August Smart Lock Won’t Connect to WiFi [Solved]

One of the common problems with August smart locks is that they are known to have some recurring connectivity issues.

I have found that these problems can range from quick and easy-to-fix, minor issues and ones that will fix themselves on their own to ones that can be outright impossible to figure out.

Spotty WiFi signal, signal interference, dying batteries, an improperly set up router, and firmware bugs can cause August smart locks to not connect to the WiFi or have frequent WiFi disconnects.

August Smart Lock Won’t Connect to WiFi

August Smart Lock Troubleshooting Checklist

Here’s a quick troubleshooting checklist that can be used for August smart locks that have trouble connecting to your WiFi.

  • Check if the router is turned on and the WiFi is working.
  • Check if the WiFi password has been changed.
  • Check if the router is operating at 2.4GHz.
  • Make sure the WiFi network name is not hidden. Ensure the network name and password have not been changed recently.
  • Ensure that all devices are within a short distance from each other. This includes your August smart lock, August Connect hub (if used), WiFi router, and any access points (if used).
  • Check if the batteries in the August smart lock are running low on charge.
  • Power cycle the WiFi router and any access points (if used).
  • Power cycle and factory reset, if necessary, the August smart lock.
  • Check if Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone while setting up the lock. The August smart lock needs Bluetooth to connect to your phone in order to connect to WiFi during the setup process.
  • During the setup process, your phone’s screen should not be allowed to timeout. Also, ensure there are no interruptions during the setup.

Below you will find more in-depth information about the various steps with some neat extra tips and ideas.

That said, keep in mind there have been cases of faulty August smart locks where the only solution is to return the lock and replace it with a new one.


Improperly Setup Internet Router

When troubleshooting technical issues like this one, always go back a few steps and start from the beginning.

Make sure the router is actually working correctly.

It is recommended to power cycle the router before starting the troubleshooting process.

Switch the WiFi router off, wait for at least 15 to 30 seconds, and bring it back online.

You might have to wait 30 to 60 seconds after switching the router on before the WiFi network starts to work properly.

Ensure there is a working internet connection. This can easily be done with your computer or smartphone; connect to the WiFi network and check some pages online to see if they will load.

Changing your WiFi password can prevent the August smart lock from connecting to the router. If the login details have been changed recently, you have to update that information for your August lock.

Newer, modern routers are dual-band. Check your router and ensure it is working on the 2.4GHz band; currently, August smart locks do not support the 5GHz band.

Connect to your WiFi network with your computer or smartphone and check the network’s settings. There you can see if the network is working at 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Some routers also have light indicators on them that will display what band they are working on.

Users have also found that August smart locks work better when the channel width is set to 20MHz.

The reason for this is that the 20MHz channel width performs better in areas where there may be a lot of interference. Changing the channel width band is done through the router’s settings.

Also, do not forget to unhide your WiFi network name (SSID). Many people prefer to hide their WiFi name for security purposes, but this can cause connectivity issues with August smart locks.


Improper Equipment Installations

To prevent spotty connections or signal interferences that can cause frequent disconnects, ensure everything is situated in one centralized location.

This includes the August smart lock, your network router, the August Connect bridge, and any access points if used.

Only the August WiFi Smart Lock has a built-in WiFi module. The other August smart locks communicate through Bluetooth and need the Connect WiFi Bridge.

For reference: The effective range of Bluetooth is approximately 30 feet (10 meters), and the range for 2.4GHz WiFi networks is about 150 feet (45 meters). However, physical obstructions such as walls, floors, and furniture can significantly reduce the signal range, so it is best to stay below those numbers.

As per August’s recommendations, when installing the August Connect hub, it is recommended to keep it within 10 to 15 feet of the August smart lock in an outlet that is at a 45-degree angle of the lock or directly facing it. Also, avoid placing the hub on the same wall as the lock.


Firmware Bugs and Issues

Running into the odd bug is always possible when dealing with such smart devices.

This is why it is recommended to always start your troubleshooting process by power-cycling your router, smartphone, and August smart lock.

It is worth factory resetting the August smart lock and even deleting and reinstalling it because that may fix some problems.

However, there have been cases where the problems were caused by outdated or recently rolled out buggy firmware updates or August server-side issues.

For example, a few years ago, a buggy firmware version was released that caused the August app not to connect to the lock even though the lock’s status was reported just fine. Most of these issues are usually fixed reasonably quickly. Nonetheless, it is something to keep in mind.

If you have gone through all the troubleshooting steps to no avail and hard resetting the devices did not work either, consider contacting August Customer Support to find out if there are issues on their end.

Over the years, owners have encountered connectivity issues after installing the August app on two or more phones.

In those cases, it is worth trying to delete the August Connect Hub from both smartphones or even logging out and deleting both apps and then trying to install the app and connect to the network using one phone or your new phone in case of a phone upgrade.

If your August smart lock fails to connect to the WiFi during setup, check and ensure Bluetooth on your phone is turned on and that the phone’s screen does not time out during the process.

Outdated firmware can also cause problems connecting with the WiFi. You can check the latest firmware on the August website here.

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