MiLocks Smart Lock Review

Among the modern security systems, the MiLocks Bluetooth Smart Lock is one amazing solution designed to enhance the security of your home. We’ve come up with the following MiLocks Smart Lock Review to help all those looking to purchase a smart lock for their homes or business premises.

Our homes are certainly among the most valuable investments. Many of us spend a large portion of our lives, saving for it. Therefore, security automatically becomes a paramount concern once we’ve acquired our dream home.

When it comes to home security, though, gone are the days when people relied on traditional door locks to prevent unauthorized entry. Contemporarily, we have numerous high-tech locks at our disposal that not only ensure safety and security but also provide you with greater control over the locks and more convenience.

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MiLocks Smart Lock Review

The MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock brings new excitement and convenience to your home with its Bluetooth technology and keypad entry features.

As a direct replacement to traditional deadbolt locks, this keyless entry device can be installed on both left and right-handed doors based on the standard US door thickness and backset settings.

It comes with two keyless unlocking functions, including keypad and Bluetooth options.

This smart security system bundle comes in three different variations, namely, Brushed Nickel, Oil-rubbed Bronze, and Antique Brass.

Included in the package is the front and back module of the door lock, a door sensor, and a smart hub.


  • Keyless deadbolt door lock with two keyless entry options
  • Allows direct replacement on standard doors
  • Includes user management
  • Allows you to control the lock remotely
  • Lock/unlock notifications
  • DIY Installation
  • Audible alerting tones
  • 1-year electrical warranty


  • Batteries not included
  • Some users faced difficulties in setting it up
  • Pairing with the mobile app can be stressful


Features of the MiLocks Smart Lock


Entry via Smartphone

The MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your front door using a smartphone or any other smart device.

The device can be easily paired with both Android and iOS-compatible apps.

All you need to do is pair the gadget with a smartphone app. Then choose the lock to be locked or unlocked (such as that for the front door or back door if you have installed the lock on both).

Swiping left on the app will unlock the door while swiping right will lock it.


Multiple Users

With this smart lock, no member of your family needs to carry a key to enter the home. Nor do you have to go to the door now and then grant entry to family members.

The smartphone app allows you to add or delete users, each of whom can then work on the same lock through their smartphones.


Standard Key

If someone in your family prefers the traditional way of unlocking your door, you can’t simply ignore them.

The package also includes two standard keys that can be given to such users. They can also be used in the event the keyless entry feature malfunctions for some reason.


Multiple Locks

One of the best features of this smart lock is the ability to control multiple locks at once, making it perfect for property management.

If you have multiple rental units or rooms, you can program the app to control the locks for each room. This way, you won’t have to keep track of so many keys or worry about your guests losing the keys. In other words, say goodbye to keys.


Greater Monitoring

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter of properties, access, and control to the lock via a smartphone app allows you to stay on top of what’s happening at your front door. This is where smart locks always come in handy.


MiLocks Smart Lock Installation

Follow these seven steps to install the MiLocks Smart Lock to your door.

However, make sure you pay particular attention to the positioning of parts, or else you’ll encounter functional issues such as keyless entry options not working, thumb turn being jammed, key not releasing from the lock, and other problems.

Step 1: Adjust the latch backset

Step 2: Install the door latch

Step 3: Fasten the front module. At this step, keep the driver bar in a vertical position when the deadbolt is retracted.

Step 4: Mount the back mounting plate

Step 5: Fix and Fasten the back module.

At this point, the thumb turn should be positioned based on which side the door latch faces.

Also, make sure that the keypad wire is connected correctly.

A loosely connected keypad wire can lead to inconsistent functioning of some buttons on the keypad.

To detect a loose keypad connection, see whether every button beeps as you press it.

In the case that any of the buttons doesn’t beep, remove the back module to inspect the keypad and other wires for any tears or pinches. Disconnect the wiring and check whether the pins in the connection are bent out of alignment. Align all the cables and reconnect them.

