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Can a Smart Lock be picked ? – Are Smart Locks safe ?

The important question here is that can a smart lock be picked ?

Lock Picking is a common resort for people who want access to a room or building without the right key in hand. In most cases, picking locks are associated with crimes such as burglary and home invasion, although this always remains the case. There are many instances wherein lock picking could come very handy. Locking your car key inside the car or losing a key can be frustrating. When these things happen, the alternative is not an attractive one. Well, you can always try pricking or breaking a window, but professional services of a locksmith are still the best way to go. You get to open the lock fast without excessive cost for repair or replacement.

Can a Smart Lock be picked ?

If you need to go down the road of picking a look, just ensure that you have the right to do so and that you are picking your lock and not somebody else’s. The right tools will always do the trick. You will primarily need a tension wrench and lock pin precisely. If a lock pin is not immediately at hand, a hairpin will do considering you know quite well the standard procedure.

For professional lock picking though, you will need to have an assortment of some tension wrenches in a variety of sizes and shapes with several lock pins of different styles to be able to cover different lock picking jobs. Locks are not born equal. Hence, you will need sophisticated tools which could include a lock picking gun that causes a vibration that thrusts all the pins simultaneously at ago.

Smart Lock, What Is It?

First, you should familiarize yourself with this technology. A smart lock is a highly innovative door lock, which grants the user access to his or her, without the need for a traditional key. Instead, the lock can be controlled from the user’s smartphone.

The specifics will depend on the brand and model, but some are also capable of detecting the presence of the smartphone. Once the phone has entered within proximity to the lock, it will disengage, and the consumer will be able to enter their home, without doing anything else.

Steps to Picking a Lock

Picking a lock may sound a simplejob, but it’s not. If it is necessary, here are few steps to do it:

1. Carefully put the tension wrench inside the keyhole and keeping turning the cyIinder.

2. Using the lock pin pry up on the pins gently. You will know when the pins reach their normal opening position when you hear a clicking sound. This is your signal indicating the pins are exactly where they should be, and you have opened
the lock successfully.

Master Locks

You think all locks can simply be picked? Think twice.

Master locks are the hardest compared to others. Master locks are built and designed to offer exceptional protection system. They are thus not as susceptible to lock picking like other manufactured types of locks.

Master locks were invented by Henry Soref in 1921. They are the first to ever be made from laminated layers of pure steel. Master locks use similar picking systems as the other types of locks but professional locksmiths will have to acquire a good amount of patience and skill to successfully pick a master lock.

Resources for Lock Picking

Lessons –  If lock picking sounds interesting; there are several manuals and illustrations that show proper techniques of picking locks step by step. There are even tutorial videos available today on the internet that shows different techniques in detail. Most of these instructional manuals are made by professional locksmiths to help those who are interested in lock picking, though it is expected that such skill should not be used illegally.

Being a locksmith can be a prolific profession, and becoming proficient in this vocation can be achieved through taking specialized lessons or self-studying manuals and tutorial videos. Either way, dedication and genuine interest in this profession are necessary.

One good thing that comes out of knowing the picking of a lock is being aware that relying on locks alone for safety and security may not be the best thing to do. It is always a good thing to remember that any lock can be possibly picked. Just as any room or building can be accessed or trespassed illegally. However, even if many locks can be picked, several types actually require more time, patience and skills than others. It is only wise to keep in mind when you purchase a lock to choose one that is strong, solid steel, and impenetrable.

Automated Locks

The Fail-safe Locks Innovations in technology nowadays have produced many useful things for humanity. Home automation and security systems, for instance, have protected and kept people safer than ever. Latest developments in locks introduce automated keyless door locks that allow entry without the need for a key. These smart locks can be opened using a mobile app or web-based operation.

All you need is an internet connection or GSM cellular connection, and you’re good to go. What’s more, since these automated door locks are integrated with your wireless security alarm systems, you will know instantly when someone tampers the locks, and you can assign pin codes for family members, expected guests or the cleaning housemaid and cable guy that only works when you are expecting them. Program the access codes to work only during the specified time. Keep tabs and get alerts of people who come and go inside your house or even business.

How You Could Benefit from A Smart Lock?

