Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review

Here is a detailed Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review.

Do you ever dream of a digital house with smart locks, key etc with a mid-range budget? Yeah, you guessed it right. Now it is possible.

But there are many Chinese brands that you don’t trust them with their security algorithms and protocols. There is one name that almost anybody can trust with their closed eyes. The name is Samsung.

You don’t probably except Samsung in the house locks and security market. But they brought you a secured house door lock with the sleek design that can match your home and your personality also. There are many Samsung door locks available.

But on the mid-range budget, you can find Samsung Ezon SHS 3321. This door lock has almost everything to keep your house safe from thieves and burglars. You will find out more about this smart lock in the Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review.




Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review


The most important feature of the Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review is that it will lock automatically whenever you close your door. It will help to prevent leave unlocked doors if you forget to lock anytime.

Another spectacular feature is Samsung Ezon locks has a built-in fire alarm and anti-thief sensor (particular models). Means if any intruders pressed a button, you will hear a catchy sound. In case you are concern more about your security then it has the double authorization that uses password and NFC card at the same time to unlock it.

If you are worried about the power outages, then no worries. Samsung got your back. Samsung Ezon locks have a 9V battery backup.

Unfortunately, this lock has a drawback. It can’t be used with any mobile application.

And also Samsung Ezon lock does not have any fingerprint scanner. But it supports Samsung video door phone that allows you to unlock it. This a full weatherproof digital lock that allows you to install at the main door that contacts directly any weather



Samsung Ezon locks is one of the most stylish locks you can find on the market right now with its budget range.

This device comes with a very sleek, stylish design that you can use it on internal doors and main outside door as well.

The keypad is beautiful, attractive and gives a tactile response.


Samsung Ezon SHS 3321



After seeing some negativity, you should definitely ask why you should buy this. Well, there is much to talk about Samsung Ezon Iock’s security. Without double layer authorization security, Samsung Ezon locks offering you the random security code system as well. You can use 4 to 12 digit security code and also it has adjustable keypad volume that you can also mute it.


Installation of Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 locks is pretty tough for a beginner. You can find many tutorials and manuals with the products. But according to reviews of this product, you should consult with a mechanic. But still here is a basic installation guide if you needed.

You will need the following things :

  • 2-1/8″ hole saw
  • 1″ hole saw
  • 1/8″ drill bit
  • Chisel and Hammer
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Drill machine


Installation Procedure

Step 1

Take the measurements of the door.

Step 2

Mark it on the door.

Step 3

Drill according to measurements.

Step 4

Install the strike plate.

Step 5

Install the lock Properly.

After installing the lock you need to install components inside the lock.

Installation of the components

Step 1

Install the deadbolt.

Step 2

Install the blade.

Step 3

According to the measurements install the Mounting plate.

Step 4

Connect all the cables.

Step 5

Install the magnetic sensor.

Step 6

Fix all screws.

Step 7

Install the batteries.



  • Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 lock is weatherproof and can be exposed outside the door.
  • It offers fire detecting sensor and burglary alarm as well.
  • It has a modern, sleek and attractive design.
  • Anti-theft mode can prevent to compromise your security.
  • 4-12 digital alphanumeric digits can be used.
  • Programming and user interface is very easy.
  • Bump-proof


  • Installation process is a bit difficult for any beginners.
  • Sometimes you will see some glitches that can lock you out.
  • No connectivity with internet
  • No voice prompt while installation
  • Existing Deadbolt
  • No app support for Android/iOS


Conclusion: Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review

There are many positive responses in from the customers regarding Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 locks. There are many things to like on Samsung Ezon Locks.

It is a fully functional and secured device that can keep your home and family safe and secure. Believe me, I have been using this lock since the past year without any issues whatsoever.

Thank you for reading the Samsung Ezon SHS 3321 Review. Hope you liked it.

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