and Apple Homekit.

These smart locks can together be unlocked or locked as part of an operation. You can program it in such a manner that at night it turns off the lights, closes shades and locks the doors.

Best smart lock that works with nest becomes very helpful when paired to a compatible bell of the door. In case a family member, a friend or your worker rings the door smart bell when you are not at home, you will visually confirm who the person is through the smart bell and you can then unlock the door remotely to let the person in.

However, these smart locks are running by batteries, therefore, it is very likely to come home and get the smart lock battery is dead. Many of the smart lock’s batteries last for at least six months up to a year.

But the Smartphone alert and the smart lock flashlight will notify you when the battery needs to be replaced. And this may create doubts in you as to whether the smart lock will open or not when the battery is dead hence discouraging you from buying.

You don’t need to be discouraged because the manufacturers have recognized the problem and they have redesigned the smart locks accordingly. The current generation of developed smart locks has a second physical method of accessing them added to the wireless primary mode of access.


Therefore the following are the best smart lock that works with nest in 2019:

Kwisket Kevo Smart Lock that works with Nest

Kwikset Kevo

It is the favorite smart lock that is easy to use because of its feature of unlocking by touching it.

What you need to unlock it is a Kevo keychain fob or a smartphone. The lock is unlocked by only a simple tap.

This lock verifies the identity of the person unlocking it through Bluetooth which connects to the Kevo keychain fob or your smartphone. The verification is to confirm if you have permission to access the house.

Alternatively, the lock can be unlocked using a standard key or Kevo app.

The unique thing that makes Kevo the best smart lock that works with nest is its feature of being unlocked by tapping. Unlike other locks which require a smartphone to be unlocked tapping the Kevo smart lock is easy once you have been identified and it doesn’t need you to start fumbling with your phone.

The other good thing with the Kevo locks is how assigning someone else e-key with a Smartphone that is compatible the lock is easy simply by a tap to your smartphone app.

This makes it quite ideal for your family members and anyone else who wants to come to your house and go.

The Kevo smart lock also has the feature of Kevo plus that connects you to the lock internet presenting to you an opportunity to access all the feature of the lock from anywhere.

When you don’t have the plus feature, you will need to be within the Bluetooth range for you control your look, therefore the feature makes the lock to be more convenient.

It also gives you a limitless number of the E-keys and easily to be installed.


August Smart Lock that works with Nest

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock is one of the best smart lock that works with nest.

With the August you do not necessarily have to replace the entire look but you only need to replace the inside with the exterior look of you door remaining the same.

The August can be set in such a way that it unlocks the moment it senses your approach (to be precise your smartphone).

The moment you just walk to the door it automatically opens with you doing nothing at all. For those who are not comfortable with the automatic opening of the lock, it can also be opened manually through a smartphone app.

Just like the Kevo smart lock, the August is controlled via Bluetooth but you can also buy its accessory. If you would like your door to become much smarter then add the compatible nest of August doorbell to enable you to see anyone who is in front of your door even when you are not around.

The unique feature which makes this look to be one of the best smart lock that works with nest is its feature of Apple Homekit integration.

The August also supports the Alexa which allows you to lock the door through echo devices making this smart lock to be controlled in many ways.


Other Smart Locks that are not compatible with Nest

Schlage Sense Smart Lock (does not work with nest)

Schlage Sense

In addition to the features of the previously mentioned best smart lock that works with nest, Schlage is made of a feeling which is more traditional than the others.

You can use the inbuilt keypad in assigning the codes of the key to the guests or do it through a smartphone (iPhone only).

Because of this flexibility schlage sense smart lock that works with nest has more unlocking options compared to other smart locks. It can be unlocked by the key code, key, Siri and a smartphone.

It is an Apple Homekit compatible smart lock making it possible to control it with Siri. The unique feature with it is having the Apple user inbuilt. If you are an Apple user then sense is the all in one smart lock that you need with options of unlocking it and it doesn’t need any other components in addition.

But if you lack the Apple products you will be limited because this lock is not controlled through the internet but only via the Apple TV.


Yale Assure Smart Lock (does not work with nest)

Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth

This is the lock that is keyless completely. But like the other smart locks, it permits entry and leaving of the house using the Smartphone.

To unlock it you hold your smartphone up and twist it in a key like gesture. It seems to be awkward than the other locks but its gesture is meant for ensuring that no accidental unlocks can occur. Actually, it is much better than fumbling with the key ring.

It offers you up to five keys that are virtual for your guests and friend to also access it. It integrates with many home smart options eg. Apple Homekit, Zigbee etc.

It will also require a network module which supposed to be purchased to add it to your home compatible smart system choice.


Conclusion: Best Smart Lock that Works With Nest

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