What is a smart door lock and should you use one?

Every home owner will always want his or her home to be secure. This is especially if they are always, far from their homes. In the recent past there has been a massive growth in the smart homes industry, this is so as to ensure maximum security within the homes, as one of the key reasons. Well there are numbers of ways to keep your home secure but the most and widely used means is the use of smart locks. They are very handy especially now with the massive growth in the tech world.

What are Smart Locks ?

Smart locks are electronic devices that are meant to secure homes by basically engaging in locking and unlocking operations on the door whenever commanded by the owner. And they are wireless; they use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to perform their functions.

Smart locks also perform other function like monitoring access and also sending alerts to the home owner. Monitoring can be done through connecting to Wi-Fi, and thus able to control the cameras within the house or even notification when a visitor wants to access the house.

They can also deny or grant access by a mobile app remotely.

Smart lock cannot guarantee the home owner security but it will be able to help them control and monitor all activities from anywhere away from home. Just like the other locks, smart locks have a lock and a key.

The smart lock keys are mainly the smart phones and “smart keys.” These smart keys are wireless even during performing their authentication process and they work automatically.

The home owner can extend the “smart keys” to friends, family members and even house workers. This can be done through sending to them via email or sms.

Smart keys have become popular in the recent past; this is along other connected devices like home access control and security systems. Researchers such as NextMarket, estimates a growth in the smart lock market by 3.6 billion dollars by the year 2019.

Installation of a Smart Lock

Smart lock is way easy to install than most people think. The smart locks come in different sizes and also shapes. But majority of the smart locks are installed on the mechanic locks and in most cases they upgrade the ordinary locks.

It is always important to ensure that the type of smart lock you are installing is compatible with the deadbolt. But some smart locks will require you to replace the entire lock system.

Smart Lock Buying Guide

Home owners are not quite sure whether to keep the deadbolt. Whether or not to keep the deadbolt, it will depend on the type of smart lock you purchase. Some models are designed in such a way that during installation, one needs to clamp it on the existing deadbolt hardware. But majority of them will require you to setup a new deadbolt.

Pick a communication protocol; this can either be WI-Fl, Bluetooth or Z-Wave. This is because the smart lock will need to communicate with your phone and other smart home set up. Whenever need arises.

Different smart locks have slightly different approach, but the functions are almost the same. You will choose the one that best suit your needs.

Why should you use Smart Locks ?

Smart locks improve the security in your home. They have very unique access codes which help you to control and even track anyone who enters your house, they can also tell from which entrance. To enhance its effectiveness you can add smart doorbells. The security functions include; receiving alerts whenever a visitor arrives, they visually verify who is on the door and you can also communicate with the visitor using intercom system.

Very convenient, many people misplaces their house keys but with smart locks that can’t happen. This is because they use smart phone application to control the locks, you can control the locks with a remote and through this it eliminates physical house keys.

Smart locks also increase the connectivity in your house; this is among all your devices. This is basically to properly protect your house. The devices includes; your smartphones where you receive alerts in case something unusual occurs, the video surveillance cameras which assist you to see people on the door even before you open it and also security alarms which alerts you when the locks have been altered.

Another thing is that with smart locks you can be able to authorize access for people simultaneously. But if one uses traditional lock, you will need to cut the key so as to have several keys, and then putting it in a secret place. This is so tiresome and it cannot guarantee the security of your house.

Easy to install, but some are type way easier to install than others. This is because the smart locks use standard pre-drilled holes, so there is no need to drill new holes. Also there are others that you just attach it to the inside of your door and they are made in such a way you can use the existing deadbolt and keyed cylinder hardware.

The only disadvantage of smart locks is that it heavily relies to technology which sometimes fails. If your smart lock only works with deadbolt then the smart lock cannot guarantee security on your house, in case of a failure.


New trends in the Smart Locks industry 2019

Manufactures have developed smart looks that are eco-friendly. This is by reducing energy and the cost of operation.

In home delivery, some smart locks are able to give access to delivery people. This is so amazing because you do not need to be there so as to receive to delivery and also you can order for anything even if you are far away from your home.

Also cloud control can be used to control the smart locks. Currently smartphones are widely used but in the coming future cloud control may also became as popular as the smart phones.

Smart locks cannot give you a 100% performance; this is in terms of protecting your home. But they are very convenient compared to the traditional locks. There is variety of smart locks in the market, but they almost perform the same task. With the change and advancement of technology, there will be a lot of investment in the smart homes and thus smart door locks.

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