Best Smart Lock For Airbnb 2018

Best Smart Lock For Airbnb

Best Smart Lock For Airbnb

Innovation never leaves a chance to amaze you! So, how about a keyless entry and remotely managed entry for your Airbnb hosts? Marking its entry in the smart world, a new series of smart locks has adorned the experience of check-ins and check-outs provided by the praised hospitality service provider — Airbnb. These new series of smart locks helps Airbnb escape the hassle of key exchanges, early check-ins, late check-outs, unauthorized access and much more. Smart locks for Airbnb works on security codes that can be generated, deleted, activated and managed remotely through smart devices and computers, and can be provided as an access to the guests. So, now you can provide a great amount of convenience for your Airbnb hosts.


But with a plentiful of smart locks available in the market and each one promising a great amount of convenience and security, which product should you opt for? So, let us walk down the article to check-out the best smart locks for Airbnb:


Samsung and Yell Airlocking – Smart Lock for AirBNB

Samsung and Yell Airlocking - Smart Lock for AirBNB

The smart lock comes with a simple and sober lock assembly and a SmartThings Hub. The lock assembly has a compact and sophisticated design that comprises of an illuminated keypad, Yale push button for automated locking, fully motorized deadbolt, and an integrated key option. The lock is also weather protected and has a waterproof outer covering.

How the smart lock works:


The lock assembly and the hub need to be installed.

Airbnb Integration

Then the lock needs to be linked with your Airbnb listing. For integrating the lock with Airbnb you need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99. With this, you don’t need to pay anything extra for adding multiple listings.


These smart locks are engineered specifically to offer check-in and check-out convenience for Airbnb hosts. You can set up the door codes and mail it your guests along with other check-in information prior to their stay.


Activation and Deactivation: The codes for the smart locks are activated when any guest checks in and are deactivated after the set check-out time.


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August Smart Lock 2nd Generation

August Smart Lock

August and August Connect along with conventional keys in the case that the overall building cannot be shifted to a smartlock, the August Smartlock can be attached to doors having old conventional lock and key set ups. The August smart lock is compatible with the Apple HomeKit. The August smartlock can be connected and operated via the August smartlock smartphone application. An additional keypad can be installed alongside the smart lock for guests, so that the guests do not have to download the app into their smartphones.

The product can be bought from Amazon at the best price – Click Here


Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot BE469 CAM 619

Schlage Lock Company

The Schlage can also be remotely accessed. It requires a z-hub. When compared to the August smartlock, you only need the code when you have to access a room with the Schlage lock but you need a physical smartphone in order to hold up the code to get access to August smartlock. This lock prevents lock tampering by the use of an anti-pick shield. It is equipped with built-in alarm that senses door movement and alerts the Airbnb owners. This feature is useful for times when the Airbnb does not have any booked-in or checked-in customers. The lock can hold up to thirty different codes. It does not require difficult installation, no tools or wiring required. The quality of connection depends on internet provider and has nothing to do with the smartlocks functioning. It can work with doors having thickness of 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″. It functions optimally at a temperature range of negative 10 degrees to fifty degrees Celsius.

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The Kwikset locks are amazing for doors that need to be immediately locked or for restricted access so that only the people with the code can enter and the door locks automatically after thirty seconds. The Kwikset close range Bluetooth system is much more reliable than other locks that use a geo-fence based unlocking system. It can be unlocked with a conventional key, a wireless key and a smartphone app. What more could anyone want? This feature makes it the most reliable and easily accessible smart lock out there! The Kevo Plus lets Airbnb owners to monitor and control the Kevo looks, when the owners are away.

The product can be bought from Amazon at the best price – Click Here


The Lockitron Bolt smartlock costs a lot less than all previously mentioned smartlocks. It is one of the most stylish smartlocks available in the market, with great battery life and provides the safety equivalent to a conventional deadbolt lock. Remote access and notifications can be sent to your smartphone directly with the installation of a Bridge, which is the size of a regular USB stick; it is a wireless gateway that acts as a connection between the Bolt lock and your wifi router for some additional charges.



Smart Lock For Airbnb that are not worth your money

These products have bad reviews and have disappointed the buyers. Do not make the mistake of buying any of these before the issues are sorted out.


RemoteLock 5i-A WiFi Deadbolt Satin Nickel

This one is designed to feature the best of security and remote access for Airbnb hosts, these smart locks comes integrated with WiFi lock technology. This lock comes with a fully motorized deadbolt that can be triggered at just a push of a button. The lock has a simplistic and sober design with an integrated key access as well. You can now lock and unlock the door remotely through this WiFi-enabled smart lock. You get notifications when codes are used or when people check-in at your property. You can remotely create and delete codes from your smart device or computer. You can create and give temporary codes to Airbnb hosts and also get a look at the access history of the lock.

The Remote Lock can be controlled by Airbnb owner and property managers. They can delete, generate, manage and create guest codes from the smartphones or computes and give it to the guests for the time they have rented. The Remote lock is associated directly with the Airbnb so it is easy to access the bookings. This helps to manage multiple properties from a single device. It reduces the burden of carrying keys around. The app can be downloaded into the guests‘ phones. However it can become quite complicated for traditional, old-fashioned Airbnb owners. A hub is connected to your router and automatically connects to your internet. The numbers are all separate buttons rather than the conventional button-sharing of 123, 456, and 789. The Airbnb Greeting can be customized, which gives guests a more personalized experience while staying at the Airbnb. The Remote lock manages a lot of things, like bookings if they are marked on the calendar in your phone or device and the Airlock emails the guests to be checked in with instructions right after the booking is made. It automatically updates necessary information at the time of check out and locks all doors so there is no responsibility or hassle for the owner or guests. Guests are emailed lock codes and room numbers as well as check-in information. The door locks are deactivated at the time of check-out.


Key Features of RemoteLock 5i-A WiFi Deadbolt Satin Nickel Smart Lock for Airbnb Hosts

  • You can connect the WiFi-enabled lock to your existing routers.


  • You can lock the door with just a push of a button while you are in a hurry on your way out.


  • You can store up to 1000 user codes in its memory.


  • You can create and delete users according to your preference.


  • You can schedule the access time for particular users.


  • You can enable automated locking and unlocking based on the scheduled time.


  • You can disable all users in case of a security breach by setting it to privacy mode.


  • Compatible with Airbnb Host Assist program – After 5 incorrect code attempts the smart lock automatically locks out.


  • You need to pay a minimum $0.99 fee per month for remote access to your lock.



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Smart Code Smartphone Managed Keyless Door Lock For Airbnb Hosts

This lock is made of Antique Brass material and is designed for right-hinged doors. The smart lock for Airbnb hosts works on eKeys that can be managed by the administrator through a free application that needs to be installed on his smartphone. The administrator can provide eKeys to the user on their smartphone and the lock responds to these eKeys, thus allowing a remote authorized access. The app supports up to 1000 users. The administrator can also share onetime-valid passcodes with Airbnb hosts that can be entered manually through the keypad on the lock.


The product can be bought from Amazon at the best price – Click Here


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