Best Smart Lock for SmartThings

If you have added your home to a community of smart homes, then you already know that SmartThings hub is a brain of a smart home. In this post, we will take a look at the Best Smart Locks that work with SmartThings hub.

As a brain of your smart home, SmartThings enables you to connect wirelessly with a smart lock and handle your door from wherever you are. All by using a single SmartThings app for iPhone or Android. SmartThings uses ZigBee, Z-Wave and IP protocols for connection.

There are excellent models of smart locks from different manufacturers that are compatible with SmartThings: Schlage Connect, Kwikset SmartCode 910 Deadbolt Smart Lock, August Smart Lock Pro, Danalock V3 and Yale Assure Lock SL.

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Best Smart Lock for SmartThings List

Best Smart Lock for SmartThings


Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect FBE469NX ACC 716 CAM Touchscreen Deadbolt with Built-In Alarm with Camelot trim paired with Accent Passage Lever Camelot trim, Aged Bronze

This smart lock surely deserves a spot in the list of best smart lock for SmartThings.

Schlage is one of the best manufacturers of smart locks. Even though Schlage Connect is equipped with both keyhole and touchscreen, once you connect your Schlage Connect Doorlock to SmartThings, you can forget about losing your keys.

You might wonder what the benefits of connected Schlage Connect to SmartThings are. Aside from controlling your Schlage door lock with the SmartThings app for iPhone or Android wirelessly, you can set your Schlage Connect with SmartThings and automate it to open when you arrive home or lock when you leave it.

Another benefit of connection is that you can connect other smart devices at your home with SmartThings and set them to turn off or on when you unlock or lock your Schlage Connect.

Additionally, you can create routines with SmartThings and manage your Schlage Connect smart lock and other smart devices with Good Morning, Goodbye or Good Night modes.

Schlage Connect enables you to set secure, keyless entry for anyone you choose, up to 30 access codes. By pairing it with SmartThings, you can check the status and manage access codes of your lock from anywhere in the world.

Schlage Connect is a great smart lock, made by an experienced manufacturer that guarantees nothing but quality and safety. All Schlage Connect smart locks work with Amazon Alexa compatible devices via SmartThings and other appropriate hubs.

This smart lock has incorporated Z-Wave Plus S2 advanced security system, which provides an additional layer of protection and encryption from intruders attempting to access your home. It is also equipped with a loud alarm, as an extra measure of security.


Kwikset SmartCode 910 Deadbolt Smart Lock

 Kwikset 910 Z-Wave SmartCode Electronic Touchpad Deadbolt, Featuring SmartKey in Venetian Bronze, Works with Alexa via SmartThings

Perhaps you will say that Kwikset has more advanced smart locks than SmartCode, but it gets really great when you connect it to SmartThings. It can stand shoulder to shoulder with Kwikset Obsidian and other newer models.

When you connect Kwikset SmartCode to SmartThings, the whole new world will open to you and your lock. You will be able to do all the necessary actions by wireless control from your mobile, regardless it is Android or iOS. But the connection will enable you to do so much more activities!

Connection with SmartThings will let you set your smart lock to open when you arrive home or lock when you leave the house. This option works similarly to the geofencing feature. Additionally, actions you perform with Kwikset SmartCode can be set to activate other smart devices in your smart home.

For example, the thermostat can be turned off when you leave home, or living room lights can be switched on when you enter the house.

SmartThings routine enables you to create different combinations of activity of smart home devices so you can set morning, evening, romantic or other routines, which will include the smart lock as well. For example, the evening routine can consist of locking the door.

Kwikset SmartCode works well with Alexa via SmartThings hub so you can use voice commands for more comfortable control of the lock.

Same as Schlage Connect, Kwikset SmartCode has a keyhole and touchscreen, so you don’t really need to carry the key around. It works via Z-wave protocol, has auto lock feature and you can make up to 30 access codes for your friends, family or delivery service.


August Smart Lock Pro

August Silver Smart Lock Pro

If you choose to secure your home with August Smart Lock Pro, you won’t go wrong. It is one of the best smart locks you can buy on the market, and with Z-wave technology, it is compatible with the SmartThings Hub. You can connect your August Smart Lock Pro using the SmartThings Classic app, and have full control of the lock from your Android or iOS device.

