Top 14 Home Security Systems in Tulsa, OK

If you are looking for the most reliable home security system in Tulsa, then you’ve come to the right page. With all of the features that are available on the market, finding the right one can really be difficult. You can’t really compare different models without seeing pictures or hearing what the person who bought it has to say about it.

When it comes to home security, we all want the best. That’s why we’re showing you some of the best home security systems in Tulsa — all in one place! Whether you’re looking for an extreme system to protect your home and belongings from break-ins or just want something to help keep the peace in your home, security systems vary widely from plan to plan. Luckily, there are several great home security systems in Tulsa you can choose from that will help give you peace of mind on both a physical and privacy level — giving you instant peace of mind!

Allow us to introduce you to the list of top home security systems in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We decided on this list after visiting the homes of several home security experts in Tulsa and having them tell us how they protect their homes. Each system was then voted on by our panel of experts. 

Home Security Systems Tulsa

Top 14 Home Security Systems in Tulsa, OK

Securing your family, property, and assets is very important to you. In order to protect them, you’re considering installing a home security system. You want the best system you can afford before crime strikes.

Here are 14 home security systems that would be great additions to any homeowner’s arsenal:

Vivint Smart Home


Vivint is a top-of-the-line security and home automation system provider. Its best feature is that it lets you centralize control over all your smart home systems and safety systems. Hence, you can access your alarms, appliances, and any other systems or features through a single app. Some of their services include:

  • Vivint Smart Drive
  • Vivint Smart Hub control panel
  • Vivint app
  • Amazon Echo
  • Professional installation
  • Two-way communication video doorbell
  • Fire and smoke detectors
  • HD security cameras
  • Backup battery
  • Monthly contract option

One of the most appealing features is that the Vivint Smart Hub control panel can sync with other systems, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can use voice command to control your lights, thermostat, appliances, locks, alarm system, and more.

Their process begins with a one-on-one consultation with you to provide custom solutions to your needs. From installation to maintenance, their team of professionals is available to help you round the clock.


JE-Systems Tulsa


JE-Systems is a home security system company that uses proper design, planned service, and expert maintenance to help you install reliable and functional security systems in your home. They offer an array of products to choose from for different purposes. Here are some of their best products:

  • Fire Protection
  • Security and Access Control
  • IT Services
  • Phone Systems
  • AV Systems
  • Intercom Systems
  • Nurse Call Systems

They provide you with all the equipment you would need to keep a close eye on your property. Their fire protection covers new fire alarm systems, suppression systems, and a combination of fire safety equipment and procedures to protect your home.

With state-of-the-art intercom systems and audio-visual equipment, you can rest easy knowing that your home will be secure.


Digi Security Systems


When you work with a home security company, checking their track history is a good idea. It gives you confidence in the company’s abilities and its surveillance and security services.

Digi Security Systems have provided security for institutes such as Oklahoma University, Oklahoma State University, Tinker Air Force Base, and even The Gathering Place.

They offer the following services:

  • Access Control
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Fire Alarms
  • VOIP

Digi Security Systems develops a design customized to your home, which determines the ideal locations for your equipment. They aim to give you maximum visibility with the fewest number of cameras. It is safe to say that their experience speaks for itself!


Lighthouse Integrated Systems


Lighthouse Integrated Systems has been operating in the IT industry since 1989. They can develop, design, service, and install security and surveillance services such as:

  • IP and analog cameras
  • Access control
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Fiber optics structured cabling
  • Intrusion alarm systems

From network management, analytic configuration, and access control integration to IP video surveillance and telephone systems, they take care of everything.

Intelligent, digitized locks give you remote access control, and their smart sensors can detect everything from smoke and vaping to air quality and toxic chemicals.

They are an excellent option if you prefer getting all your security needs met by experts from a single company.


Alert 360 Home Security


Alert 360 Home Security is a largely popular security surveillance company in Tulsa. What started as a small installation and alarm monitoring company back in 1973 is now the fourth largest residential security services provider in the country. They help customers with:

  • Wireless and remotely accessible equipment
  • Interactive home control with full-color touchscreen technology
  • A Five Diamond U.S. monitoring center
  • Secure cellular communicator
  • Two-way communication security panel
  • Z-Wave signal and Wi-Fi signal booster when required
  • Yard sign and window decals
  • $1,360 insurance deductible

The home smart automation system has features such as energy management, smart fire sensors, and flood detectors, automated lighting, an automated garage door, and smart locks.

Their live HD video cameras have night vision, allowing you to capture any unusual activity. They monitor your home 24/7 and alert the authorities immediately in the case of an emergency.


