Best Fingerprint Door Lock

Best Fingerprint Door Lock 2020

Enhance your security level with the best fingerprint door lock.

Best Fingerprint Door Lock

In the present world, everyone needs the full safety of their house and one of the best locks which are suitable for the present situation of this world are different types. Here we are providing you information about the best fingerprint door locks which you can have for your home.

At present fingerprint door locks have gained tremendous benefits compared to conventional door locks.

The thing is that a single lock door pattern is outdated and to protect or I can say to secure our houses at this time of moment we need a different kind of door locks.

The one of the best and secure way is to use the best fingerprint door lock which will protect our houses more as compared to the single lock door.

Here you have detailed information about the best fingerprint door locks for your houses.


Best Fingerprint Door Lock 2020 List

Name Price
Ardwolf Security Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Lock
(Editors Choice)
Check Price
Adel Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Check Price
Samsung SHS-H700 Digital Lock
Check Price
Aegis Biometric Frontdoor Fingerprint Door Lock Check Price
iTouchless Fingerprint Door Lock Check Price


Ardwolf Security Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Review

Ardwolf Security Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Review
The Ardwolf Security Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Lock provides security with convenience and speed.

Powered by the ST Chip, the sensor reads fingerprints in under 1 second with a false rejection rate of 0.01% and a false recognition rate of 0.001%. It can store up to 100 fingerprints and 100 users.

This lock can be operated by using fingerprints, pin codes, mechanical keys, or their combined use for dual authentication.

The unit is powered by 4AA batteries.

The handle on this model is not reversible. Be sure to note whether you require a right-handed or left-handed door handle. The lock is adjustable to fit 30mm to 45mm door thickness, so it is important to check these details in order to ensure fit.

  • For each valid entry, the lock will automatically lock-in 5 sec.
  • The lock can be easily reset without any difficulty.
  • Ardwolf Security Locks have high-speed processor integrated.
  • Ardwolf is best known for high accuracy rate.
  • Touchscreen keypad uses stainless steel as raw material.
  • Highly Secure and Powerful
  • Efficient Biometric System
  • Multiple Features to lock and unlock the door.


Adel Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Review

The Adel Keyless Biometric Fingerprint lock scans and reads your fingerprint for easy access without the fuss of keycards or keys. For residential and commercial use, this lock can store up to 99 fingerprints.

For maximum flexibility, there are three ways to unlock providing fingerprint, password and an independent mechanical key access that can be used in the event electronic parts fail.

It is low maintenance, requiring only 4 AA batteries to operate and will sound a tone when the battery levels become low.

With a reversible handle and adjustable to fit 30mm to 60mm, this lock fits most interior doors.

Here are the pros of using Adel Fingerprint Door Lock

  • Eliminates the problem of lost keys.
  • Provides better security compared to traditional locks.
  • This lock is user-friendly.
  • Adel biometrics locks are difficult to override.
  • Economical
  • It is flexible and versatile.
  • Used for advanced security for the houses and offices.
  • Has a built-in Biometric Reader.
  • Convenient and Powerful
  • Set Up is Easy and Efficient in use.


Samsung SHS-H700 Digital Lock Review

The Samsung SHS-H700 Digital Lock is an affordable full-body lock that has the additional option of a remote controller that allows you to lock/unlock from up to 20 meters away.

This lock can store up to 100 fingerprints and allows for 4-12 digit pin codes.

The SHS-H700 can withstand high-voltage electric shocks, strengthening both safety and security. In the case of physical shocks or repeated errors (from attempts for access), an alarm will sound.

Additionally, this model is equipped with a heat prevention system. When the sensors detect a temperature of 140 F or higher, the lock will automatically open.

Most users have a great experience of using the digital door lock system of Samsung SHS-H700. The sleek design makes it perfect for the users and it is easy to operate this security lock system.

  • It provides automatically sliding cover and wide touchpad screen.
  • Allows 100 fingerprints with 1 Access code.
  • Has U.S. version with English interface and manual.
  • Samsung security system also has a mechanical override key.
  • Powerful and Secure.