Then, press all buttons on the keypad to see whether they beep now. If the issue persists, you’ll probably need to get it replaced under product warranty.

Step 6: Install the batteries

Step 7: Fasten back the battery cover


MiLocks EQL Hub

MiLocks EQL Hub

MiLocks EQL Hub is a separate Wi-Fi-based device that allows you to control your MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock remotely.

Just download Pentagon’s EQL app on your smartphone and start locking/unlocking your door lock from any location. In other words, it’s a complete door security system that adds your door lock to the collection of smart home devices you already have.

Regardless of your location, the device keeps you informed of entries and exits in the form of regular notifications. You can provide access to anyone you want even when you’re far away. Thus, the device makes a perfect combination with your Milocks Bluetooth Smart Lock.


Keypad Troubleshooting

To operate the lock using the keypad, you’ll need to make sure that the passcode has been successfully programmed. Without this step, the keypad entry function will not work.

If you’re facing issues with the keypad functions, follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve them:

Step 1: Unlock and open the door when starting the troubleshooting process.

Step 2: Find the lock button on the keypad and press it one time. Note the number of beeps that follow.

If it beeps three times without locking, no passcode is recorded in its memory. You’ll simply need to add a passcode to address the problem.

If you hear long sequential beeps, the battery is incredibly low, whether or not the door locks. Get four new AA alkaline batteries and install them to replace the older ones.

If you hear two beeps, and the door locks, the door is functioning correctly with at least one more passcodes saved in its memory.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MiLocks Smart Lock Motorized?

Yes, the lock is motorized using a DC brush motor.

Is the MiLocks Smart Lock Compatible with Google Home?

Yes, it is compatible with Google Home. Check out the Best Smart Locks for Google Home in 2023.

Can You Program the Lock to Function at a Certain Time?

Yes, you can do that by specifying a time through the app.

Can I Change the Passcodes While I Am Away from Home?

Unfortunately, you can’t change the passcodes remotely; you’re only able to do that when at home.

Can I Unlock the Door Through My Smartphone When I Am Away?

Yes, you can do that by connecting the device to the internet.

Does MiLocks Smart Lock Have the Auto-Lock Feature?

Yes, you set the device between 1 second and 1 hour to activate the auto-lock feature.

Can the Lock Automatically Lock/Unlock When the Smartphone Comes in Range without Requiring Me to Open the App?

No, the lock won’t function automatically.

You will have to swipe the screen on the EQL Pentagon App, enter the passcode, or use a key.

Sometimes, you don’t want the door to unlock even when you’re close to your home, such as when you’re gardening or exercising your dog nearby.

An auto-unlock feature could have made the lock inefficient in those cases. However, the auto-lock feature exists to ensure maximum safety.


Final Verdict: MiLocks Smart Lock Review

To sum it all up, MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock makes an incredible replacement to your traditional door locks, allowing you get rid of those hassle-prone keys. The innovative deadbolt will enable you to lock/unlock your door through your smartphone, an in-built keypad, and traditional keys.

The smartphone app pairing option comes with a whole new set of features, allowing you to add or remove users, manage your rental units efficiently, monitor entry to your home, automate functions such as auto-lock and time-based functioning, and ultimately maximize home security.

However, to ensure that all features function correctly, you will need to ensure that the lock is correctly installed on your door. Even the slightest errors related to parts positioning and wire connection can create functioning issues.

Following the installation steps mentioned in this review and watching a YouTube video can help you with it.

This MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock combo review should help you understand everything about the product.

In the end, don’t forget to check out other smart locks available on the market.

There’s a lot of competition in the market nowadays.

While the MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock comes with only two keyless functions, there are more advanced devices that offer up to 6 keyless entry options. But then they are much more expensive.

Hence, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, more straightforward solution, MiLocks Bluetooth smart lock is a reasonable choice.

However, if you want several entry options in a single lock, you can check out more advanced devices like the August Smart Lock Pro or the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro.

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