While the lock is extremely advanced in its own right, to release its full potential it needs to be connected to a Smart Hub such as SmartThings. It will connect all the smart devices in your home together including August Smart Lock Pro and allow them to talk to each other and to your smartphone.

August Smart Lock Pro works via Z-wave protocol. You can connect different smart gadgets in your smart home to the lock via Smart things. Then, you just create routines, to turn off light when the door is locked, or turn them on when you unlock the door, for example.

There are some neat features that August Smart Lock Pro has, that will ease your life if you are a member of Airbnb or HomeAway. The members of those platforms can give entering codes to guests and make them valid throughout their stay in the accommodation. Or change the date and time when the system will be active.


Danalock V3

Danalock V3 Bluetooth & Z-Wave Smart Lock

Danalock V3 is not the most talk-about smart lock. But it has its benefits when we compare it to others. One of them is the unlimited number of codes you can memorize. Another one, even more, important is that the security system that Danalock V3 has is used in the military and bank security. So, from the hacking aspect, it is the safest smart lock available.

Danalock V3 is compatible with both Z-Wave and Zigbee smart home systems, which means you can link it to connected hubs like SmartThings.

When connected to the hub, this smart lock has the geofencing feature and can lock or unlock the door, depending on whether you are coming or leaving home, as well as routines created with other connected devices, such as thermostats, lights, switches, and others.


Yale Assure Lock SL

Yale Assure Lock SL Key Free Door Lock with Touchscreen Keypad

Last but not the least in the list of Best Smart Lock for SmartThings is the Yale Assure Lock SL.

Another top of the class, Yale, made it possible to connect your smart lock to SmartThings and expand already extensive range of possibilities you have with this lock.

Same as other excellent smart locks, your Yale Assure Lock SL will be connected to other smart gadgets in your smart home when you pair it with SmartThings. You can create routines, and use the SmartThings to automate locking or unlocking of the door when you leave or arrive. Compatibility with Alexa allows you to use voice commands for locking the door from your sofa, while you are watching a favorite movie, or unlocking it for friends while you prepare the dinner.

Yale Assure Lock SL has no traditional keyhole, so if you are concerned about the battery running out while you are away, there is no reason to worry. Yale assured that with connected a 9V battery the lock gets enough power to unlock even when the main battery inside the lock is empty.


Related Questions:

What are other smart locks that are compatible with SmartThings?

Smart locks that we have previously described are just a few of the best smart locks for SmartThings. But there is a whole list of other smart locks that can be connected to SmartThings, and allow owners to enjoy benefits of this connection and wide range of features.

Schlage has enabled connectivity with Smart things for all of the models of smart locks it manufactures: Schlage Camelot, Schlage Century, Schlage Connected Keypad Lever Door Lock, even Schlage Connect without alarm. All the features that are enabled by SmartThings for Schlage Connect work the same for other types of Schlage smart locks.

Different models of Kwikset smart locks are compatible with SmartThings, same as SmartCode 910. Here is the full list of those smart locks: Kwikset SmartCode 912, Kwikset SmartCode 914, Kwikset SmartCode 916, Kwikset 888 Smart Lock, Kwikset Convert and Kwikset Obsidian. Each of these locks is an excellent choice even if you don’t connect them to SmartThings, but with this connection, their capabilities increase, as well as your smart home safety.

August Smart Lock Pro is excellent when connected to SmartThings. However, no other August Smart lock works with SmartThings.

Both versions of smart locks that Danalock manufactures, regular and Z-wave, work with SmartThings.

Yale has enabled compatibility with SmartThings for all its smart locks. Aside from Yale Assure Lock SL, following smart locks by Yale are compatible with SmartThings: all models of Yale Touchscreen Deadlocks, Yale Touchscreen Lever, Yale Push Button Deadbolt, Yale Push Button Lever, Yale Assure Lock Push Button and Yale Assure Lock Touchscreen.

KeyWe Deadbolt Lock is the smart lock that is compatible with SmartThings by Z-wave protocol that is manufactured by a less known manufacturer, but has some great features, especially when connected to SmartThings Hub.


Is Yale x Nest compatible with SmartThings?

Unfortunately, Yale x Nest is not compatible with SmartThings, but it is compatible with Nest hub.


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