Top 6 Weatherproof Padlocks Built to Thrive

Finding a good padlock that can be used in bad or freezing weather and generally has good weatherproof capabilities can be difficult.

First of all, not all padlocks are built and designed the same.

They can vary wildly in their rust resistance and ability to provide actual protection, as some can have glaring security oversights.

In this article, I have gone through the best weatherproof padlocks that are not only designed to face the elements but also will provide adequate protection against burglars, too.

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Best Weatherproof Padlocks

Best Weatherproof Padlocks

Abus 37RK/80 Granit Padlock

Abus 37RK/80 Granit Padlock

The Abus 37RK/80 Granit at a glance:

  • Hardened steel body
  • Hardened steel body closed shackle
  • ‎Rectangular shape
  • Excellent weatherproof and corrosion protection
  • Disc key cylinder for more pick resistance
  • Two keys included
  • The key cylinder can be rekeyed

This lock by Abus has excellent weatherproof capabilities thanks to the special body coating, the stainless steel shackle and body, and the corrosion-resistant parts.

Abus actually states this lock should last at least 40 years.

This is a massive, heavy, and sturdy padlock. However, there are some downsides that come with this. The shackle is very thick, which means it may not fit well depending on where you are trying to use it. For example, it might not fit some storage lockers, shipping containers, or moving truck and trailer hitches.

It comes with two keys and can be rekeyed to be used with another Abus-plus key.

This lock is also pick-resistant. Cutting or sawing through it will also prove to be a tough venture. It is also designed to be drill-resistant and freeze spray resistant as well.

It is not a coincidence that it is rated CEN 4, where 6 is the highest possible security rating.

Even the LockPickingLawyer praised this lock as one he’d use. I recommend checking his video below.

Of course, all this comes at a certain price tag, and the Abus 37RK is definitely not one of the cheapest padlocks on the market. However, if you want something that can withstand the elements and is trustworthy, you cannot go wrong with this one.

The same product line also has a smaller (standard-looking) padlock, the ABUS 37RK/70mm Granit, and another one which is an excellent bike lock, the Abus 32863 Granit Bow Lock.


Abus 20/70 Diskus

Abus 20/70 Diskus

The Abus 20/70 Diskus at a glance:

  • Stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel closed shackle
  • Round shape
  • Very good weatherproof and corrosion protection
  • Disk cylinder
  • It comes with two keys
  • Keyed different and keyed alike models available

The Abus Diskus locks are popular because they are fairly cheap and provide a high level of security in terms of both pick resistance and drill and cut resistance.

The design of the Diskus locks makes it really hard to actually use a bolt cutter to cut the shackle.

The 20/70 uses the Abus-plus disc cylinder. Disc cylinders are definitely more challenging to pick than many of the other, more common cylinders on the market. Picking the disc cylinders requires specialized—and often expensive—tools and decent levels of skill.

It is weatherproof and designed to work well in both rainy and freezing weather. The keyhole is actually protected by a cap that will prevent dirt, dust, and water sprays from getting inside.

This lock also suffers from the same downsides as the Abus 37RK/80 Granit. Due to its design, it may be hard to fit on some latches and places.

If your hasp is up for a change, it may be worth investing in one of their Diskus Hasp 140 series, which are intended to work with the Abus Diskus locks.


Abus 8353C Extreme Weatherproof Padlock

Abus 8353C Extreme Weatherproof Padlock

The Abus 8353C at a glance:

  • Hardened steel alloy body
  • Hardened steel alloy shackle
  • Rectangular shape
  • Great weatherproof and corrosion protection
  • 6-pin cylinder
  • Rekeyable

This is another great padlock from Abus that is intended to face the elements.

This is why the padlock is made from hardened steel alloy (both body and shackle) with chrome plating, which does not rust. The keyhole is protected by a plastic cover that will prevent water, dirt, and dust from easily getting inside.

Even the parts used inside the lock are corrosion-resistant.

A unique aspect of this padlock is the fact that the shackle does not spring up when unlocked. The fit where the shackle gets into the body of the padlock fits very tightly as well. While this can make unlocking it a little more difficult, it does work well to keep debris and water from getting easily inside the lock.

The 6-pin tumbler cylinder is also a decent step up in terms of pick resistance compared to many other standard locks.

Overall this lock is designed to provide medium security while focusing on facing and surviving bad weather.


ABUS 75IB/50 KD Marine

ABUS 75IB/50 KD Marine

The Abus 75IB/50 KD at a glance:

  • Brass body
  • Stainless steel shackle
  • Rectangular shape
  • Great weatherproof and corrosion protection
  • Dimple key cylinder
  • Two keys included
  • Keyed different

This is a fairly inexpensive lock that is perfect for outdoor applications.

The Marine series by Abus are specifically designed to face the elements. Whether it is rain, heat or cold, or even salt water, these locks will keep working well. The saltwater resistance makes it perfect for securing boats and boat trailers.

The 75IB/50 KD model comes with a dimple key cylinder, so it is harder to pick than most run-of-the-mill standard padlocks you will find in your hardware store.

It has a stainless steel shackle and a chrome-plated body made of solid brass.

This padlock is perfect for people who are looking for a cheap lock that will face the elements and will not rust.

That said, in terms of picking resistance and physical attack resistance, there are better options. So that should be kept in mind.

But for that price, there is nothing to complain about.


Squire SS50CP5

Squire SS50CP5

The Squire SS50CP5 at a glance:

  • Hardened steel body
  • Hardened boron alloy steel shrouded shackle
  • Rectangular shape
  • Excellent weatherproof and corrosion protection
  • 5-pin tumbler cylinder
  • 2 keys included
  • Rekeyable

The entire SS Marine product line by Squire is composed of excellent padlocks designed for harsh weather.