Witness Security – Broken Arrow Security System


With an average response time of 22 seconds, Witness Security is a leading security and surveillance company in Tulsa. If you’re unhappy with your current security service provider, they even make it easy for you to switch services. Their home and business services include:

  • 7 months of free monitoring
  • Fast LTE Cellular Communication
  • No Monitoring Contract
  • 6 UL Listed Independent Monitoring Stations
  • 24/7 on-call service
  • Smart Phone Control and Activity Alerts
  • SMS Notification Alerts
  • Smoke and Fire or Gas Detection
  • Power Outage Protection (with lithium batteries)
  • Remote Off-site Service
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Pet-Friendly Sensors

Their apps and home automation systems provide innovative tools and features to let you control your security system and your lights, locks, doors, thermostats, and more. The Activity Alerts feature allows you to monitor everything from liquor cabinets and gun cabinets to safes and closets.


Kazar Security


Kazar offers you custom packages to meet your security needs. Their surveillance system allows you to easily view and record footage through your phone. Some of their services include:

  • Resident alarm monitoring
  • Fire protection
  • Camera systems
  • Honeywell and 2GIG smart home systems
  • Access control systems

Kazar prioritizes communication and alarm monitoring, allowing you to access your system from any phone with text capabilities and a cellular or internet connection. They perform upgrades to make sure your system is up-to-the-mark.

Additionally, you can have certain home automation features added to your system, such as locking and unlocking doors, controlling the lights or thermostat, etc.


Titan Alarms


Titan Alarms has a wide range of security equipment, comprising of everything from an AV system to a basic alarm system. Their appointments take hardly a few minutes since all customers have to do is activate the pre-existing security system in their home. Here are some of their products:

  • Indoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Automated Thermostat
  • Automated Doorlock
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Cellular Back-Up
  • Smart Phone App Control
  • 2 Way Communication
  • Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector

With an experienced staff, Titan Alarms can assist you with installing these products or install a custom security system for you.


Holder’s Total Security of Tulsa, Oklahoma


Holder’s Total Security offers a full line of security products to Tulsa residents., including alarms, locks, safes, access controls, and cameras. Here are some of their stellar services:

  • Licensed, trained, and insured employees
  • Securely fastened and hidden wiring
  • Medical and panic pendants
  • Wireless tilt and movement sensors
  • Same-day installation service
  • State-of-the-art video surveillance systems
  • Burglar alarm
  • Fire alarm
  • Home automation system (Honeywell’s Total Connect system)
  • Remote monitoring features
  • UL listed, 5 Diamond certified central monitoring station

Holder’s creates a customized plan and alarm system for you to protect your home. Their system allows you to integrate numerous tools to enhance your level of protection and make your security system more convenient to use. They start with a basic package and add features that suit your requirements, making it a truly tailor-made security system.


ADT Security Services


ADT, i.e., American District Telegraph, is one the most popular home security and surveillance providers in the country with experience of more than 140 years in the industry.

Moreover, they offer more than just home security. Their home automation systems are cutting edge, working in conjunction with your security system. Here is a breakdown of the wide range of services and products they offer:

  • Same-day installation
  • 6-month cash-back guarantee
  • Pulse home automation control smartphone app
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Wireless keychain remote
  • Smart motion detectors
  • Numerous HD indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Flood sensors
  • Digital security panel

The Pulse home automation app sends you instant security alerts and lets you adjust your appliances, lighting, and thermostats when you’re away from your home. You can even remotely lock and unlock your door.

This will save you the time and stress it would take for you to drive back home to check if you left the door unlocked or an appliance running.

Best of all, the motion sensors can recognize pet movement, which means that ADT systems are perfect for pet owners who don’t want their alarm to go off every other night because of their pets.


Interface Security Systems


Interface Security Systems is one of the leading companies providing security services and intelligent solutions to businesses. Their services include:

  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Personal protection phone
  • Interactive remote video monitoring
  • Managed access control systems
  • Video management systems

Although they primarily install security services for commercial businesses, you can take advantage of their excellent monitoring and video management services. However, they do not offer the perks of home automation systems.


Tulsa Surveillance Technologies


Tulsa Surveillance Technologies provides security solutions to apartments, residential areas, gated neighborhoods, commercial businesses, schools, and more. They offer:

  • Future surveillance system support
  • Professional surveillance installation
  • Innovative surveillance equipment
  • Expert advice
  • Surveillance equipment maintenance

They offer professional advice on which features, products, and systems you require and which are within your budget. With their advanced security solutions, you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.


