Top 5 Locks For RV Surge Protector 2024

With modern RVs, there are more electronics to be powered than ever before. These different electrical appliances need the right amount of voltage supplied to them to run optimally and reliably. That’s why it’s important to have an RV surge protector to avoid any voltage issues among other electrical problems.

Now that you have your surge protector, you’ll need to secure it so that nobody steals it since it’s situated outside of your RV at the power outlet. A good quality locking mechanism or a combination of locks will keep your new investment safe from opportunistic thieves.

Benefits of Using a Lock to Protect your RV Surge Protector

Even though there is no such thing as an indestructible lock, there are many reasons why having a lock around your surge protector is so important.

  1. Thieves who don’t have the tools to break the locks will not be able to steal your surge protector.
  2. Having a lock creates an additional obstacle for the thieves to overcome.
  3. It takes them more time to steal your surge protector which creates a high-risk factor for them.
  4. It will usually make things a lot noisier while they’re busy in the act exposing themselves without you even watching the area.
  5. The box/ball type plug protector locks are ideal for blocking anyone off from unplugging your power unless they break the whole thing apart which will be noisy. Keeping access away from inquisitive children is a bonus.

So if they do have the tools to break open locks, it will take time and be noisy and if they don’t have the tools it will almost be impossible to steal with their bare hands. It also won’t help the criminal if they break the surge protector in the process because they’ll have difficulty selling it if they do.

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Best Locks For RV Surge Protector

Top 5 Locks For RV Surge Protector

Here are the best locks for your RV surge protector:

Tough Chain And High-Security Padlock

Tough Chain And High-Security Padlock

A strong premium quality chain can be really difficult and time-consuming to break through for a thief. The same goes for high-security padlocks. So the combination of these two oldest forms of security is perfect.

There are chains so thick and strong they can’t be cut with bolt cutters and going through them with a grinder is just way too noisy and obvious for anyone to take the risk. There are locks with the same blocking power as these chains, put them together to create the ultimate defense.

You can get a good quality towing safety chain and use it when towing and also use it to secure the surge protector when parked. Two essential functions in one useful product. Most states require safety chains while towing anyway so it’s an easy decision to make.

To lock down your RV surge protector with a chain and padlock, simply run the chain around the electrical outlet post, bring the chain together against the surge protectors’ top cord and insert the padlock bar through the chain links that are closest to the surge protector cable and lock it to create a tight loop around everything.

For double the security, add another chain and padlock to the bottom of the surge protector in the same way you secured the top one.


Python Keyed Cable Lock

Python Keyed Cable Lock

The Python Keyed Cable Lock is one of the most popular choices of locks online with thousands of happy customers backing it up.

This type of lock is loved for its ease of use. The Python Cable Lock has a six-foot-long cable, strong lock, and key. It’s designed for outdoor use and therefore is weatherproof.

The cable lock is made of braided steel for strength and flexibility. It’s a rust-resistant lock with a vinyl-coated cable.

Bolt cutters will slice through this cable in no time but luckily not all thieves carry bolt cutters around with them. There are enough unsecured RV surge protectors out there for them not to bother carrying suspicious tools for the few that are protected.

The whole idea for these crooks is to get in and get out with the least amount of effort possible. No loud noises and no damage to the stolen goods are essential for their success.

To use this type of lock, place the cable around the power outlet post and firmly against the surge protectors electrical cable while it’s plugged in. Feed the cable through the open tunnel of the lock until it’s created a tight loop with no slack. Use the CNCH key slot position to assist you you creating a tight loop. Turn the key into the lock position and it’s done.

This cable lock can be tightened from a length of 6 inches to 6 feet.

For double the security, use two of these cable locks by tightening one at the top and one at the bottom of the surge protection box.

When you’re not using this cable lock to secure your surge protector, you can use it to secure a range of other items like BBQs, strollers, bicycles, etc.

  • Make sure to apply long-lasting lubrication to any lock that you buy, this is just as important for a lock as oil is for a car


Oxford OF3 Boss Lock with 100dB Audible Warning

Oxford OF3 Boss Lock with 100dB Audible Warning

It’s extremely useful to use a padlock with a built-in alarm to alert anyone close by of the thief busy moving your lock.

When someone moves your lock in any way it will blast off a 100dB alarm hopefully scaring them off or alerting someone nearby.

It’s water, vibration, frost, and heatproof. It has also been independently tested by Thatcham Vehicle Security known for having the most rigorous testing methods in the world and they have verified that this lock has met their standards as a high-quality lock.


Surge Guard Lock Hasp

Surge Guard Lock Hasp

This type of lock covers up the surge protection unit plugs so that nobody can disconnect them without breaking the whole unit apart which will be noisy and time-consuming. It’s good to make sure children don’t unplug the surge protector and for basic protection against theft.

Ideally, you should use this type of lock at the plug connectors below the surge protector and then use another cable or chain lock to secure the top of the surge protector.

It’s suitable for 30 and 50 Amp portable surge guards.

The padlock is not included but you can use any good quality padlock of your choice like this one on Amazon.

To fit this type of lock to your surge protector you will need to open the Guard Lock Hasp, place the back of the protector behind your surge guard and extension cord plugs.

Then close the front of the lock hasp over the front of the connected plugs closing the two halves together.

Once you have enclosed your surge protector plugs you must secure it in place with a strong padlock as mentioned above.


Camco 55000 Power Ball Plug Lock

Camco 55000 Power Ball Plug Lock

This type of surge protection lock is very similar to the Surge Guard Lock Hasp above.

The design is different in that this Camco Lock is a ball shape instead of a box shape. So just like the previous plug lock, this should also be used together with a cable or chain-type lock around the top of the surge protector.

These are good locks to keep children from unplugging your power and to deter basic thieves who don’t have tools with them. Anyone could smash this type of protector up to get inside but that’s going to bring a whole lot of unwanted attention to themselves.

Unlike the Surge Guard Lock Hasp which doesn’t have a padlock included, the Power Ball Plug Lock includes one. It comes with a pretty lightweight padlock but thieves won’t get it off without a bolt cutter or lockpicking tools and skills. You can always use a stronger padlock if you desire.

To attach this lock to your surge protector and extension cord plugs, place the Power Ball around the plugs below the surge protector and close the Power Ball around them. Lock the Power Ball with the padlock and your surge protector is secured.

Don’t forget to add another layer of security by using one of the options above to secure the top of your surge protector as well.


Conclusion: RV Surge Protector Locks

Ironically, a super tough metal chain and high-security padlock is the highest level of security you can use to safeguard your pricey RV Surge Protector.

Ironic because a chain and padlock is such an all-round old way of securing things and it still does a better job than products that are made entirely for that sole purpose. Use a lock with a built-in alarm so that you can hear if anyone is messing with your surge protector.

Thin cables with locks that aren’t very strong just can’t beat the old fashioned power and simplicity of a chain. Plastic boxes and balls are a good way of securing the plugs so that kids don’t mess with them. They can also slow down thieves and make them more noisy and obvious to catch in the act but usually only delay them for a few minutes at best.

This is why I suggest using the toughest chain you can find like this one on Amazon with a premium high-security padlock like this one for the very best RV surge protection lock solution. Then add on a plug protector box/ball to the bottom.

If you really want to resort to extreme measures of security and instantly double your stopping power, you can add another chain and padlock combo to the bottom of the surge protector just above the box/ball plug cover.

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