Top 5 Smart Bike Locks in 2024 (Guard Your Ride)

For many, cycling is not just a form of exercise but a vital mode of daily commute. Bypassing traffic jams and swiftly navigating through congestion, bikes offer a speedy alternative to traditional vehicles.

If this resonates with your routine, then ensuring your bike’s security is paramount. As thieves evolve in their techniques, bypassing traditional bike locks with increasing ease, cyclists must adapt. Recognizing this challenge, manufacturers have stepped up to introduce a range of advanced smart bike locks.

With the influx of options now available, from mobile app-operated devices to those with fingerprint scanning, numbered keypads, or Bluetooth connectivity, choosing the ideal lock can seem overwhelming.

To streamline your decision, we’ve curated a list of the best smart bike locks on the market:

The 5 Best Smart Bike Locks

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Best Smart Bike Locks

TouchLock Bike Pro

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These fingerprint-enabled locks take bike security to a whole new level.

Suppose you went to school and locked the bike in the designated area using a smartphone-based lock. What if you’re your smartphone is stolen or misplaced? You won’t be able to go home.

Smartphone-based bike locks are quickly being replaced by the TouchLock Bike Pro that comes with a fingerprint scanner to instantly unlock your bike.

The product belongs to Bio-Key, the manufacturer of all kinds of fingerprint-enabled locks. As the most advanced model launched by the company, the TouchLock Bike Pro comes with both Bluetooth connectivity and a fingerprint scanner.

As you lock your bike with the 3-foot long steel cable, a click and a beep follow to signal that the lock is secure. Powered by a long-lasting battery, the lock can function for as long as six months with a single charge.

The sophisticated smart lock comprises a sensor that immediately captures the distinctive ridges and valleys of your finger. As an incredible weatherproof option, the lock’s sensor demonstrates no difficulty in capturing fingerprints from a wet or greasy finger.

Besides, the lock is also controllable through an advanced app that allows you to lock with a single swipe, but you’ll have to either enter an 8-digit code or use your smartphone’s fingerprint sensor to unlock.

On top of that, you can add multiple users up to 20 by adding fingerprints for each or delete them at any time. This feature allows you to grant temporary bike access to your friends and others.


  • Flawless fingerprint scanner
  • Multiple user access
  • Two keyless unlocking ways
  • Robust steel cable
  • weatherproof


  • No alarm or security siren


Linka Smart Bike Lock

Linka Smart Bike Lock

If you’re the kind of person who likes minimum involvement with bike locks, Linka Smart Bike Lock is ideal for you. Its 9mm-thick steel strap is impossible to temper without setting off a 110 dB alarm. Once fixed in place on your bike, the lock is controlled via a mobile app.

To lock, you simply press a button on the lock or use a mobile app. Amazingly, the device unlocks automatically as your smartphone comes into within its Bluetooth range. If you don’t have your phone for some reason, that’s not a problem. The device offers an unlock-code option. All you need to do is enter a 4-digit access code and unlock it.

The lock does bring some new security features as well. The app’s bike theft map obtains bike theft data for whichever area you go and displays safe parking spots based on the information.

However, the biggest flaw with this lock is that unlike other locks that fasten your bike with an immovable object, this lock tethers your bike to the frame above its back wheel, locking it in place.

While the lock prevents thieves from riding away with the bike, it does nothing to prevent someone from loading it on another vehicle and steal it. It does have an alarm that sets off in response to any unauthorized access to the bike, but it might be too late if the bike is lifted away on a truck.


  • Automatic unlocking through Bluetooth technology
  • Comes with a bike theft map
  • Loud alarm


  • Can be lifted away
  • Highly expensive


TURBOLOCK Keyless Electronic Bike Lock TL-400

TURBOLOCK Keyless Electronic Smart Bike Lock TL-400

TURBOLOCK’s sturdy smart bike lock comes with a numbered keypad.

Its 30-inch chain, which is made of steel alloy, is covered in a protective PVC outer layer, making it super tough for anyone who intends to break it. With an IP rating of 65, the TurboLock TL-400’s internal components remain protected as the lock gets muddy or wet from the outside.

