PIN Genie Smart Lock Review – Should you buy it?

PIN Genie Smart Lock Review

You will find out all you need to know before buying this lock in this PIN Genie Smart Lock Review.

PIN Genie smart lock is keyless, Bluetooth enabled and an app-controlled way to lock and unlock your door. It is considered to be one of the easiest and most secure ways to allow access to one’s house, office or rental property.

For you to open the door you need to key in a pin through the pin genie pin pad that is peep proof. Moreover, it has a hidden camera and reshuffles your pin after every use.

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PIN Genie Smart Lock Review


How PIN Genie Smart Lock is different from other traditional lock systems

  • The pin genie pin pad has four buttons with three numbers grouped together at each button while the traditional lock systems have 10 buttons with each number specific to a button.
  • The numbers on the pin genie pad reshuffle their selves after every use while in the traditional lock systems the numbers are at the same buttons at all times.
  • When using the Pin genie smart lock, it is very hard, almost difficult for someone to know your pin by just watching you key it in while in the traditional lock system someone can easily know your password by just watching you key it in.


Before you proceed, you check out how it works in this video :

Hardware Specifications

PIN Genie Smart Lock Review

Single cylinder deadbolt that uses 1.0125 inches and 1-inch face hole and latch hole size respectively. It works well with a door thickness of between 1.375 inches and 2 inches.

It can be used on either side of the door i.e right or |eft. It has a key that can be used in times of emergency (If the battery dies).

When unboxing the Pin Genie smart lock you will find the lock itself, a manual, template, 3m sticker, strike, strike screws, latch, sheet metal, protection cover, VIP card, set screws, plate screws, exterior assembly, interior assembly, interior mounting plate and 2 back up keys.


PIN Genie Smart Lock Features

  • It has an automatic lock mode that locks the door 30 seconds after unlocking it.
  • It has an alarm mode that can be switched on and off and its sensitivity can be adjusted using the app. Sensitivity is any external activity exerted to the door i.e break in. If someone tries to break-in an alarm will be triggered and hopefully scare away the thief or alert you of the break-in.
  • It has a peep proof and also a hidden camera.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a pin crazy mode that shuffles the keypad after keying in your pin number thus making it hard for someone to know your pin.
  • One can disable the keypad display on the outside from inside the house so that nobody can key in a pin or passcode and gain access to the house. This feature is very helpful. If you are just indoors and don’t want any visitor that has the passcode to enter your house. This mode is known as the “safe home mode”.
  • The Pin Genie smart lock app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.
  • It uses 256-bit encryption.
  • It uses Bluetooth instead of the easily hackable wifi thus increasing the security level.


How to install the Pin Genie Smart Lock?

You should first familiarise yourself with the names of the system parts so as to easily understand how to install the system.

Its installation is pretty simple and the whole lock system is designed to be installed without any professional assistance. Its latch bolt fits most standard doors and thus you don’t need to drill other holes on your door.

Some doors may be a little bit different and may need a little customization i.e drilling so as to fit the device. Apart from drilling, you can use the 3m tape as directed in the manual.

Step 1

Check the doorknob dimensions and ascertain that they fall in the range indicated in the manual.

Step 2

Adjust the backset of the latch. You should first hold the latch in front of the hole, if the holes are centered at the drill hole there is no need to adjust it. If they don’t you should adjust the latch.

Step 3

Extend the |atch bolt and install the latch to the door hole.

Step 4

Arrange the exterior assembly. When extending the bolt you should keep the torque blade in a vertical position. Unscrew the screw that is used to attach the cylinder for transit and get rid of it.

Step 5

Install the exterior assembly. The cable should be put below the latch. Pass the cable through the center hole and slide it into the side hole.

Step 6

You should make sure the mounting plate and exterior alignment are vertically aligned before screwing. Use the backup key to test the latch. If it retracts/extend smoothly you do not need to adjust screws.

Step 7

Install the interior assembly. Open the battery compartment by unscrewing the screw and separate it from the cover. Connect the cable as indicated in the diagram.

Step 8

Fit the thumb turn shaft into the torque blade and fix the interior assembly with its screws.

Step 9

Put batteries, install the battery cover and you are good to go.


  • The lock system is perfect for properties that need to be constantly monitored. (people coming in and out of the property).
  • It is user-friendly, and the passcode/pin can be changed from the app or the lock.
  • Its Bluetooth range is quite strong, as far as 40 feet.
  • It is cost effective.
  • It is convenient and secure. It gives you a keyless experience and still much more safety compared to the traditional lock system. This is achieved by the globally patented pin pad. It locks itself after 3 failed pin attempts thus making it hard for someone to guess the passcode.
  • The keypad display ain’t clearly visible under direct sunlight.


Conclusion: PIN Genie Smart Lock Review

The Pin Genie is a great smart lock device that is quite cheap compared to other lock systems and also more secure. It uses Bluetooth instead of the commonly used wifi.

I would highly recommend this smart lock to properties that need to be constantly monitored (people coming in and out of the property).

I hope all your concerns regarding this lock are clarified in this PIN Genie Smart Lock Review and let me know in the comments in case you have any other queries.

You can get this amazing smart lock from Amazon.

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