Nextrend Smart Lock Review

The Nextrend Smart Lock seems fine and dandy if you only read the description, but does it hold up to scrutiny?

The Nextrend Smart Lock is a cheap smart lock that looks nice but does not deliver all of the features that most households require. Expect issues to appear if you buy this smart lock.

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Let’s get into the good and bad things about the Nextrend Smart Lock.

Nextrend Smart Lock Review

The Good Things

This smart lock does a few things right, and I am willing to give credit where it is due.

The Look

A lot of these really cheap smart locks seem to really get the look right. They look really sleek and professional, which is a must for smart locks in my opinion.

The worst thing that could happen is having a really ugly smart lock that people will automatically think is cheap. That leaves a really bad first impression on people, which is something that should be avoided if possible.

This Smart Lock comes equipped with a really simple design and a glass pin pad that will be noticed because it looks really nice, and not because it looks cheap. Even some of the biggest brands of smart lock have issues with their locks looking really cheap, so it is impressive that these guys nailed it right on the head here.



Many smart locks have a really big gaping flaw in their design; If they run out of battery, you are in trouble. With this lock, there are actually redundancies in place so that you will have access to your home. Mainly the ability to connect a 9v battery to your smart lock. It brings peace of mind that you will be able to charge your lock in an emergency to gain access to your home.

Not everybody carries a 9V battery around with them but most of your neighbors will have one somewhere.

In terms of security, this thing actually comes with a really cool feature so that people can’t see you type in the code completely. It is called the “Anti Peep” password. This feature lets you type in any number of numbers before and after your code and it will still work.

This is really important for people with a public lock. You could fiddle around and press in a hundred numbers as long as one set of them was the correct password sequence. Some people may worry that burglars might exploit this but in reality, it takes forever to crack a code like this manually if it is longer than 6 digits, so there is nothing to worry about.



Many smart locks are going to set you back 250 bucks, and that is pretty standard. These cheaper off-brand locks are nice because they come in at less than 150. For example, if you were needing to get a new deadbolt anyway, one of these locks really doesn’t cost that much more than a standard deadbolt, so you may be tempted to invest.

For a lot of people, the cost really isn’t that big of a factor when it comes to security, which I totally respect. For me though, everything has a value, and for me to fork out the dough the value it is providing better be greater than or equal to the money I am spending. That is why the cost is going to show up twice on this list.

Honestly, these cheap locks do have some redeeming qualities, but it is up to you to determine if they are worth it.


The Bad Things

Let’s dive into the reasons why this lock is really not the best thing out there for you.

App support

Most really large smart lock companies have their own apps. These Apps are constantly updated and kept up with, and therefore you can be confident that they will always work for as long as you will have the lock.

With smaller lock manufacturers like this, they have to make a choice. That choice is whether they want to make a homegrown solution or if they want to connect their hardware to some already existing “One size fits all” type software. Most of them choose the cheaper option which is to integrate with already existing software. The good news about that is most of the time the already existing software is really good, but the bad news is that the Compatability isn’t always super clean.

I really hate things that fail to work. I’m not talking about things that break. Things break all the time. I am talking about things that just stop working because somebody gave up on the project. That is my worst nightmare.

With a lock like this, it might work for a year or two, but who knows if the developer is going to keep on releasing firmware updates and such. Maybe your lock stops working because you got a phone upgrade, who knows. With large companies, your lock is going to work for years, but cheaper companies like this are a bit of a gamble.


Installation and Use

Installing one of these guys is fairly easy, and can be done on either the right side or left side of the door. The issue is that many people fail to install it well.

If you go look at this product on Amazon, you will see a lot of people have bought this product and taken plenty of photos of it on their door. If you take a look at all of the photos, almost every single one shows a lock that is installed crooked.

I don’t know about you, but if my door lock was crooked I would go insane. I would stare at it every day and want to rip it off of the door.

Of course, you don’t want to base your judgments on other peoples inability to install something properly, but it is a good indicator. It is very possible that these people got tired of trying to get it to look good but were unable to keep things straight. I choose to avoid headaches when I can, and this is one that is easily avoidable.

Apparently, a lot of people that use this thing day to day have a lot of issues. Things like heat, moisture, and other things can seriously hinder your ability to access your home through this lock and its app. I want my smart locks to work every time, and if they cannot provide that for me I might as well install my previous deadbolt.



The reason why the cost is in both good and bad categories is simple. Inexpensive items are great because you can afford them, but they are bad because you are generally shooting yourself in the foot. Yes, this lock is very affordable, but isn’t it worth the extra 50 bucks for something that is from a reputable brand?


Conclusion: Nextrend Smart Lock Review

I cannot recommend this smart lock. It is just not at the level that I require my smart locks to be at.

I really wish that it had the abilities and consistency that is required to be successful because it is a really nice looking lock with an even nicer looking price tag.

Eventually, these cheaper smart lock manufacturers might catch up and be actual competition to the bigger names in home security and automation, but for now, they are not.


What you should get instead

Since I cannot recommend the NexTrend Smart lock, I figure I should recommend a smart lock that does the things that this lock claims to do, but better.

Yale Security Smart Lock

Yale Security Smart Lock

I love this lock, and it does all the same things that the other locks can do, but better.

This lock can actually be cheaper than the NexTrend lock, but that’s only if you want a basic and ugly version. You can get the touchscreen version that looks better in my opinion, but it is going to cost you. Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Chances are, this lock is exactly what you are looking for. It has great app support, and a strong company to continue firmware updates for years to come.

Yale is a really solid company, so you should expect to have a really great experience with this lock. If you are in the market for a lock that gets rid of the old lock and key method of accessing your home, then this is a great option for you. It is a fairly low profile, and Yale actually has plenty of different designs and colors to choose from.

This lock even comes equipped with Z-wave, which is one of the ways that locks connect to smart hubs like Alexa and other smart home devices. That type of internet capability is really amazing, and that is why this lock shows up on so many different “Best Smart Lock” lists, including our own.

This is such a better buy than the NexTrend lock, and really it should be no contest.


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