Best Smart Lock For Airbnb 2022

Smart locks are the latest craze when it comes to home automation. And with good reason — Airbnb itself recommends using smart locks for all of its hosts. By turning your home into a smart property, you can give your guests what they want and increase your rental rates.

Smart locks for Airbnb work on security codes that can be generated, deleted, activated, and managed remotely through smart devices and computers, and can be provided as access to the guests.

Using smart locks, you can provide great convenience for your Airbnb guests. But with a plentiful of smart locks available in the market and each one promising a great amount of convenience and security, which one should you opt for?

Best Smart Lock For Airbnb

List of The Best Smart Locks for Airbnb

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The best smart lock for Airbnb is the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt because of its simple design and the ability to manage many different key codes at once, even guests without smartphones have access.

Many smart locks are great for personal smart home use, but this smart lock stands out as the best for Airbnb use. Read more to find out why.

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

This Schlage lock uses a thing called “Z-Wave” technology.” Z-Wave is a technology that allows you to connect your phone to it from anywhere in the world that has a Wifi connection. This is especially awesome if your guests show up unexpectedly. You can grab a code and shoot it over to them in a text so that they can get out of the weather.

Among smart home automation enthusiasts, Z-wave is a personal favorite simply because it makes your batteries last much longer than a standard wifi connection.

That being said, Z-Wave can be a real pain in the but to install if you don’t already have a z-wave hub. They can cost anywhere from $60-120, and some require you to plug them into your internet modem.

Z-wave really is incredible, and I think that anybody that is seriously thinking about home automation/security should invest in a nice one.

Long story short, to have this lock installed on your smart home, you are going to need around 300 dollars, and of course, the know-how on how to install it on your door.

As a strong supporter of home automation, I think that a smart lock is a necessity. Smart locks are a great asset for anybody, especially if you have a lot of guests like in an Airbnb.

It is a small price to pay for better security, especially when you are saving plenty of time. If you run an Airbnb, you should be ordering a smart lock.

If you have the right door for the Schlage set up that we are discussing here, then this is a no brainer.

If you are here after researching for some time and are worried about the cost, I would strongly encourage you to buy it. You will not regret it, I promise.

Although the Schlage smart lock is the best for Airbnb, I want to point out that there is plenty of other smart locks that will work. For example, August makes some really cheap smart locks that are super easy to install but don’t have quite the same practical uses as the Schlage.


August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

This lock is fantastic and is a lot cheaper than the Schlage model that we have already discussed. This lock actually is installed over the top of your existing deadbolt, so it is much easier to put into place.

One thing that this lock has over the Schlage is direct integration with the Airbnb app, so you can manage your tenants easier. Having direct integration makes this easy for adding and removing tenants.

Another great feature is that this has activity tracking so that you always know if there is someone at your door or not.

As I said, August makes some great devices, but they aren’t quite up to snuff. Their smart locks work off of Bluetooth, so that means you will not have the ability to access them from anywhere. You will always need your device handy. I guess you can still use your normal key with this lock but who wants to do that when you have an awesome smart lock right there?

While it is true that you will always need your device handy when using the august smart lock, this isn’t true if you have the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge that connects their locks to your phone anywhere. The problem with this is that it is just added complications that you have to worry about purchasing.

Last update on 2021-11-24 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


AirLocking – Your Smart Lock for Airbnb

Samsung and Yell Airlocking - Smart Lock for AirBNB

Many people are looking for something all-inclusive, and this lock is what you might want instead of the Schlage. This lock comes with integration for Airbnb and was made with being a host in mind. Although you need to pay for the service every month, this lock comes with a button that guests can press to check out.

If you read the Amazon reviews, all of the people who have bought this are happy that they did so. It is similar to the Schlage lock that I recommended earlier in terms of features and has everything you need, including a Z-wave hub. If you are the type of host with properties all across the country, this might be the best thing for you.

The idea behind the button is to get notified when your guests leave and know when they get there. Smart locks are great because you can know all the information about when your guests come and go as if you were there. This solution was made for Airbnb hosts so that you will have a great experience. Check it out on Amazon by clicking here.

The only reason this isn’t my number one recommendation is that it is quite expensive. If you are the type of person who doesn’t really think that money is an object, this is definitely the one for you. This lock is the type that has all the bells and whistles, and therefore it will please the person that doesn’t want to do this halfway.

One last small thing about this lock is the keypad. I don’t “love” the fact that the Schlage lock is actually a touchscreen keypad. I much prefer analog buttons because they seem more durable. I think that makes things feel more sturdy, whether or not that is true remains to be seen.

