Intetrend Smart Lock Review

Intetrend is a newcomer that’s making a lot of headlines in the digital marketplace, and for all the right reasons. Despite having a narrow product range, the store managed to occupy people’s minds owing to its customer-centric approach and focus on quality.

Among the most popular products offered under this brand is the Intetrend Smart Lock.

Intetrend can become a household name if it keeps on launching products like this.

We aim to present a comprehensive Intetrend Smart Lock Review, take you through the product’s installation and usage process, and outline the factors to consider when looking for a smart lock.

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Intetrend Smart Lock Review

As one of the most well-known and secure home gadgets, Intetrend smart lock is an all-round, easy-to-use smart lock that stands out because of its functionalities, looks, price tag, and other little features.

It is a sturdy, durable product made from zinc alloy. Its bright front screen presents a numeric touchscreen keypad. Despite having a modern aesthetic, the gadget carries very minimalistic appeal.

With effortless installation, you can easily replace your traditional door lock with the Intetrend smart lock. The keypad attaches to the front of the door, while the switch is affixed at the back.

It comes with three different options to unlock:

  • The keypad
  • A mobile app
  • A key



  • Easy locking/unlocking and entry monitoring through a smartphone
  • 1-month money-back guarantee and one year warranty
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Free lifetime technical support
  • Great material quality and affordable price
  • Zinc alloy makes both front and back highly resistant to extreme environments
  • Designed to fit all standard US door sizes
  • Lock settings can be customized through a smartphone
  • Easy to set up and carries instructions and guides for use


  • Batteries not included in the package
  • Requires purchasing a Wi-Fi gateway if you wish to control the lock via Wi-Fi remotely


Features of Intetrend Smart Lock

The following are some outstanding features of the Intetrend Smart lock.

See whether they match your preferences and home needs.

These features can also be used to compare the product with others on the market.


Keyless Entry

The Bluetooth-enabled Intetrend smart lock eliminates the need for a physical key to allow entry, which means you don’t have to keep track of keys anymore.

You’re warmly welcomed to your home just with a tap on your smartphone while having Bluetooth switched on.


Multiple Passcodes

This smart lock doesn’t restrict you to a single passcode.

Instead, it allows you to set multiple passcodes, including permanent, one-time, timed, or cyclic ones.

If you expect a guest, you can share the one-time code with the guest to allow them to enter upon arrival. Through your smartphone, you can specify the days or times for the activation/deactivation of different temporary passcodes.

Likewise, if you require cleaners to come two days a week, the timed passcode feature allows you to program the lock accordingly so that the passcode only works on the specified two days. Anyone who uses that code on any other day would be denied entry.

This also makes this lock an excellent tool for Airbnb hosts as homeowners can easily and frequently change the passcodes without having to be physically present near the lock.

This feature also perfectly suits the needs of motels, offices, schools, and apartments where passcodes are used to allow entry to employees, staff, students, cleaners, guests, etc.

Also, owners keep on getting notifications when someone enters or leaves their place. Plus, if someone makes five incorrect passcode attempts, the codes-unlock function will be deactivated for next the 5 minutes.


Time-Based Auto-Lock

Sometimes, we forget to lock our front door when leaving home or aren’t sure whether we locked the door or not upon reaching the workplace.

Intetrend smart lock’s auto-lock feature allows you to program the gadget to lock the door after a specific number of seconds from the time the door was last opened.

You can set the auto-lock time anywhere between 5 and 120 seconds.


Deadbolt Activation

One outstanding safety feature of the product is its deadbolt activation.

This allows you to deactivate the lock’s code-related access once you’re inside your home. If you aren’t expecting anyone or live in an insecure area, active the deadbolt once you’re inside your home.

This will rule out any chances of unauthorized entry, keeping burglars out.


Alarm Speaker

The Intetrend smart lock also comes with enhanced safety and security through its built-in safety alarm.

The loud alarm goes off following any unusual or unauthorized entry to your home.


Replaceable Battery

Since the lock is backed by four highly powerful AA batteries that last for a long time, you aren’t likely to face a situation in which the battery runs out of power any time soon.

If you’re faced with any such situation while you’re outside, look for the two terminals that should be sticking out from the bottom of the lock.

All you need to do is stick a 9V battery to it; the lock will recover power instantly. You can then enter the passcode to enter your home.

How Long Do Smart Lock Batteries Last?


