How to Connect August Lock to WiFi (Step-By-Step)

Owners can run into some unexpected pitfalls when setting up their August Smart Lock with their WiFi network.

In this article, I have gone through the necessary steps of connecting your August Smart lock to your WiFi while also discussing the common problems that most owners may not know about.

How to Connect August Lock to WiFi

Connecting August Smart Locks Gen 3, Gen 2, and Gen 1 to WiFi

The August Smart Lock Pro Gen 3 and August Smart Locks Gen 3, Gen 2, and Gen1 require the August Connect bridge to be installed and set up first in order to connect to your home’s WiFi.

Setting up the August Connect Bridge for the First Time

  1. After installing your August Smart Lock, open and log into your August App account.
  2. Go to Set up a Device.
  3. Tap on Set up a Connect.
  4. From here, follow the process as instructed by the app.

You will be asked to do a few things.

First, you will have to ensure that your WiFi network is on and there is internet access. If you are using an iOS device, make sure that your smartphone is connected to your WiFi network.

Then you will be asked to plug your August Connect bridge into an outlet. There are a few little details here that should not be overlooked if you want to ensure the best performance and reliability.

Here’s the thing.

Your August Smart Lock will be communicating with the Connect bridge over Bluetooth. Then the Connect bridge will be relaying that communication over to your WiFi.

This means you must ensure that the Connect bridge is within Bluetooth range from the August smart lock and has a strong WiFi signal.

Check the WiFi Connectivity and Reliability Issues section near the end of this article for more information on how to ensure your August Connect and Smart Lock are all set up properly in order to avoid connectivity problems.

Once the August Connect is plugged in, press the front button on the August Connect and hold it for 5 seconds until the green light starts blinking slowly.

After that, it will take a moment for the app to scan and detect the August Connect bridge.

When the app is ready, you will be asked to go through the process of connecting the August Connect bridge to your WiFi.


Connecting the August Connect Bridge to WiFi

Continue following the onscreen instructions that you will see on your August app.

If you are using an iOS device and have already connected it to the desired WiFi network, the app will automatically try to connect to the same WiFi network.

However, you will be able to change the WiFi if you want to do so.

You will be asked if the correct WiFi network is selected and what the name of the accessory (the Connect bridge) should be.

If you are using an Android device, you will have to type in the WiFi network’s name (SSID) and password.

Ensure it will connect to the correct WiFi network and press Next.

Wait for the connection process to finish. It can take a few moments.

Once it says the setup is complete, press the Done button.

It will take a few seconds for the August Connect to come online, after which you will be met with a message saying that the bridge has been added to your WiFi network.

Press the Finish button.

Lastly, you will be asked to test the Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

You can skip this step. However, it is recommended not to do so. It will take just a few moments, but this will ensure everything is working as intended and that you will not be dealing with a spotty connection.


Connecting August WiFi Smart Lock (Gen 4) to WiFi

Currently, the August WiFi Smart Lock (Gen 4) is the only one that does not require the August Connect bridge to connect to your home WiFi.

Make sure to go through the installation process first.

If you are going through the installation process right now, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Press lightly on the August logo found at the bottom of your August WiFi Smart Lock to remove the battery cover. On the inside of this cover, you will also find the QR code that you will need to scan in a few moments.
  2. Remove the plastic battery tab preventing the lock from powering up.
  3. Log into your August App account, tap the Set up a New Device button, and choose the Set up a Smart Lock option.
  4. Then choose WiFi Smart Lock 4th Generation.
  5. Now you will be asked to scan the QR code found on the inside of the lock’s battery cover or face plate (the one mentioned a few paragraphs earlier).
  6. At this point, you will have to go through the calibration process. Follow the instructions you will see on the August app.
  7. After the calibration process is complete, you will be asked to connect the lock to your WiFi network.
  8. The app will then ask you about your WiFi name (SSID), which you can enter manually, or you can give permission to the app to scan for your WiFi.
  9. It can take a few moments for the smart lock to connect to your WiFi and be ready to use.


How to Connect August Smart Lock to a New WiFi

You will have to go through this process if you have replaced or changed your modem, if you have changed your ISP, or have changed the network’s name or password.

For iOS users, the process of connecting to a new WiFi is very streamlined.

Unfortunately, for Android users, this is not exactly the case at the moment.

Android Users

If you are using an Android device and want to connect your August Smart Lock to a new WiFi network, you need to factory reset the lock or the Connect bridge, depending on which August Smart Lock model you are using.

  1. Open your August App.
  2. Choose House Settings.
  3. Navigate to the August Smart Lock or the Connect bridge you’d like to factory reset and tap on it.
  4. Select Settings and scroll down to Utilities, where you will see the option to factory reset your device.

After factory resetting your August Connect bridge or your August Smart Lock, you can connect it to a different WiFi network.


iOS Users

If you are using an iOS device, you can connect your August Smart Lock to a new WiFi network through the app by simply switching the WiFi in the settings tab or disconnecting and reconnecting the lock or Connect bridge, depending on the devices you are using.

  1. Tap on the gear icon.
  2. Navigate to the smart lock or the Connect bridge you’d like to reset
  3. Choose Disconnect Device or Switch WiFi Network if available.
  4. After disconnecting the device, tap on the menu icon (the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner) and choose Set up a Device. Go through the setup process again and connect to the new WiFi network when prompted.
  5. If you have chosen Switch WiFi Network, follow the onscreen instructions to connect to the new WiFi network.


August Smart Lock WiFi Connectivity and Reliability Issues

You may encounter different connectivity issues or frequent disconnects while connecting your August Smart Lock to your WiFi.

Go through the list below to ensure you are following the best practices when using August Smart Locks.

  • August recommends plugging the Connect bridge into an outlet that is not on the same wall as the lock. It is best to plug it into an outlet that is directly facing the lock or, at most, at a 45-degree angle.
  • The range of Bluetooth is about 30 feet (or 10 meters). However, August recommends that the Connect bridge be no further than 10 to 15 feet from the smart lock.
  • August Smart Locks support only 2.4GHz networks and do not work on 5GHz WiFi networks. If your WiFi network is set to work at the 5GHz band, you will have to either switch it to 2.4GHz or choose a different WiFi.
  • The range of 2.4GHz WiFi is about 150 feet (or 45 meters). While most owners are unlikely to encounter issues here, physical obstructions can impact that range and reduce reliability and battery life.
  • Regardless of which step you are on, do not allow your phone to time out during the setup process. If the phone times out, this can cause connectivity issues, and you might have to go through the setup process again.
  • Keep your WiFi name (SSID) visible and unique. Both of these things can cause connectivity problems during setup.


Working With a Previously Owned August Smart Lock

Working with a previously owned August Smart Lock can be a little problematic.

In order to use a previously owned August smart lock and have it connect to your WiFi network, the lock needs to be factory reset first.

A factory reset can be performed by the previous owner or by August Customer Support only after they have obtained permission from the previous owner.

So in both cases, you will have to work with the previous owner on that issue, otherwise, you will not be able to connect the lock to a new WiFi network.

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