This model—the Squire SS50CP5—has a special electrophoretic finish, a plastic jacket, and a cylinder cap for better weather resistance.

It has a solid hardened steel body, a hardened boron alloy steel shackle, and a rekeyable 5-pin tumbler cylinder.

It will fare well against physical attacks, but it does not perform as well in terms of picking.

Arguably, the cylinder core is the only area where this lock is a little bit lackluster.

The standard core it comes with is still pretty good—after all, this model is rated CEN 3, and there are also CEN 5 and CEN 6 models available as well.

If you want something that is nearly indestructible, I would highly recommend looking into the CEN 6 model.

It is worth noting that investing in a better core—even if you go with the CEN 6 model—is recommended when protecting and securing highly valuable items.




The Abus 70IB/45 KD at a glance:

  • Brass body
  • Stainless steel shackle
  • Rectangular shape
  • Excellent weatherproof and corrosion protection
  • 5-pin cylinder
  • Two keys included
  • Keyed different

If you are looking for something in the same price range as the ABUS 75IB/50 KD but want something even tougher with even better moisture, rust, and corrosion resistance, then the ABUS 70IB/45 is worth considering.

It has a brass body and a stainless steel shackle which on their own have very good rust resistance. However, they are also covered by a plastic jacket.

A plastic lid protects the key cylinder, and drainage channels are built into the lock to prevent water buildup.

The lock comes with two keys. Making spare ones can be a difficult task, and many people have voiced their concerns in that regard.

Overall this is an all-weather lock that is sold at a fair price.

However, it does not have the best picking resistance or protection against physical attack. Thus, it shouldn’t be securing highly valuable items.


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Weatherproof Padlock

There are several different factors that have to be considered when choosing the right padlock.

Available Budget

High-quality padlocks are not cheap.

It is worth noting that with padlocks, you get what you pay for.

With more expensive locks, you usually pay for better-built quality, hardiness, durability, better rust and corrosion protection, improved picking, cutting, and drilling resistance, and protection against physical attacks.

However, a higher price tag does not necessarily translate into a lock that is more difficult to pick.

Even some of the sturdiest and most secure padlocks can still be picked or broken if there is enough time.

Padlocks should be considered a deterrent, not the be-all and end-all of security.

So investing in a very expensive padlock may not always be worth it, depending on its use.


Design and Construction

Although the main focus often falls on whether or not the padlock can be easily picked, it is worth noting that bolt cutting the shackle or the body of the lock are oftentimes a bigger problem.

The Shackle

Lock picking is not that common and may even be slower in many cases. A somewhat similar trend is found even in residential burglaries.

So it is a good thing to consider not just how easy it is to pick the padlock but also how easy it is to cut or break the shackle.

This is why some locks have a shrouded shackle, which is intended to prevent the cutting or breaking of the shackle.

Boron alloy and hardened steel are considered better than regular steel, stainless steel, or brass when it comes to the shackle.

The shackle diameter is another factor that should be considered.

The thicker the shackle, the tougher it is going to be, but that also affects the clearance you have to work with.

Depending on where the padlock will be used, it may not easily fit, or it may not fit at all. Using a chain like this one by Abus might be a good idea in these cases.


The Body

The material used for the lock’s body is also important. For example, bolt cutters can easily cut through padlocks that are made of brass or aluminum. Brass and aluminum padlocks also tend to break easier when force is applied to the shackle.

Even when the best padlock is used, its protection capabilities may be limited by how robust the latching mechanism is.

For example, in some instances, bolt cutters can be used on the latching mechanism instead of the padlock. So it is worth investing in a hardened hasp.


The Key Cylinder and Keys

It is also my belief that a padlock should provide at least some level of picking resistance without necessarily breaking your bank. As a result, certain brands of padlocks have not made it to this list as better products could be found at comparable prices.

More pins and more complicated build designs are always considered desirable features as they can throw off many lock pickers.

When it comes to weather resistance and general security, combination locks do not perform as well as keyed padlocks.

Another thing worth noting is the quality of the keys included. I have found that some padlocks come with keys that have questionable quality. This can be a huge issue on its own, but it can be further exacerbated when using your lock in bad and freezing weather or in areas where lots of sand, dust, and dirt can get in the lock. Keys can bend and even break while in the lock, which is unacceptable.

Lastly, the ability of the lock to be rekeyed and have the key cylinder replaced is another factor to consider. Most locks come with a few spare keys, but keys can get lost or broken, or the keys included may simply not be enough, so you want to have some options.


Expected Environmental Conditions

At the very least, a padlock intended for outdoor use, especially in areas that observe bad or freezing weather, should allow you to still unlock it.

It is not uncommon for regular padlocks to freeze during the winter or rust if there is too much rain exposure or high humidity levels.

They can also get clogged up if there is too much sand or dust in the area.

Locks that are specifically designed for outdoor use on trailers, cabins, doors, gates, boats, bikes, and trail camera boxes often have a special protective layer and finish that will prevent the body and shackle from rusting.

Some padlocks come with corrosion-resistant internal parts, too. That said, even then, some regular ongoing maintenance is recommended.

It is recommended to spray outdoor padlocks with specialized lubricants. Some good and popular picks among locksmiths are the Tri-Flow lubricant and the Houdini Lock Lube.

Those will help prevent your lock from seizing up.

Most locksmiths generally avoid graphite sprays and WD-40. Graphite sprays tend to be very messy and eventually can gum up the lock, and while WD-40 might be suitable for temporary water displacement, it can cause build ups inside the lock over time.

Wrapping a towel, a piece of cloth, or plastic around the lock to prevent water, dust, and dirt from easily getting inside the lock can also help extend its life and prevent corrosion.

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