Best Smart Lock for Multiple Users

If you’re looking for efficient user management in a smart lock, take a look at our list of the best smart locks for multiple users.

Traditional keys are easily lost, simple to bypass, and expensive to replace. Hotels were quick to spot these issues and introduced key cards, which can be easily replaced if they are lost. But the most recent electronic entry systems or smart locks have taken home security to a whole new level. These not only ensure tighter security but also offer extraordinary configuration.

You have several keyless entry options and possess tremendous flexibility to manage multiple users to allow easy access to your family members or occasionally visiting guests. While most smart locks offer some way or the other to notify you of entries and exits, some are sophisticated enough to generate past entry/exit records.

One of the biggest markets for smart locks for multiple users is Airbnb hosts or ordinary landlords. The need to frequently accommodate guests and grant them a hassle-free entry/exit demanded a solution. Smart locks designed for multiple users are the perfect answer to these parties.

Best Smart Lock for Multiple Users

Best Smart Locks for Multiple Users

To help you make a rational purchase, we’ve put together a list of the 4 best smart locks for multiple users:

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August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

The August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is indisputably the best-rated smart lock up till now that allows you to give keyless access to your loved ones through the August mobile app, whether or not you’re at home. Not only can you manage multiple accounts for your family members but also grant temporary access to occasional guests.

Amazingly, the smart lock directly integrates with the Airbnb booking system, which allows hosts to share a virtual key or code to the guests that are supposed to only work during the booking dates. You will be notified when a guest checks-in or checks-out so you can plan for the next bookings accordingly.

Besides multiple user access, it comes with several connect features. You can pair it with Bluetooth, Z-Wave Plus, Apple HomeKit, Alexa, and other smart home technology to control the lock.

When paired with the Alexa app, you can even use voice command to direct the lock. It is intelligent enough to understand that you want it to lock when you say, “Alexa goodnight.” However, some users said you’d have to speak out the unlock pin to unlock it.

One of the most sought-after functions is its Door Sense technology. If we aren’t careful about closing the door, it may stay open. The Door Sense technology immediately notifies you if you’ve left the door open behind you.

The technology also allows you to customize the lock to activate the auto-lock and auto-unlock feature. When activated, the lock would sense that you’re approaching and automatically unlock the door to grant entry, and automatically lock once you’re passed through.


  • Remote access to grant entry to multiple users
  • Integration with the Airbnb booking system
  • Compatible with HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Alexa, Z-Wave, IFTTT, etc.
  • Voice control through a mobile app
  • Door Sense technology
  • Auto-lock features


  • No security alarm
  • No Amazon Key Support


Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

You may not be impressed by the appearance of the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt or the ease of installation, but its multiple-user characteristic makes it a secure and worthwhile smart home solution.

Besides setting up multiple users, you can schedule the entries of different people, such as your housekeeper, so that the lock unlocks as per the schedule. Through notifications, you’d know whether the housekeeper is in or out of the home, regardless of your location. Momentary entry can also be granted to guests by sharing a code that should work as per the set schedule.

Besides, the fact that it integrates with Apple HomeKit has made life easier for users who can unlock the door using the Siri assistant in their smartwatches or iPhones.

The same integration helps you receive notifications whenever someone enters or exits the door. Through the Apple HomeKit, you can program the smart lock to switch on the lights of your courtyard or living room as soon as you arrive home and unlock the door.

With this smart lock, you won’t even have to fumble with keys or your phone. When you’re a few blocks away from your home, the Apple HomeKit automation will ask whether you want the door to unlock as your approach.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows entry scheduling for users
  • Integration with Apple HomeKit
  • Auto unlock features


  • Expensive option
  • Not aesthetically appealing
  • Installation is complex


Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

If you’re looking for a smart lock with a simplistic user interface that manages multiple user accounts, the Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt makes an ideal choice.

This smart lock is so efficient that you can control the security of your vacation rental unit from 500 miles away. As long as you have access to Wi-Fi, you can set a unique code for each guest remotely and be informed of entries/exits.

On top of that, the lock can pair with your Ring security camera to maximize security. Not only is the lock easy to use but offers easy installation. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to install and be operational.

The auto-lock feature locks the door automatically behind you. While the lock integrates with smart home apps like Google Assistant and Alexa, it doesn’t support Apple HomeKit.

Among the unique features of the lock include the Amazon Key service, which requires a compatible security camera. The feature allows an Amazon delivery man to unlock the door and place your order inside the house. This ensures the security of the package when you aren’t at home, and the Amazon delivery person arrives.



  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Compatible with security camera
  • Built-in alarm
  • Easy to install
  • Offers Amazon Key support
  • Auto-lock features


  • Doesn’t support Apple HomeKit integration


Yale Assure Lock SL, Connected by August

Yale Assure Lock SL, Connected by August

When it comes to managing multiple users in a deadbolt, the Yale Assure Lock SL Connected by August is yet another reliable choice.

Unlike other smart lock devices, this lock doesn’t require the users to download an app or register as a user.

The device allows you to set individual codes for family members or guests with the option to keep them active/inactive at different points in time.

You can set the code to always-on, one-time entry, or recurring times, which proves valuable if you have a housekeeper, a baby sister, a pool maintenance person, etc. They’ll simply have to enter the code on the keypad, and the door should unlock. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to track who enters or exits the door through the mobile app.

As long as you remember the 4 to 6-digit entry code, you don’t even need a smartphone to enter your front door with this device.

The lock comes with an August module which is inserted in the device during installation. This module enables integrations with Siri for voice control and Apple HomeKit. You can even set your tablet or Apple TV as a hub for remote access.

If you wish to get remote access through Wi-Fi, install the Connect Wi-Fi adapter that comes with the smart lock. The adapter also allows you to pair the device with Google Assistant or Alexa for voice control.

The major limitation of this smart lock is that it doesn’t possess a keyway for use in the case of emergencies. For instance, in the event of a mechanical or electronic malfunction, you will likely be locked out of your home. Plus, if you forgot your entry code and lost your smartphone, there’s no way you can enter your front door.

Other smart locks, which come with a couple of spare keys, are more feasible than this one.


  • Entry code access doesn’t require users to download a mobile app
  • Option to keep the codes active/inactive
  • Compatible with smart home applications
  • Remote access via Wi-Fi and integrations with various Apple devices


  • No keyway for use in case of emergencies



Closing Thoughts: Best Smart Lock for Multiple Users 2023

Whether you’re looking to grant easy access to family members without compromising on home security or searching for an efficient way to manage your vacation rental units, each of the four best smart locks for multiple users listed above offers incredible user management for different types of users.

Smart home app integrations offer extraordinary control while being away, while the entry code options work for those who don’t want to download a mobile app. On top of that, auto-unlock features take automation to the next level, locking/unlocking automatically by sensing your location as you enter their traceable zone.

We truly hope that you make the right decision when buying a smart lock.

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