Have you ever went out to dinner or to a movie with friends and second-guessed yourself on whether you locked your door? You may have already been in your bed drifting to sleep, but suddenly woke up and wondered whether you looked your door. Have you ever had your keys stolen or even lost them and had to change out your locks? Perhaps you have experienced like many other a time where the door was locked, you were outside and the door shut; locking you out of your house. You might have had to break into your own home, or wait for someone with an extra key to let you in. If the above scenarios have happened or still could happen, then you are living in the past where keys were important.

No More Keys

The most beneficial aspect associated with this type of device is the fact that you’ll no longer need a traditional key. With no need for a key, you will never have to worry about getting a key copied, which can be time consuming and a little costly. You’ll never need to hide a key under your doormat ever again.

Full Control

Not having the capabilities to control what goes in your home, while you are away at work on vacation can be very troublesome for a homeowner. This issue will become a thing of the past once your home is transformed into a Smart Home. Many individuals are most likely unfamiliar with this term, which is why it is essential to educate yourself on this home automation technology. Smart Home devices not only off full control of your home, but it can offer an abundance of convenience. Today, new technology allows for the opportunity for us to have more control over the entrances to our home. Through smart locks, there is no need for keys. The locks are completely powered with a dial pad that can be reached from a smartphone. Essentially this means, no matter where you are, you can easily access to your home provided you have internet. You can be laying in bed, and lock or unlock all doors in your house, you may be out to dinner and think is my door = locked? You can lock your door just by reaching for your phone and giving a command. Even better, you can have the door always locked and only those who can enter either have to have a code, or someone within the home must open the door or unlock it with the opener or your phone.

Effortless Access

Have you ever been away on vacation and had to deal with a devastating occurrence in your home, but was unable to resolve the issue, because you could not permit someone access into your home? This happens more times than you could imagine, since millions of individuals work outside the state or country that they reside in. You should not be deterred by these infrequent occurrences, nor should you be forced to find another employment option. Instead, you should invest in a Smart Lock. These locks offer so much convenience and peace of mind, because they allow you to create an E-Key, which can be sent to any inbox, within a matter of seconds. Once the recipient receives the E-Key, they will be able to gain instant access into your home.

Essentially, you have more control and only you can give codes to people to enter the house. They can’t be duplicated and if people learn the code, you simply change the code. With the smart lock, you can even program your phone to alert you when people enter the house. If you give different codes to people such as your children, you then can monitor when they come into your house, right from the bedroom or even if you are at work. Essentially, this system takes you out of the past and right into the future of technology.

Lock bump

The smart lock also offers additional security apart from locking all doors, and monitoring the home.There is a technique known as lock bump, which is a special key that can be used in deadbolt locks to open the door. There are no keys involved, thus lock bumping is totally impossible, additional making your home secure from intruders.

Emergency control

Another form of control the smart lock offers to people is emergency control. Do you have an elderly person in a home who might fall frequently, or someone who could be employed in a position, where someone might attack for revenge? If so, the smart lock may also help in this regard. Many times, emergency responders will walk the perimeter of the home looking for a break in, before entering. Then, they will break down the door. If something happens within the home, such as someone falling or a sickly person, or perhaps someone thought an intruder was breaking in, the locks may be unlocked from within the house or through the internet or smartphone, so doors don’t have to be broken down and there is easy access for emergency personnel.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Most electronic devices are being equipped with Bluetooth chips. This technology allows two Bluetooth devices to be able to communicate with each other. The Smart Lock is equipped with the Bluetooth chip, so it can communicate with your iOS and Android devices. The Bluetooth range will vary from device to device, but with the Smart Lock, you will find the range to be somewhere between 40-60 feet.

Most of the Smart Locks are now fully furnished with the Auto Unlock feature, which mainly implies that once your own device is within the Bluetooth range, the Smart Lock will automatically unlock your door. This is amazing technology that cannot be ignored, since it offers the homeowner effortless access into their home.

Home Automation Systems

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Smart Home devices, many companies are developing software that allows all users to combine all of their devices together. This software allows you to control all of your devices through this one app, while you will find some home automation systems more technological, this is the pure basic form of this kind of service. You may not see the home automation benefit, as of yet, but consider how difficult it is to control each of your Smart Home devices individually through separate apps.


Conclusion – Can a Smart Lock be picked ?

Smart locks transform our lives into the future. They offer us more control over our homes as well as make us live more comfortable without fear of possible situations. The time has come to turn in our keys, move into the 21st century, and engage in the technologies available. Smart locks is the answer for peace of mind and additional security over the home.

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