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Aegis Biometric Frontdoor Fingerprint Door Lock Review

Aegis Biometric Frontdoor Fingerprint Door Lock Review


The Aegis Biometric Frontdoor Fingerprint Lock is the perfect entry management system providing a state-of-the-art 3D optical sensor encased in a virtually indestructible, high-grade fireproof aluminum body and double layer lock panel.

The Aegis lock system allows you to use keypad codes, fingerprint scans, or a traditional key to enter in case of an emergency such as a power outage.

Powered by 4AA batteries with typical usage time of about 1 year, this lock stores up to 100 fingerprints and is a great choice for the price.

  • It Provides double security
  • Deadbolt has a heavy duty fingerprint lock
  • Deadbolt provides premium level fingerprint door lock security
  • It has double layer steel lock panel
  • 3D Optical Sensor for Fingerprint
  • Secure and Efficient
  • Reliable and Easy to Use


 iTouchless Fingerprint Door lock Review

 iTouchless Fingerprint Door lock Review
Available in right or left-handed models, the iTouchless Fingerprint Door lock fits most existing door holes and provides excellent convenience and security for your home or office.

A cover protects the scanner and pin pad making this one of the more weather-proof options among biometric locks within this price range. Powered by 4AA batteries and a low battery warning, it also comes with 2 keys for backup, can store up to 150 fingerprint and 78 passcodes easily. You can add or delete users directly from the pin pad.

This intelligent lock will lock itself behind you so you never have to wonder if you left your door open.

There are many positive reviews of this iTouchless Door Lock System. People find it easy and efficient in use. Users like the design and other specifications.

  • Very easy to install iTouchless BioMatic Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Allows Free Passage mode: allows the unit to remain unlocked when desired.
  • Attractive and Durable Design
  • Provides 3 ways to Unlock: fingerprint, PIN Passcode, And Backup key.


Advantages of using biometric fingerprint locks

The advantages of biometric have made personal identification much easier. The biometric as the process by which certain unique characteristics of a person can be used to make a positive identification of that person.

For example, no two people can have the same voice, DNA, or fingerprints, When the principles of biometrics are applied to door locks, the result will be increased safety.


  • Security-Based On Fingerprint: No two people have the same set of fingerprints. The design of each fingerprint is unique to that person as an individual. Thus if the door and lock do not recognize the set of fingerprints of a person attempting to gain entry into your house or business, that individual will be blocked from gaining access. Unlike password locks, there is no possibility of hacking.


  • Eliminates Problem Of Lost Keys: It eliminates the lost key problem for your house and office. If you don’t want lots of keys in your pocket this, indeed, be a great idea. The best way to keep your home or offices safe or secure under such circumstance, indeed, would to be to opt for a total lock change, which, indeed, could be quite expensive, depending on how many locks in the house or building need changing because one member of your household or employee crew lost his or her keys. The same would hold true with a security card. The cost of replacing can also run quite high. However, one of the advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock is that no one can lose a fingerprint. With a fingerprint lock, no one can gain access unless your lock system is programmed to recognize that given person’s fingerprint.


  • Difficult To override: A biometric Fingerprint lock system is difficult if not entirely impossible to override. Other types of keyless system-including doors that require key cards or password-can be hacked by a criminal who is experienced at this. Nobody can hack a fingerprint system. The Fingerprint of the person attempting to gain access to your building or home either match those in the system or they don’t. If they do not, the person will not be granted access.


  • User-Friendly: This type of door lock is easy to use and install or operate. Once you program the system, it is able to work efficiently being high maintenance and high cost. If you do not feel comfortable installing and/or programming the equipment, you can ask someone to help you, although not without a fee.


  • More Secure Than Traditional Locks: Yet another one of the advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock is that-unlike a traditional lock, it’s not susceptible to being picked or copied. A traditional door lock key can be duplicated, and someone can burglarize your property, enabling them to steal your belongings, and gain access to sensitive information on your computers. Let’s say you own a business such as a medical or dental practice, or a workplace. It could lead to ethical ramification if your place of business was ransacked, and your personal computer was stolen, and the criminal was able to hack your files and gain access to your client’s personal information.


