Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

If you want to improve your home’s security, then consider investing in the Reagle Deadbolt Lock. Here is a detailed Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review.

The rapid growth in IoT has increased the demand for smart homes, a development that has made a significant impact on the traditional home security. According to a recent study, smart locks are the next frontier in home security, and one out of four homeowners intend to get a smart door lock within the next 12 months.

While smart locks have been around for some time, their recent popularity is due to their affordability – they are a lot more accessible to the average buyer than before. If there is a sudden increase in thefts or robberies in your neighborhood or you are simply looking to boost the security of your home, then it is a good time to buy a smart lock, especially the Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock.

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Features of Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock

Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock

What makes the Reagle Deadbolt Lock a worthy replacement to your current lock is the flexibility it brings to the table.

It does not merely allow you to punch a code on the lock, but it also offers a wide array of features that can make your everyday life a lot more convenient.

Lock Monitoring

Unlocking the door with the Reagle Deadlock is as simple as unlocking your smartphone. You may unlock or lock the deadbolt with a swipe on the Reagle app.

The app tracks the status of the lock. If you don’t remember whether you closed your door properly, then all you need to do is look at the app.

Code Generation

You can also configure the codes with the physical number keypad. You can either generate a random key code or set a code yourself. Keep in mind that you can create 40 user codes at once.

A typical code ranges from four to seven digits. It is essentially a permanent code that you can share with your trusted friends and family members.

Personalized Code Sharing

Usually, homeowners have a pre-configured lock code that they share with their friends and families. However, things can get complicated if, for some reason, you decide to revoke their access rights. Rather than changing the password every time, Reagle Deadbolt allows you to create multiple key codes.

Hence, you can distribute personal codes to your loved ones. In this way, they can enter your home whenever they want to, and you can monitor their access via the Reagle app. The app contains a log that keeps track of whoever accessed the lock.


Auto-Relock is perhaps the most underrated feature of this product. Remember that time when you forget to lock your door in a hurry? Well, with the Reagle Deadbolt Lock, you can set a timeframe (in seconds) after which the deadbolt is automatically locked.


Similarly, there is also the auto-unlock function that allows you to set up a specific distance from the house. As soon as you come close to the specified distance, the lock is unlocked automatically. However, this does raise a dilemma.

What if you are close to your home but do not plan to enter it? Will the app unlock your deadbolt? Yes, it will. However, if you don’t enter the home within a specified period after the door is unlocked, the door gets locked again.


You can also get notifications on the app to alert you whenever someone types too many incorrect key codes at a time. In such a case, the smart lock disables itself to prevent any unknown third-party from entering your home.

Seamless Integration with Apple HomeKit

If you’re an Apple fan and your smart home is supported by Apple’s HomeKit technology, then you will be glad to hear that Reagle provides seamless integration with HomeKit. Thus, you can use your iPad, Mac, or any other Apple device to manage the smart lock remotely. Also you can have Siri do it.

Secure Lock

There is a particular buyer demographic that is reluctant to buy smart locks. They believe that since these locks are connected to the internet, they are susceptible to being hacked. You don’t need to harbor such suspicions with the Reagle Deadbolt Lock because it does not require an internet connection.

Battery Alerts

Since this device is battery-powered, a misconception is that you will get locked out if the batteries die. Firstly, both the lock and app will alert you whenever the lock is running low on battery. Secondly, even if you somehow don’t replace them and the lock is powered off, then you can still unlock it with the standard key that comes with the lock.



  • The installation of this lock does not take a lot of time and effort.
  • The auto-lock feature is quite useful.
  • The use of temporary, personalized key codes is refreshing.
  • Integration with Apple HomeKit technology makes it a good option for Apple users.
  • It allows users to check lock status remotely.


  • Bluetooth connection can get slow at times.



Unlike some other locks, you will not need to call a technician to install the Reagle Deadbolt Lock.

Reagle Deadbolt Lock takes only 15 minutes to install.

The installation process is divided into two phases:

Drill Holes

  1. Figure out the backset, .i.e. the distance between the center of the borehole and the edge of the door.
  2. Use this template to plan the drilling spots: Mark, the center of the door edge and circle center on the door.
  3. Study the marks to drill a 54mm hole to the door face for the lockset.
  4. Drill a 25.4mm hole for the latch.
  5. Insert the latch and make sure that it is located parallel to the face of the door. For the faceplate, mark an outline and detach the latch. Chisel (4mm) deep along the outline so that the door edge and faceplate are correctly aligned.
  6. To determine the center of the strike, shut the door and have the latch bolt lay against the door frame. On the opposite side of the latch hole in the door edge, label the centerline on the door frame.
  7. From the door stop, measure around one-half of the thickness of the door. Vertically, label the centerline of the strike. Drill a deep hole at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical line of the strike. Chisel (2mm) deep along the outline of the strike so that the door frame and strike are aligned correctly.


Install Reagle Smart Lock

  1. Adjust the latch to fit the backset. Twist the faceplate to extend the length of the latch. First, fit the 70mm backset and then reverse it to fit the 60mm backset.
  2. Take out the original latch faceplate. Now, align the drive-in sleeve.
  3. Check whether the arrow mark on the latch is pointing up before the latch adjustment.
  4. Insert the latch into the door and secure the latch by using two wooden screws. If you decide to work with the drive-in latch, push the latch into the hole on the door’s edge.
  5. Place the strike plate into the door frame and use wood screws to tighten it.
  6. Insert the tailpiece in a horizontal position through the hub latch and attach the cylinder into the keypad.
  7. Connect the cable under the latch to the door’s interior side.
  8. Place the mounting place on the door’s inside region.
  9. Go outside and face the door. The door is right-handed when hinges appear on its right side, whereas it is left-handed when they appear on the left side.
  10. Rotate the thumb turn piece to the left (for left-handed doors) or right (for right-handed doors). Keep in mind that the thumb turn piece appears opposite to the latching area.
  11. Position the interior assembly.
  12. Insert four AA batteries.
  13. Go to the Play Store or iOS store and install the Reagle App for configuration.

Reagle Gateway

Reagle Gateway

If you don’t have an Apple HomeKit, you will need to buy Reagle Gateway for the remote management of the Reagle Deadbolt Lock. You have to plug it in a power outlet that has to be near the smart lock and connect it with a wireless network.

The gateway allows users to modify lock settings, check lock status, generate customized access codes, receive notifications, get battery warnings, and review detailed history logs.

The distance between the gateway and the smart lock must not exceed 20 feet.

Verdict: Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review

The Reagle Deadbolt Lock scores high in terms of user-friendliness and convenience. It not only allows you to go keyless, but it also makes sure that you can come and go out of your home without any worries.

Despite its relatively recent entry in the market, it comes with all those functionalities that other leading brands in the industry have to offer. Make sure you purchase it along with the Reagle Gateway, or else you may miss out on its exciting features.

I hope this Reagle Smart Deadbolt Lock Review helped you understand the details of this product. Feel free to reach incase you any queries regarding it.

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