Top 13 Home Security Systems in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs is a booming community with people from all over the world calling it home. However, one problem that many people in Colorado Springs face is not feeling safe in their homes and communities. That’s why we did extensive research and created a list of the top 13 home security systems in Colorado Springs.

Home security systems are important, especially in today’s world. With so many types of modern threats, it is necessary to have the right home security system to protect your home. But with so many options around nowadays, it can be hard to decide on which one to choose. In this article, we’ve outlined some of the best options available, based on the most important features you should consider when looking for home security. 

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Home Security Systems Colorado Springs

Top 13 Home Security Systems in Colorado Springs



Vivint is a well-established security system supplier in the country, also extending its services to Colorado Springs.

Vivint systems combine innovative hardware with one of the fastest in-house monitoring response times, white glove customer support, and comfortable and energy-saving solutions to provide you with a stellar smart home automation service.

In addition, they offer:

  • Fire and Smoke Detectors
  • Safety Alarms
  • Vivint Mobile
  • HD Security Cameras
  • Dual Communication Doorbell
  • Medical Alert Systems
  • Professional Installation
  • Monthly Contracts
  • Vivint Smart Hub Touchscreen Panel
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Vivint Smart Drive
  • Amazon Echo Integration with Vivint Smart Drive

The Vivint Mobile App lets you access your Vivint Smart Hub panel, letting you monitor your security system through your smartphone or tablet. Amazon Echo can integrate with the system to lock doors, change temperatures, arm security systems, or play music.


Set Security, LLC-Home Security-Home Automation


Set Security provides one of the most advanced home automation solutions and services on the market. They keep their technology up to date by staying on top of new developments. 

Their array of services consists of:

  • Smart Home Automation
  • Smart Phone and Tablet Access
  • Home Assistant Voice Control
  • TV Monitoring
  • Smartwatch
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Interior and Exterior HD Cameras with Audio
  • Image Sensor
  • Smart LED Light Bulbs
  • Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector
  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Geo-Services
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Light and Fan Switched

Since their system is automatic, any new features are automatically pushed to your devices when they are modified, so you don’t have to worry about manually upgrading your devices or contacting anyone to find out what’s changed.

Their geo services will monitor your movements and send you reminders if you forget to lock any doors. It can even switch on the air conditioning, so you step into a cool house when you get back from work.


Colorado Springs Alarm


Colorado Springs Alarm is a full-service alarm control company with a one-stop-shop, offering custom alarm systems, vigilant 24/7 surveillance, and reliable customer service. They can fulfill numerous monitoring requirements, including:

  • 24/7 Alarm Monitoring
  • System Service and Repair for Existing Alarm Systems
  • Burglary, Intruder Alert, and Latch-Key Alarm Systems
  • Business and Home Security Systems
  • Latchkey Notification
  • Fire, Sprinkler, Heat, Smoke Supervision, And Manual Protection Systems
  • Holdup Alarm Systems
  • Power Outage Alerts
  • Water Leak Detection and Level Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection and Alerts
  • Temperature Detection and Monitoring Systems

Colorado Springs Alarm uses its expertise to provide you state-of-the-art, fully compliant alarm and security surveillance systems that suit your home or business. They review your requirements and create a custom-designed, cost-effective solution that uses products from the best brands.

Rush Security and Alarm


Rush Protection and Alarm, located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, is a locally owned security system company serving residential, industrial, and municipal communities in the area. Among the services they provide are:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring
  • Arm or Disarm System Remotely
  • Garage Door Control
  • Automated Lights
  • Residential Security Systems
  • Commercial Security Systems
  • Small Business Security Systems
  • Residential Cameras Systems
  • Industrial & Commercial Camera Systems
  • Remote Camera Monitoring
  • Motion Sensor
  • Entry Sensors
  • Security Panel & Keypad

Their sensors send you immediate alerts in the case of an emergency. You can remotely control your locks via a phone or tablet, therefore controlling who enters or leaves your home. As a local company, they are focused on connecting with their customers on a personal basis to protect the community.

ADT Security Services


ADT Security Services, a nationally acclaimed home security company, installs home security and automation systems that help you ensure the security and safety of your family and property. They have an extensive range of services, including:

  • Receiving Security Alerts
  • Same Day Installation
  • Fire, Flood, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/ 7 Surveillance and Monitoring Services
  • Wireless Keychain Remote
  • Thermostat Regulation
  • Motion Sensors and Detectors
  • Control Lighting and Appliances
  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Arming and Disarming the Alarm System

When combined with Pulse, their home automation service is more sophisticated and efficient. Its mobile app gives you complete control over your security system and household activities while you’re away from home.

