Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa – Complete Guide

Schlage Connect and Amazon Alexa – Complete Guide

A schlage connect smart lock can be defined as a form of deadbolts which is unique as it has Z-wave technology as well as touchscreen. This gives you the freedom to connect either your domestic automation system or your personal smartphone with the deadbolt. The deadbolt can also be used for security needs because it also has alarm functions.

In the recent news, the schlage connect can be now work with alexa. If a user has an alexa-enabled device he/she can comfortably get their doors unlocked for them, However, the feature is disabled by default and any user has to enable it. One has to have the Amazon Alexa app to access the feature you have to create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). It is important to note that a user must say the PIN for the door to unlock. Failure to speak the correct PIN in three consecutive attempts will lead to automatically disabling of the voice control feature. It’s amazing that you can control your lock with your voice!

In order for the schlage connect smart lock to work with Alexa will require a Schlage sense wi-fi adaptor. The adaptor is important in assisting you to operate your door wherever you are using your phone, whether you are unlocking or locking it.

In order to connect the Alexa with Schlage connect there are several steps taht you have to put in mind. Firstly you will need to download and install the Amazon Alexa app into your smartphone. To login in this app, you will use your common Amazon app. Once in the Alexa app, go to the menu, then tap smart home. Go to the smart home skills and enable. You will see a search field where you will type the word smart things and tap enable. You will be required to log in using your smart things email and password. Once logged in you need to state your location in smartThings from the menu and authorize. When the authorization is done you will see a message stating “Alexa has been successfully linked with SmartThings.” For the device to be discovered you need to close the window by tapping on the X.

The app will direct you to discover devices spontaneously. Once you tap the discover devices you will be required to wait for the process to complete. All the devices discovered will show as a list in the “Device and automations” which is under the “Scenes in the Smart Home” segment in your Amazon Alexa app.

After following the steps above you will need to set a secure unlocking. In the Amazon Alexa app go to the menu, then to smart home, then to Devices and open up on your lock and tap Edit. You can either enable using app or using your voice. By unlocking through app will allow you to control the locks using your hands through the Alexa app. To unlock by voice will allow you to be able to unlock or lock your doors by using your voice. You will be required to create a speech code. This means that you will only need to speak to lock or unlock your door.