Working of Fingerprint Door Lock

Many of you might be wondering how does a fingerprint door lock work?

The safety door lock actually comes without any key that tends to recognize that user’s fingerprints and also can convert it to a binary code that it generally uses for identifying mainly to allow a complete access

Moreover, the control access of such important locks is perfectly designed and also made the best use of sensors that are capable of scanning the palm print, facial and also many more. Besides, these sensors have also an important role in recognizing the specific mappings of the prints then program it to the control using certain special binary codes and also store it to its database for its complete use.

The best thing about the said technology can be described as it allows that fingerprints that have been scanned in a proper way and also stored in its database to complete access on recognition. This clearly signifies that only people who have been authorized can make their access with the help of biometric door locks.

It is indeed a great method, especially for a better security purpose. The reason is no technology is something that you don’t have any reason to not rely on it as no technology can cheat when it comes to duplicate finger print. It is indeed an impossible job. With this, it certainly offers safe security to many homes and also offices that tend to implement this important technology for getting a full proof security.

Apart from this, the deadbolt technology is something that is in fact always stepping ahead of all other technology, with only a touch of your finger you gain entrance into your home or office. It is known for having a full capability of storage over fifty fingerprints in its memory and it also tends to make the best use of the battery for satisfying its energy requirements.

More and more, its battery can last for a long time and also can be easily replaceable even without the need to do any kind of special study or also research work in terms of how it should be performed.

As far as biometric door locks are concerned, these are considered to be the greatest security measures following an important level of technology. It is something that is meant to be implied and also the complete satisfaction it provides to those of users. With the use of finger lock doors, you will get a genuine reason to relax and get a sound sleep without any fear of external threat or something like that.


Are fingerprint door locks robust?

As with lots of other important devices, the most common concerning factor is what will happen in case a sensor of the electronic system fails suddenly and stop working or whether these important devices are susceptible to extreme temperatures, these may just creep into your mind especially when you consider installation of a fingerprint door lock at your home.

You may be thinking that whether the said door is robust or not or also it is capable of catering to individuals’ specific needs. Well, the first important optical sensors – what if something not works in a proper way and also sensor fails to work? Does it implement that you will be stay locked out of your living place? Well, such a situation arises very unlikely. These devices are designed with cutting edge technology and also fully tested and also statistics clearly reveal that any false rejection rates are minimal.

Moreover, the device generally notifies you especially when you need to replace a battery. So, there is indeed a lower chance for you ending up with a completely dead battery. Majority of finger print doors are known to have an in-built options mechanisms for the main purpose of unlocking in case of sensors don’t perform their jobs. They are also said to be having some override features that provide alternative PIN-based for access or also if it fails, you could then certainly use a mechanical key.

Besides, those of latest designed biometric fingerprint door locks are generally made to withstand extreme temperature or also even tends to swing in temperature. Whether the differences don’t affect in a proper way, the working of a keyless fingerprint door lock. These modern door locks are capable of working in temperatures as low as even 15 degree F even below the freezing to as high as the mid hundreds.

However, there is a probability that biometric fingerprint door lock tends to fail to function in a proper way as with the security device or technology. For instance, the sensor could be in fact tricked into believing something that it should not be. Moreover, a fingerprint copied on the latex can be used properly especially for the main purpose of believing that a
the programmed original fingerprint can be used easily especially when they may not be the case.

As with other security devices that you generally use for measuring or safety and also that you generally adopt for your online banking passwords. So, it is suggested that ensure properly regarding safety measures from your side. Apart from this, another important thing that you should bear in your mind about the installation of fingerprint door lock on those of solid
wooden doors. They generally work in a perfect manner and also an installation on a hallow core gas doors, wooden door, and also those of certain metal doors. These are not enough to secure your living place or office premises.