Sight Sound & Security


Sight Sound & Security provides a full-service workforce with extensive expertise and experience who are committed to quality and attention to detail. They can help you with:

  • Home Automation
  • Security Systems
  • Media Rooms
  • Distributed Audio Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras (Dome, Bullet and NVR Cameras)
  • Wired or Wireless Networking
  • Structured Wiring
  • Adjustable Shades and Lighting
  • Intercom Systems
  • Central Vacuum
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services

Sight Sound and Security offers a home automation system that not only lets you control your lights, house temperature, locks, and appliances to conserve energy, but it also lets you close shades and set a schedule for your lights and thermostat.

BW Systems


BW Systems is a systems integrator that specializes in fire alarms, access control, video monitoring, intrusion detection, and mass notification. They can help you with:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control
  • Mobile Access
  • Biometrics
  • Fire Alarm
  • Video Surveillance
  • Water flow monitors
  • Smoke detectors
  • 24/7 surveillance

In addition to intruders, their intrusion detection system can detect water leakage, fire, an open window, or any other activity that could damage your house. The Intrusion Detection System scans for activity and notifies the appropriate parties.

WatchPoint Surveillance


WatchPoint has been in the surveillance camera market for 12 years and has gained expertise in nearly every area of the security industry during that period. They provide:

  • Home Security Camera Installations
  • Home Security Systems
  • Commercial Surveillance Systems
  • Installation and Service of CCTV & Surveillance Systems
  • Solar Installations
  • Cellular Data Installation
  • Repair Existing Security Camera Systems

WatchPoint takes a slightly different approach than other security system companies. They come to your location to determine your security needs and look over any pre-existing security or surveillance infrastructure.

They can merge pieces of the old system into the new system in a variety of ways. This gives a brand-new HD or 4K device with all the upgrades but at a significantly lower cost.

Colorado Complete Security


Colorado Complete Security is an authorized security system service provider. They offer assistance in the following services:

  • Security Surveillance
  • Home Automation
  • Sound Systems
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Network, Phone, Cable, and Speaker Wiring
  • TV Installation
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Smoke, Flood, and Carbon Dioxide Detectors
  • Panic Buttons
  • Door and Window Shocks
  • Motion Detectors
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Touch Keypad
  • Glass Break Detector

Colorado Complete Security offers 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year contracts with varying pricing structures. Their door and window shocks have an encrypted sensor that can detect multi-level vibration and alert you promptly. A smart home automation system lets you control your garage door, lights, thermostat, door locks, and your entire alarm system.

Homefront Defense, Inc.


Homefront Defense offers some of the best, easy-to-use, smart security and surveillance products to its customers. Their best features include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor HD Camera
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Stream Video Recorder (SVR)
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Keyless Touchscreen Door lock
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Garage Door Control
  • Encrypted Door and Window Contacts
  • Motion Sensors
  • 2-Way Voice
  • Smart Voice Response
  • Weather Alerts
  • Glass Break Sensors
  • Life Safety Lighting and Security Through Lighting
  • Smoke and Carbon Protection

The door and window sensors communicate directly with your security panel. Homefront Defense’s monitoring station is notified whenever there is any intrusion detected, after which they notify you through a police dispatch.

Moreover, their keyless door lock allows you to access your home through a unique user code or through their Homefront Defense app. It even features a secure smart screen with an auto-lock feature. Best of all, life safety lighting can illuminate a safe path out of your residence in the case of an emergency.

Security World Inc


Starting its venture as a car alarm systems provider in Houston, Texas, Security World expanded its services to the Colorado Springs area. Working towards becoming a full-service installation and monitoring corporation, they began selling home security equipment, i.e., alarms, safes, screens, and locks.

They offer:

  • Security System Communication
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Medical Panic Buttons
  • Motion Detector
  • Premium Keypad
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Yard Signs and Decals
  • Interior and Exterior Siren
  • Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, and Heat Detector
  • Smart Key Wireless Remote
  • Glassbreak Detector
  • Environmental Alert

Their medical panic button sends a signal to the monitoring station, which calls you back and follows your given orders if you don’t respond. With every new security system contract, Security World offers free doorbells, locks, and cameras. They can even help you decide which security system communication option is best for you.

Emergency Network Security Systems


In addition to having their own team of professional installation experts, Emergency Network Security Systems provides specialized services to homes and businesses, which can include covert camera installations, covert surveillance, and video surveillance.

They can assist you with:

  • Burglar Alarms
  • Camera Surveillance
  • Fire Protection
  • Wireless Video Security
  • Personal Emergency Response System
  • Security Monitoring Center

They can help you customize your system to address your primary concerns, whether it be burglary, flooding, surveillance, fire, power outage, appliance failure, gas leaks, or other risks. Any breach detected will alert their 24/7 monitoring center. You can even monitor status and alerts through your phone.

TEKserv Fire and Security


TEKserv Technologies has trained and NICET certified technicians who can help you with the installation and servicing of your fire and security alarm systems.