Falco Alarm Co. of Tulsa


A locally owned business with more than three decades of experience, Falcon offers basic security services, such as:

  • HD Surveillance cameras
  • Door access control
  • Fire alarm system
  • Gate entry control
  • Voice and data network cabling
  • AV system
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Cell phone control

They have a wide variety of home security systems and products to choose from. Their team is highly trained and experienced to help you decide the best option for you.


ASG Security | Tulsa


ASG Security merged with ADT and Protection 1 to provide the residents in Tulsa with excellent security and surveillance systems and exceptional customer service. They provide a number of systems and security products such as:

  • 2GIG/Simon Systems
  • Total Connect Systems
  • Xanboo Systems
  • 6 monitoring centers
  • Motion sensors with cameras
  • Door and window alarms
  • Smoke alarm systems

ASG brings together the best of two elite security companies, offering customers the best products and services in the market.


About Tulsa

Tulsa is the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma and the 47th-most populous city in the United States. Located in northeastern Oklahoma, on the Arkansas River, it has been the county seat of Tulsa County since the county was formed by an act of the Territorial Legislature.

Tulsa is a city that loves art. It is a charming city with an eclectic arts culture, rich history, and plenty of outdoor space. The Philcade and Philtower buildings reflect a flourishing construction boom fueled by the prosperous local oil industry in the 1930s. The Philbrook Art Museum, housed in an Italianate villa that was once the home of a local oil magnate, houses Western art spanning nine centuries. The University of Tulsa sits on the edge of the city, with a dramatic collection of mid-century Modernist architecture.


Why Should You Own a Home Security System in Tulsa?

Everyone knows that the crime rate in Tulsa is increasing day by day, and it is not about to go down. This fact requires everyone to be on their guard and aware of the growing danger.

If you have a home or business in Tulsa and want to safeguard your property and the business, you should consider using one of the many systems that are available. Many of these systems offer a lot more than simply working as a security device.

The best home security system is the one that helps keep you and your loved ones safe. What is the best home security system in Tulsa, OK? Is it worth spending big bucks on one or should you consider something cheaper?

There are a lot of home security systems out there, some costing hundreds of dollars, some in the low thousands… But how much do you actually need?

In Tulsa, it seems like there are 10-15 different home security systems available, with each provider trying to sell you something different. Is this really worth it? Are all the products in this world really as good as they seem?

These questions and many more were posed to dozens of experts in the home security industry. Their answers quickly demonstrated that home security and alarms are greatly underrated. 


Cost of Home Security Systems in Tulsa

The cost of a home security system can depend on how simple the system is, whether it is motion detection or door and window detection, the number of cameras, whether windows are fitted with motion sensors or not, and so on.

There are many different companies offering different types and specifications of home security systems but it is important to understand the average cost of these products in Tulsa so that you can work out whether they are right for your home.

The average cost of a home security system is $855 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to a survey of 834 respondents conducted by Smart Locks Guide.

There are two main considerations to keep in mind when looking at the cost of a home security system. One is the installation costs, and the other is the monthly cost. The first one makes up the bulk of your overall cost estimate.


Top Home Security Tips for Tulsa Residents

When you are planning to buy a home security system in Tulsa OK there’s a lot of things you need to consider in order to make the right choice for your home or business. Home security is something that needs to be carefully considered because finding the right protection can change your life.

Of course, a seasoned homeowner like you should take some things into consideration when choosing a home security system, but there are also plenty of tips and tricks we could share about home security in Tulsa.

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Make your home appear occupied
  • Lock it up, even when leaving a minute
  • Utilize security cameras
  • Spend money on quality door locks, peepholes, and deadbolts
  • Install motion lights and good exterior lighting
  • Keep windows and doors locked at all times
  • Use an alarm system that is monitored
  • Lock your door and windows at all times
  • Don’t forget to secure your garage as well
  • Keep in mind the risks of patio doors and doorways
  • Put outside lights on a timer
  • Teach your family members how to dial 9-1-1 and call them when you’re in an emergency situation
  • Do not hide keys under doormats or flower pots outside of your home


Conclusion: Home Security Systems Tulsa 2023

Home security systems are a good addition to any home. They can keep an eye on burglars trying to break into your home and other intruders, both physical and digital. Using one doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive either.

A number of home security systems are on sale right now for very reasonable prices depending on what features are included with the package.

In this article, we looked at 14 different companies offering home security systems in Tulsa and created a list of our top picks from that selection.

You can buy these home security systems online or you can go to your local department store or Walmart and pick some up there. You can also try to use one installed by a professional company but they don’t all come cheap at around $300-$500 each so it might be best just to pick one that looks good and feels comfortable for you.

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