Can Smart Locks be hacked? – Learn how to be more secure (2019)

Can Smart Locks be hacked ? (2019)

In a very short answer, yes. They can be hacked.

can smart locks be hacked


With the advancement in modern technology, people are worried about their door locks and they are trying to think, can a smart lock be hacked?

The Bluetooth low energy ID broad-casted by the lock makes it easier to unlock as the device can easily be discovered.

Just as with any other kind of security system that solely relies on a form of programming to ensure safety. If someone was able to create the product, the scary truth is, someone will be able to hack into it. There is unfortunately always a risk that there will be someone in the world who will ultimately be intelligent enough to get past any form of precautions we use to protect ourselves and valuable items.

This has been a very popular topic. In fact, there was a man who tested the theory himself to see just how secure these devices are. There was sixteen smart locks used in the experiment, twelve of them allowed him access fairly quickly.

We have been introduced to more technology through out the last eighteen years such as Bluetooth enabled locking systems. It is no secret that the tech industry is very vulnerable.

There are some other companies in the market who are counteracting these claims and going as far as to say that the company itself is to blame for the security breaches. Their reasoning is that most models are being secured by a simple text coded password. There are many people who are putting extreme pressure on the manufacturing companies when it became apparent that you are able to break into the device the old fashion way with nothing more than a common flat head screw driver.

Smart Lock Hacked Rumors

Rumor about a hacker inventing a new app that will allow you access into any smart lock device in a flat time of two seconds tops, is unfortunately true. Of course, the company has been alerted of this problem and are creating a brand new update to promptly fix the issue.

Even with all of that information being brought out to play, you cannot deny the fact that someone could simply walk by with a pair of wire cutters and easily snip the device from the housing structure.

How will they develop a software update for that?

With the promise of better protection in the future to come for this device might make some feel safer, but there is still no evidence to back up why they are so simple to break in at the current time of manufacturing the device.

For the protection of ourselves and others, we can only hope that the software developers do in fact see a light at the end of this tunnel to stop hackers and other robbers from being able to gain access into structures.

A lot of people are using smartphones which increase the ease of hacking especially when you are closer to the lock. The person is able to to access the key if they scan for bluetooth devices near the lock and by that they can open any lock that they find.

Although, that is not the only way it can be accessed, there exists more including decompiling APKs, replay attack, device spoofing, and fuzzing.

Moreover, research shows that 75 percent of bluetooth locks can be easily hacked. It is therefore advisable to purchase locks that are connected to your smart phone, That will help you to know all that is going on in your household or office especially if you did not invite anybody at your house at a specific time. But that does not mean that only bluetooth locks can be hacked, all smart locks are not perfect.

If you are interested in purchasing a smart lock for you entrance door then you should search for those with uncrackable features.

Some of the features include the unavailability of hard coded passwords, a proper AES Encryption, a random nonce of 8 to 16 bytes, a two factor authentication and one that allows long passwords of 16 to 20 characters long.

The reasons why smart locks are compromised is that they have have only eight digits pin, the master API code was hacked in the august lock and adding a back door into the locks by the manufacturers has made it possible to reset it back to factory setting and unlock.


How to prevent smart locks from being hacked ?

There are several methods on which you can also prevent your smart locks from being hacked, it includes

Your signal interception

Most bluetooth and Wi-fi devices signals are wireless. Hackers can use those signals easily to get the password. You can check if the transmissions are not encrypted, then you can use them manage the security question.

Password cracking

Most locks have weak passwords, and a weak password eases a hackers work. Once the lock password is tempered with, someone else will be in control of it. You can set your own password to a minimum length of 15 characters including digits, uppercase and lowercase letters.

Attacks by Malware

It is possible to be attacked by a Malware as the the device connects to the Internet. You can avoid it by installing a firewall on your home network and also updating your devices network names.


Conclusion : Can Smart Locks be hacked ?

Through this debate it has been made clear on many occasions that the issues people are facing does not leave the manufacture or the customer to any fault.

When it comes to the security of your house whether you are using a deadbolt locking system or a smart lock, you are still taking a gigantic risk that someone will be able to get past your defenses.

The sad truth is, we just do not have a device strong enough to hold up against their biggest predator, the creator of the product, humans.

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