Since 2000, they have been providing services which include:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Telephone Service
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Access Control
  • Telephone and Intercom Systems Installation and Service
  • Emergency and Medical Two-Way Voice Monitoring
  • Elevator Phones Two-Way Voice Monitoring
  • Interactive Video Monitoring
  • Custom Electronic Control Systems

Along with installing and servicing your fire or security system, they perform routine inspections that fit into your schedule. This includes fire alarm inspections, as well as a fire extinguisher, sprinkler, and backflow inspections.


About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs, with a population of approximately 460,000 (2019 estimation), is the state’s second-most populous city in Colorado. Some of its prominent places include The United States Air Force Academy, Garden of the Gods, Pike’s Peak, and the downtown area which has many notable and large buildings and skyscrapers.

Colorado Springs is home to the U.S. Olympic Training Center and the U.S. Air Force Academy and is a hub for defense and technology companies and federal government agencies such as the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency.

The city has many recreational opportunities, including rock climbing at Garden of the Gods, hiking in the nearby Rocky Mountains, and fishing on Pikes Peak. It also hosts an annual summertime rodeo and parade, as well as an annual air show.

It’s large enough to offer an abundance of entertainment but small enough to feel like you can get out to the mountains in no time.


Why Should You Own a Home Security System in Colorado Springs

Nowadays, the term “home security systems” is becoming more and more familiar among the residents of Colorado Springs. It means having peace of mind that your home is protected from intruders.

Because crime rates in Colorado Springs and other cities throughout the country continue to climb, it has become increasingly important to protect your home and family with a high-quality security system.

Your home’s security system should be tailored around your home’s needs, including the size of your house, the items you want to secure, and the layout of your property.

It’s supposed to be a place of sanctuary and escape. But when it comes to home invasions and associated crimes, even the lovely city of Colorado Springs is prone to burglary.

Many residents of Colorado Springs are thinking about the safety of their homes and families with the current increase in violent crimes. The data presents a startlingly clear picture: if you live in this fine metro area, take the necessary precautions and invest in a home security system as soon as possible.


Cost of Home Security Systems in Colorado Springs

If you’re considering the option of installing a home security system in Colorado Springs, you might want to know what your neighbors are paying for it.

Home security systems are more accessible than ever before. To give you an idea of what the average cost of a home security system is, we surveyed over 350 people living in Colorado Springs.

The results show that on average, homeowners in Colorado Springs pay about $250 for a home security system. This figure varies depending on factors including the size of the property, the type of alarm system, and monitoring service. It is important to know that this price can vary depending on what company you choose to work with.

Our study has revealed that the average cost of a basic home security system in the city of Colorado Springs is $248. This price includes a control panel, motion detectors, cameras, and sensors.

We also found that the monthly monitoring fees for these systems have been going up recently, with the most common being $40 per month. The research was conducted by (thanks to all those who responded!)

With the average burglary taking less than 10 minutes, it’s important to have a home security system in place to help protect your family and property.


Home Security Tips For Residents of Colorado Springs

Like all homeowners in Colorado Springs, you want to protect the place that your heart resides. Don’t let a broken lock or a malfunctioning security system put your family in danger. Home surveillance, a solid security plan, and smart lighting systems are some of the ways to protect our homes from intruders. 

This list provides additional information to help you learn more about home security tips and make good decisions for keeping your family safe at all times.

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Take care of the outside area around the house
  • Get a guard dog
  • Use landscaping to add privacy and security
  • Always lock your doors and windows
  • Always keep garage doors closed 
  • Install motion-sensor lights outside of your home
  • Use locks on all windows and patio doors
  • Check door and window frames for cracks and holes
  • Keep your keys hidden
  • Lock your house and vehicle every time you leave
  • Install good quality locks on your doors
  • Memorize the phone number for 911
  • Keep your home in good repair
  • Make sure there are enough exterior lights so you can see what’s happening outside your house at night
  • Use deadbolts or keyed locks for added security
  • Put bars on ground level basement windows
  • Never advertise your vacation plans
  • Keep away from windows when you are home alone
  • Do not keep valuables where thieves can see them
  • Be extra careful when opening the door for strangers
  • Do not leave mail in the mailbox overnight


Conclusion: Home Security Systems Colorado Springs 2023

Home security is something that is important to everyone. However, many people are unsure where to start or how to stay current on the latest home security trends.

Security systems are an investment in your home. They are designed to protect you, your family, and your property from intruders. 

So, there you have it – our attempt to make it easier for you to find reliable security systems in Colorado Springs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our article about home security systems in Colorado Springs. That was certainly a lot of research to read through, but your efforts were worth it! Now that you’re armed with all that useful information, don’t forget everything you learned today.

Feel free to recommend us to your friends if you feel they too could benefit from these tips. We hope to be seeing you on our website again soon!

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