Good luck finding the lock that suits your situation best!

The smart lock comes with a sober and straightforward lock assembly and a SmartThings Hub.

The lock assembly has a compact and sophisticated design comprising an illuminated keypad, Yale push-button for automated locking, fully motorized deadbolt, and an integrated key option.

The lock is also weather protected and has a waterproof outer covering.

Installation: The lock assembly and the hub need to be installed.

Airbnb Integration: Then the lock needs to be linked with your Airbnb listing. For integrating the lock with Airbnb, you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. With this, you don’t need to pay anything extra for adding multiple listings.

Setup: These smart locks are explicitly engineered to offer check-in and check-out convenience for Airbnb hosts. You can set up the door codes and mail it to your guests along with other check-in information before their stay.

Code: Activation and Deactivation – The smart locks’ codes are activated when any guest checks in and are deactivated after the set check-out time.


August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

August Smart Lock

August and August Connect, along with conventional keys in case the overall building cannot be shifted to a smart lock, the August Smart Lock can be attached to doors having the old conventional lock and key setups.

The August smart lock is compatible with the Apple HomeKit. The August smart lock can be connected and operated via the August smart lock smartphone application.

An additional touchscreen keypad can be installed alongside the smart lock for guests to not have to download the app into their smartphones.


Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot BE469 CAM 619

Schlage Lock Company

The Schlage can also be remotely accessed. It requires a z-hub.

When compared to the August smart lock, you only need the code when you have to access a room with the Schlage lock, but you need a physical smartphone to hold up the code to get access to the August smart lock.

This lock prevents lock tampering by the use of an anti-pick shield. It is equipped with a built-in alarm that senses door movement and alerts the Airbnb owners.

This feature is useful for times when the Airbnb does not have any booked-in or checked-in customers.

The lock can hold up to thirty different codes. It does not require complicated installation, no tools or wiring required. The connection’s quality depends on the internet provider and has nothing to do with the smart locks functioning.

It can work with doors having a thickness of 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″.

It functions optimally at a temperature range of negative 10 degrees to fifty degrees Celsius.


925 Kevo Touch-to-Open Smart Lock

Kwikset Kevo

Kwikset smart locks are amazing for doors that need to be immediately locked or for restricted access so that only the people with the code can enter and the door locks automatically after thirty seconds.

The Kwikset close range Bluetooth system is much more reliable than other locks that use a geo-fence based unlocking system. It can be unlocked with a conventional key, a wireless key, and a smartphone app.

What more could anyone want? This feature makes it the most reliable and easily accessible smart lock out there!

The Kevo Plus lets Airbnb owners monitor and control the Kevo locks when the owners are away.


Lockitron Bolt

The Lockitron Bolt smart lock costs a lot less than all previously mentioned smart locks.

It is one of the most stylish smart locks available in the market, with great battery life and provides the safety equivalent to a conventional deadbolt lock.

Remote access and notifications can be sent to your smartphone directly with the installation of a Bridge, the size of a regular USB stick; it is a wireless gateway that acts as a connection between the Bolt lock and your wifi router for some additional charges.


What are you looking for in a smart lock for Airbnb?

Smart locks were invented to make people’s lives easier and more convenient and enhance the security of your home. Their main purpose is to make your home more secure while making it easier for you and your family to access it.

However, every smart lock follows unique features that can be a hassle and make your life even more complicated. That means to choose the best smart lock for Airbnb, you need to check out the features you need most. 

A lot has changed since the days of traditional hotel stays. The rise of home-sharing platforms like Airbnb have transformed the way travelers can book accommodation and made holidays more economical than ever before.

Every year millions of people visit and stay in Airbnb’s. This means that there is a large demand for short-term accommodation. But managing all of these stays can be a challenge especially if you have dozens of bookings every month.

If you are looking to invest in a smart lock, it is imperative to know what you need most. I think that there are essential qualities that you need to look for.

In addition, there are some other factors such as reliability, connectivity, and availability that will impact your overall experience with the lock.



If you are using Airbnb to rent out your space, it is crucial to know that your guests will not have access to your smart home once they leave. Many smart locks are not advanced enough to revoke access privileges for people. This is a severe security threat if you have any sort of valuables in your smart home.

When you are looking for a smart lock, make sure that you know the process that people take to add and revoke access to different people, preferably giving people access for a certain amount of time and then having it revoked automatically once their stay is over. It is never worth risking your home security for convenience!


Ease of Use

Handing somebody a key for a few days is really simple, so for a smart lock to impress me, it needs to take a straightforward process and make it easier and simpler.