How to Make Fingerprint Door Lock at Home


Features of the best fingerprint door locks

So, if you have fully decided to buy any of the latest fingerprint door locks, then it is highly important for you to know various safety features that these doors are blessed with. No matter which types of door locks you actually choose to buy for your home, you need to ensure to check all important features. Besides, the most important thing that you need to know about these products is their advantages.

These door locks are meant to be most commonly used across a large number of security locations across the world. It is highly popular in corporate and also some government offices that are required to be fully sensitive especially for tackling the matter of privacy and safety are some of the most prominent customers of those of some fingerprint door locks.

This is basically an obvious security benefit that the technology is meant to offer to compare to those of some other lock systems that certainly ensure the investment on fingerprint door lock worthwhile and you will definitely get the best value of money.

Take a look at certain robust security features of fingerprint door lock:

Automated exit and entry systems

Well, these important fingerprint door locks are actually perfectly designed with the automated door opening and also closing systems that serve its main purpose of ensuring an exclusive entry of those of some authorized persons inside for securing the premises with full efforts. Only a set of people can be fully authorized for using such important automated entry
and exit, especially while numeric codes can also be used in a perfect manner and also as alternatively.

With the use of such important systems, it has been observed to significantly decrease the possibility of unauthorized entry of also infiltration within the premises. On the other hand, some important locking systems are also fully equipped with dual lock systems that need perfect identification even during the exist with the main purpose of ensuring extra and complete security.


Security alarm features

It comes as the next and the most important feature of fingerprint door lock system. It not only ensures prevention of unauthorized entry, but perfect contingency security arrangement in the event of an attempted breach also keeps a great relevance. In order to address such important issues, these lock manufacturers now offer the pre-installed smart
alarm technologies and also those of electronic warning systems. Such important lock doors are blessed with pre-installed with heat sensors that are capable of warning an individual using sound alarm when an emergency takes place due to fire or other reasons.


Complete accuracy of biometric detection

Well, vulnerabilities with those of some traditional fingerprint identification systems have clearly meant that manufacturers now certainly need to ensuring an even better biometric detection with their perfect finger locks. Some of the reputed and popular manufacturers have also come up with modern living biometric detection, that generally scans the inner fingerprint of people with great accuracy and also in a higher resolution.

Therefore such important prevention is, of course, capable of ensuring of the forged entry within the secure premises. So, those of potential offenders who actually need twice before breaching a door.


Highly durable

When you buy any product, you are highly concerned about checking whether the product is durable or not. Exactly the same thing applies when you are going to purchase a fingerprint door lock. You should consider various important factors to find out whether the fingerprint security door you are seeking to buy is durable and also capable of satisfying your important
requirements and expectations. Since you are going to spend your hard-earned money. So, it is highly important for you to focus on durability.

There are certain great advancements in recent times that have clearly meant that a fingerprint door lock can certainly work uninterrupted for many years. Some of these important models can in fact function outdoors mainly because of certain modern protective features that include waterproof and also high-voltage protection circuits functions. So, the best one in the market generally comes with certain self-check features that tend to communicate those of some authorized personnel in terms of whether the lock is in a good working condition or not.


Affordable models can be chosen as well

The use of such an important lock is indeed no longer limited to just corporate or even those of certain government establishments. Moreover, certain facilities that include hotels, schools and also even some of the houses have also chosen mainly to install the lock in a proper way. More and more, the lowering costs and also the availability of certain affordable models made the job of people in choosing the best and affordable model easy and convenient.

Besides, it is also meant that the market has, in fact, become highly favorable especially towards such important systems. The increasing popularity of these systems is mainly attributed to affordable pricing yet qualitative functioning.

So, if you have an extra desire for enhancing the security of your premises, then buying a fingerprint door lock can certainly be the most viable option for you.



Conclusion: Best Fingerprint Door Lock 2020

I hope the information provided to you in this post on the best fingerprint door lock is useful to you. You too can increase the security level of your home by purchasing a fingerprint door lock.

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