Standard Keys

Every family has some old school member who still prefers the same traditional way to enter the home.

The lock comes with two standard keys, one of which can be handed over to that family member or who has the habit of forgetting numbers.

Also, these keys prove handy if you forget your smartphone at home, and the battery of the lock goes dead, and you don’t have, and you don’t have a 9V battery.  Use the keys to enter your home.


After Sales Value

One of the best parts about the Intetrend smart lock is that it comes with a 1-month, hassle-free, money-back guarantee as well as a one-year warranty.

On top of that, customers can also have lifetime technical support.

In case of any technical issues, all you need to do is drop an email to


Intetrend Smart Hub

Intetrend Smart Hub

If you wish to control the Intetrend smart lock remotely, the Intetrend Smart Hub makes a flawless Wi-Fi gateway. As long as you have access to the internet, this Bluetooth Wi-Fi bridge will keep you connected to your door lock from anywhere without any distance limits.

Also, you need not worry about connecting the device with your lock or the internet. It connects wirelessly to both your Wi-Fi router and Intetrend smart lock.

In addition, you can easily connect it to the smart home application Alexa and voice control the lock from anywhere.

The Intetrend smart hub also allows you to make changes to your passcodes remotely, which wouldn’t otherwise, be possible for most smart door locks. However, the product is only compatible with a smart lock powered with the TTLock app via Bluetooth.

All you need to do is download the TTLock app and get started. Moreover, no power adapter is included in the package and you will need to get a DC5V1A micro USB power adapter separately.

Like the smart lock itself, the Intetrend smart hub offers a 1-year warranty, a 30-day money-back warranty, and lifetime technical support.


Installation & Usage Guide

Installing Intetrend Smart Lock is reasonably simple.

Here are the steps to install the lock:

Step 1: Switch the toggle switch to L on the backboard.

Step 2: Install the front panel. When inserting it to the latch, make sure you keep the pin vertical.

Step 3: Install the bracket with back panel

Step 4: Install the rear panel. At this step, keep the knob vertical; then connect the cable to the rear panel.

Step 5: Stuff the extra wires in the door and fasten the back panel onto the bracket

Step 6: Remove the screw on the back panel as well as the battery cover

Step 7: Install 4 AA batteries

Step 8: Attach the battery cover back to the lock

Step 9: Pair the lock with the free smartphone Intetrend app

Step 10: Use Bluetooth to lock/unlock the lock through the app

Step 11: Lock and unlock using passcode


Things to Consider When Buying a Smart Lock


Entry Options

The most primary factor to consider when purchasing a smart lock is the type of entry options offered by the gadget.

Some standard entry options include smartphone access, which can further be divided into access through Bluetooth and remote control through Wi-Fi.

While both the methods make use of an app, the way each provides control is different.

For instance, some products rely on geofencing technology, while others must be integrated with smart home applications.

Some other entry options include the keypad model, fingerprint, and traditional key use. Hence, the entry options like these largely dictate the direction you choose when searching for a smart lock.


Type of Connectivity

Smart locks also vary in terms of the connectivity they rely on.

For instance, some gadgets rely on Wi-Fi, while others work through Bluetooth.

Some users need access to different family members and wish to monitor everything better. Wi-Fi access is vital to such users.


Ease of Installation

Installation is another critical factor to consider.

Some people like to fix things on their own and won’t pay an expert. Simple devices with DIY installation methods are suitable for them.

On the other hand, some users prioritize high-end, sophisticated products and convenience so they won’t mind hiring an expert for proper lock installation.


Final Verdict: Intetrend Smart Lock Review

To sum it all up, the Intetrend smart lock makes an incredible purchase for Airbnb hosts, other renters, and even ordinary homeowners.

Coming as a 3-in-1 entry options package, the Intetrend Smart Lock stands out because of its ease of use, enhanced security, and simple installation.

While this lock offers three different ways of entry, it may not suit everyone as few people prefer Bluetooth over a Wi-Fi connection.

If someone wishes to control the lock remotely using Wi-Fi, they’ll need to contact the company to set up the Wi-Fi gateway to reach remote control.

Furthermore, there are more sophisticated models available on the market that not only offer Wi-Fi remote control by default but also offer as many as six keyless entry options to customers.

We genuinely hope that this Intetrend Smart Lock review helps you make a reasonable smart lock purchase.

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