Schlage Smart Lock Installation Guide

Schlage Smart Lock Installation Guide

Are you worried that your house is not safe? Are you worried that you will need more than a key to keep your house safe? Worry no more, because SchIage smart lock provides you with a digital solution to solve your problems and enough to keep your worries away. This post is a Schlage Smart Lock Installation Guide to make the process of installing your Schlage Smart Lock easier for you.

Schlage Smart Lock Installation Guide

Schlage Smart Lock system comes with four components:

  • A document package-this is a step by step guide of what you expect on your schlage smart lock.
  • The hardware component that includes the key, bolt, face plate, support plate etc.
  • The alarm assembly for alerting you incase of intrusion by unauthorised persons.
  • The touchscreen assembly for allowing you gain entry to your house.

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Installation of the system does not require any expertise and anybody purchasing it can do it. All you require is basic readability and practical skills. Sounds easy, right?

You need the following tools a tape measure, flat head screw driver, a hammer, an electric drill and a block of wood. Those are basic tools available in a home or in the shop across.Do not use electric screw driver to avoid damaging the screw heads. Only use the electric drill to bore holes when needed for the screw driver to easily fix the screws. Let us now go about installing and testing our smart lock system using the following ten easy steps. Be sure to follow each step well to avoid inconveniencing yourself:

Schlage Sense Installation Steps

Step 1

Install the bolt first facing the top side as indicated. Adjust it if need be and fix the face plate. Use the two shorter screws provided to secure them. Then use the hammer and wood to tap the bolt to ensure it is in place as needed.

Step 2

Install the strike plate and the reinforcement plate.The reinforcement plate comes in first and ensure it is correctly fitted to the plate.Secure it with the long reinforcement screws.Now install the strike plate using the two shorter screws.

Step 3

Touchscreen component installation. This is installed on the outside of the door. Fit the cable under the bolt and fit the assembly into place. It will hold on the inside part on the reinforcement plate that you had earlier

Step 4

Position the support plate on the inside of the door le as the top Nd against door markings as indicated on the plate. Route the cable at the bottom and secure the plate with the two large screws provided.

Step 5

Connect the cable to the alarm assembly system and ensure the white dots are correctly fixed on the circuit board. Then route the wire on the space provided to avoid destruction by folding or pinching.

Step 6

Align the alarm component correctly to the support plate and by rotating the thumb-stack.

Step 7

Unsnap the connector to expose the battery tray and fix in the AA batteries provided and put them facing the door and then place in the cover. Do not rotate the thumb-stack at this point to avoid errors in setup. At this point with everything done right, setup of the hardware component is almost complete.

Step 8

Touch the schlage button on the touchscreen and the touchscreen lights up.Use one of the default four digital user access codes on the guide.Setup will complete in a short while and this will be indicated by a green tick.

Step 9

Use the thumb-stack on the inside to ensure the lock works well. Incase it lags or is experiencing difficulty you will have to make some adjustments on the bolt to ensure seamless locking and unlocking.

Step 10

Test the touchscreen now and remember to carry the key provided to avoid locking yourself out. Touch the schlage button on the top and the bolt should extend to lock the door. Input the password now and see if it opens. If it does not check the troubleshooting section on the guide.


This is it for the Schlage Smart Lock Installation Guide. You can check out the comparative review of Schlage Vs Kwikset Smart Lock and August Smart Lock vs Schlage Sense to see which one suits your needs better.

You can also refer to or call customer care incase of any queries.

Did I mention that you can pair your schlage smart lock with your smartphone?

Go to the Google Playstore on Android or the Apple App Store for iOS. Download the Schlage sense app, turn on bluetooth, launch the app, create account as directed, add new lock and follow the prompts.

You can add schlage to some of your home devices on your wifi sense and enjoy everything from your smartphone. Note that by adding schlage to your smartphone, you have to input a new password. Ensure your phone is running on the latest software and always ensure that you update you schlange sense app for latest securty features. With schlage you have complete security over your door.

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