Best Weatherproof Padlock Review 2020

Best Weatherproof Padlock Review

Here, we review the best weatherproof padlocks on the market today.

A good padlock should be made of high-quality material which is hard to break or drill. When it comes to padlock sizes, the bigger and thicker it is, the more security it offers.

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Best Weatherproof Padlock Review


ORIA Combination Lock – Best Seller

ORIA Combination Lock

Obviously, keyless and with a 4-digit combination lock, this padlock is practically pickproof.

Coated with zinc alloy to make rust-resistant and protected from weather elements, the Oria-made padlock also comes with the standard solid steel shackle.

It comes in a two-pack with interchangeable keys meaning you can choose to use both padlocks or use one with the other one acting as a spare.


Desired Tools 4-digit combination padlock

Desired Tools 4-digit combination padlock

This keyless weatherproof steel alloy padlock made by Desired Tools comes with a 4 digit key combination which means it can have up to 10,000 number of different combinations. The numbers are easily visible and can be reset.

Padlock for gym, school & employee lockers, outdoor fences, hasps, and storages. Suitable for securing lockers and storage facilities, this padlock comes with a 2-month money-back guarantee and a warranty of up to 3 years.



Medeco Shrouded M3 Padlock

Medeco Shrouded M3 Padlock

Shrouded in extra security and made of hardened steel, this weatherproof padlock also features a shackle for extra protection against drilling and break-in attempts. It comes with triple keys and duplication can only be done the manufacturer or their authorized agents

Protected against picking by its interlocking pins, this padlock is recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications. It stands by those who put a high premium on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is safe. 


Masterlock Padlock 140T

Masterlock Padlock 140T

Masterlock Padlock 140T is cut-resistant because of the strong brass material used for manufacturing it.

This padlock has 4 pins, features double-locking technology and is shackled for extra security against picking. It is suitable for light use applications such as locking backpacks and gym room lockers.

This all-weather padlock comes with two padlocks, each with its own keys.



Abus Rekeyable Steel Alloy Padlock

Abus Rekeyable Steel Alloy Padlock

With a reputation for its strength and security, the rekeyable steel alloy padlock made in Germany by Abus Granit employs disk retainers rather than the common pin mechanism making it totally pickproof.

It is made of hardened steel alloy with an extra layer of steel added at the bottom to make it drill proof. It retains the key so you don’t leave it unlocked. Available on Amazon, the price varies depending on the shackle size you want.


Master Lock 131Q

Master Lock 131Q

Weatherproof and pickproof thanks to its hardened steel build and 4-pin locking system respectively, this padlock also has its entire body covered in vinyl giving it a formidable resistance against corrosions and scratching alike.

With its shackle hardened to make it cut-resistant, this lock offers the high-level security to your property. Suitable for various outdoor applications such as gate locking, this weather-resistant padlock from Master Lock is fairly priced on Amazon.


Abloy Protec2 PL 362 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Abloy Protec2 PL 362 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Fitted with disk detainers instead of pins and using the Protec2 technology by Abloy, this padlock made from shrouded hardened steel is extremely difficult to pick.

It has an alloy shackle for extra security which makes it suitable for heavy-duty usages such as the mall and supermarket security.

Retailing on Amazon, this padlock is a value-packed padlock that has great security features and is highly recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications.


GikPal Padlock

The keyless weatherproof padlock from GikPal is made from zinc and steel alloys with a solid steel shackle resistance to cutting is capable of up to ten thousand unique key combinations.

When purchased on Amazon, it comes with a money-back guarantee and a warranty for life. It’s however not the best for heavy applications because of the way it’s built but makes one of the best locks for cabinets and lockers.


Fortlocks Waterproof Padlock

Fortlocks Waterproof Padlock

Weather-resistant and a resettable keyless locking system, this padlock by Fortlocks comes with a warranty for life.

Like all its 4-digit combination compatriots, it also has up to 10,000 unique key combinations and also has its shackle made from solid steel for that extra resistance against cutting and picking.

The key is not very ergonomic but very suitable for locking toolboxes and other light use applications.


Conclusion: Best Weatherproof Padlock Review 2020

This is all for the list of the top 9 best weatherproof padlocks. We hope it was helpful for you to make your buying decision.


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