To unlock, you will need to light up the embedded keyboard, enter a 6-digit code, and hit the unlock button. When trying to lock, the device lets out either of the two different beeps, one of which indicates that it has been securely locked while the other alerts you that the chain isn’t fastened properly. However, it’s through the mobile app that you can make the most of this product.

Through the mobile app, you can lock/unlock the device, add an unlimited number of users or delete them, and change the passwords.

If you wish to grant access to someone without an app, you can grant them access by sharing a 10-digit key that’s temporarily activated for spontaneous access. Besides, the app also includes the user log feature, allowing you to see the record of past user access.


  • Strong steel chain
  • Allows multiple user access
  • Manages a detailed user access log
  • Affordable option


  • No alarm or siren
  • Users complain about unlocking glitches such as denying a correctly entered password


Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Bike Lock

Nulock Keyless Bluetooth Smart Bike Lock

This tremendous device makes one of the most trustworthy bike security systems available out there.

You need a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity to be able to unlock this device. When you’re in a reasonable range from the lock, open the app, and enter the passcode.

But don’t worry, the device won’t unlock until you reach your bike and press the red button on one side of the lock. If someone pressed the red button in an attempt to steal your bike, a loud alarm would set off, scaring the hell out of the thief. The alarm disengages when you enter the passcode in the mobile app so that it doesn’t set off when you press the red button.

The easy-to-use app makes it easy to control the lock. You get instant notifications on your smartphone when someone tries to engage will your lock. Through the mobile app, you can make any configurations such as changing the passcode, setting the alarm, and so on.

As a water-resistant lock, it performs remarkably well in wet weather conditions. It requires 3 AAA batteries, which normally diminish based on how frequently the 110-dB-alarm is tripped. The batteries can last up to 8 months without any trouble.

The package includes a lock, an instruction manual carrying your first passcode, a carrying pouch, and a robust cable.

If you opt for braided cables, you have two length options: 47 inches and 31 inches long while a chain only comes in 31-inch length. You can choose any of the three.

The reason why cables are a more feasible choice is that they’re made from 7 braids, each of which is made from 19 strands. They are further covered in a PVC covering. All of this ensures outstanding cutting resistance, protection from rusting, and high durability.


  • Think braided cable
  • Great value for money
  • Loud alarm
  • Long-lasting batteries


  • Users complained about annoying false alarms


Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Bike Lock

Lattis Ellipse Keyless Smart Bike Lock

Besides keyless convenience, the Lattis Ellipse bike lock offers high-tech security.

To lock the device, you need to insert a shackle into the base and press the lock button in the iOS or Android app. To unlock, you can use the same method or press four touch-operated arrow buttons in sequence. The product does offer both auto-lock/unlock features. When someone touches the lock while it’s active, a loud beep will follow.

One unique feature of this lock is the emergency response notifications. Its in-built accelerometer interprets a sudden decrease in speed as a crash, immediately sending an emergency notification to a pre-defined contact that you might be injured along with your map location.

A single mobile app can be paired with as many Ellipse locks as you want. The lock is characterized by a sturdy and heavy base, a flattened shackle for hard cutting, and an easy-to-grasp touch interface.

While most other smart bike locks run on disposable batteries, the Lattis Ellipse smart lock is powered by rechargeable batteries which can be charged using a USB port or small panels attached next to it.

The biggest flaw of the Ellipse lock is that you can’t possibly lock using touch arrows. Ridiculously, you’re required to hold your phone in one hand and the lock together in the other hand to lock/unlock the device. Because the device often faces problems pairing with Bluetooth, its auto-lock feature isn’t much reliable either.


  • Strong shackle
  • Emergency response notifications
  • Easily rechargeable battery


  • Unreliable auto-lock feature
  • Difficult to use
  • Expensive


Final Verdict: Best Smart Bike Lock

As a bottom line, we recommend the TouchLock Bike Pro as our top pick for the best available smart bike locks. While other options are also reliable, try to grab this one if your budget allows.

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