Do All Smart Locks Require A Hub?

Since the introduction of smart locks, there has been a debate that has been going around whether all smart locks require a hub. In this post, we will provide you the details of smart locks that require a hub and smart locks that don’t.

So do all smart locks require a hub? You will be pleased to know that not all smart locks require a hub; some smart locks can work efficiently without the use of a hub. It all depends on what smart lock you are using at your home and how efficient you would want it to be.

Let us understand this in detail.

Do all smart locks require a hub?


What is a hub and why is it important?

The main aim of getting a smart lock is to diversify your home security experience. This means achieving some functions that would have been quite a challenge otherwise. This is where a hub comes in.

A hub is the brain that links all your smart devices in your home and allows you to communicate with them via your smartphone. The hub amplifies the functionalities of your smart lock by giving you unlimited control over it.

There are functions that a smart lock cannot perform without a hub cannot achieve. So despite the fact that there are smart locks that do not require a hub to function, with a hub you get to maximize their full potential.


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Smart locks compatible with hubs

There are so many smart locks with hubs out there. These locks have different features and also come in different designs.

Some of the best examples include.

August Smart Lock Pro

August Smart Lock Pro

This is one of the best smart locks in the market.

It is very easy to install compared to other smart locks since all you have to do is pop it on the existing deadlock.

It has a number of functionalities such as the ability to connect with most hubs including Z-Wave.

Some of the main features it possesses include opening automatically when you get home, you can also use the app to know whether you locked it or not.

It also comes with a door sensor that informs you when your door is ajar.

The smart lock is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible, and so you can use it anywhere. It is a smart lock that will ensure your door is always secure.


Kwikset Kevo Convert

Kwikset Kevo Convert

This is among the best smart locks there is.

To install you just need to pop it on your old deadlock and you will be ready to use.

This smart lock can be synced with a hub to heighten its capabilities such as checking your lock status via your smartphone. The smart lock also allows you to issue keys that expire after a particular period.

With this, you can offer your guests or neighbors keys that have a deadline. It is quite the best way to get started with a smart lock.


Smart locks that do not require a hub

These are smart locks that you will not need a hub to connect to in order to use. Some, however, allow you to choose whether you want to connect them to a hub or not.


SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

SoHoMiLL Electronic Door Knob

This is one of the best smart locks that doesn’t require a hub to function.

It comes with a much old but fully functional design.

The smart lock can be used on both right-hinged and left hinged-doors. This is to ensure that you can share keys with your neighbors and friends.

SoHoMiLL allows 8 key combinations. Although this might not be much, it is good enough.

You don’t need Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even a smartphone to use it. For those people who want a convenient yet simple keyless option that doesn’t need a Hub then SoHoMiLL electronic door knob is the best option.


MiLocks TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Digital Door Knob

MiLocks TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Digital Door Knob

This is yet another smart lock that does not require a hub to function.

It comes with the ability to add six more users. The keypads glow in the dark to give you the required visibility.

To operate this smart lock, you don’t need Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even a smartphone.

It also allows you to access your home by the use of a key in case you forget the password of when you are living with people who are not tech-savvy.


Conclusion: Do all smart locks require a hub?

Since the introduction of smart locks, house security is on another level. The above is a list of some of the best smart locks in the market. Some of these smart locks use a hub to amplify their capabilities, while others don’t need a hub to work. All you have to do is look for which smart lock best suits you and go for it.

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