The old adage “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” really applies here. Since you are limited to using keys right now, you might be really frustrated and think that your current system really is broken. I will warn you that sometimes smart locks aren’t the solution.

Most of the time, they really are the solution, though. Many of these apps let you add and remove permissions remotely. I find it to be really important to have a smart lock that other people can understand.

Some locks require somebody to download the lock specific app instead of using a code or the Airbnb app, which is frustrating.

There is nothing more frustrating than having to teach somebody how to use your simple door lock. I can see myself getting tired of that!


Remote Access

This is an absolute must. You need to be able to let your guests in from anywhere. Of course, you will probably have somebody there when they get there, but you need to be able to manage your people remotely.

If you had to be home every time you needed to change anything, then chances are you will end up going back to the key system because it’s just easier.


Guest Management

Many smart locks have this feature, but very few make it so easy as this lock.

The biggest issue that I find is that most smart locks still require your guests to have a decent amount of smartphone knowledge, and even make them download the app.

Personally, I wouldn’t say I like it when people make me download an app that I am only going to use once and then never think about it again.

Smart locks like August Smart locks or anything without a keypad force your guests to download an app, a real hassle.

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen circumvents this problem by using a touchscreen keypad instead of a Bluetooth connection. Instead of forcing your guests to download an app and then teach them how to use it, you can instead use the app on your phone to get a new passcode for them, and then send it to them in a text. Sending a passcode to someone over text or even on the phone if they don’t know how to text is a great thing.

This is so crucial. Managing guests is the main reason smart locks are awesome. This is the reason most people want to get a smart lock for their Airbnb

Many smart locks have different ways of doing this, so if this is important to you, you need to find out exactly how it is done.


The Price Tag: Is it worth it?

Now, this smart lock is reasonably priced on Amazon, but there may be some extra expenses that you have to incur to get started.


Installation and management

Smart locks are designed to make your life easier, but they require a bit of assembly to work correctly. Every single person debating on whether or not they want a smart lock should consider these things carefully to decide if a smart lock is right for their situation.


Many smart locks are straightforward in that they are installed on the inside of the door on top of your already existing deadbolt. These locks can take as little as 10 minutes to get started.

Some other locks require a complete overhaul of your current door handle/ lock system.

The Schlage Connect Touchscreen is the type of lock that replaces both your handle and deadbolt. Some doors and deadbolts are not going to work with this smart lock, which is a big bummer. If you are one of the ones that this will work, you still need to install it.

Schlage will walk you through how to do that on their website, but know it might be a little more than you initially thought.

That being said, I have considered this and still recommend this smart lock.

There is an entire list of recommendations for this lock, and I won’t get into the nitty-gritty since the video from Schlage does such a better job.



This is where the Schlage Connect Touchscreen smart lock really shines. It is so simple to add and remove pins on your device. You can have up to thirty pins saved on your lock so that you know who has access to your smart home and who doesn’t.

Some people find that it is a pain to add pins each time somebody new is coming to your smart home, but it doesn’t take any longer than 2 minutes to do that, so they are getting pretty nit-picky.

Of course, there is going to be a time when your smart lock dies. When that time comes, you just need 4 AA batteries to get your lock going for another year or so! Now that is low maintenance.

Many people worry that they will be on the wrong side of the lock when it dies, which I totally understand. Nobody likes being locked out of your own house. I can tell you I have spent several hours trying to break into my own house after leaving the keys inside. The wonderful thing about this lock that you don’t find in most smart locks is that it has a standard key deadbolt for exactly that occurrence!

So don’t worry about maintenance. Getting your lock set up is going to be the hardest part. Once it is in place, you will be happy that you had it installed.

Every time I ask my friends who run Airbnb about how it’s going, they brag about this lock. It is so simple that almost none of their guests have issues. Even if they are not there, they can let their guests in at the click of a button!

Convenience is key.


Conclusion: Top 8 Smart Locks for Airbnb 2022

Home security has been a constant discussion among Airbnb hosts. Thanks to recent events, people are becoming more aware of the importance of home safety.

The most popular options for home security are monitored security service plans and alarm systems, but they are quite expensive. The next best option is to use smart locks to welcome guests remotely.


Related Questions

How does Smart Lock work with Airbnb? Many smart locks sync with Airbnb as soon as a reservation is made to generate a passcode for guests. This allows for streamlined entry and exit. Not all smart locks connect to the Airbnb app, and hosts should look into which ones have the features they want.

Which Smart locks work best with Alexa? Amazon has several partners working with them to get their locks to sync across Alexa devices, including Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, August, Vivint, and Z-Wave. All of these brands will have built-in capabilities.


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