Top 5 Apple HomeKit Smart Locks 2024

If you are looking at smart locks, it is important to find one that works with Apple devices such as Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and more.

The best Apple HomeKit enabled smart locks are:

  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
  • Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
  • Yale Assure Lock SL
  • Reagle Smart Lock
  • Yale Assure Lever Lock

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Each of these smart locks is fantastic, but all for different reasons. Read on to learn why I recommended these smart locks.

Best Apple HomeKit Smart Lock

Top 5 Apple HomeKit Smart Locks

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart Lock Pro with Wifi Bridge

This lock will always have a special place in my heart simply because it is the best in its class.

August specializes in making locks that are installed on the inside of the door, rather than a full replacement of your current lock set up. They have several models, and most of their products work with Homekit.


What makes this lock the best

I mentioned that this lock is the best in its class, meaning it is the best of all the locks that are installed on the inside of the door rather than the outside.

August makes many locks in this category, but their Smart lock Pro is by far the best for many different reasons. Many smart locks have the problem of only having enough hardware to do what is available right now, but August designs their products to have new software upgrades that will give them more capabilities in the future.

The worst thing you could do is get a smart door lock that barely works and then finds out in a few years that it doesn’t have the capabilities to do all the newer things. Cheap smart locks do not age well, but this one will.



Like I said before, this lock is installed on the inside of your door, meaning you are slightly limited in what you can have in terms of features.

If all you are looking for is a lock that will open when you ask Siri to do so or close when you leave, then this is the lock for you.



The great part about locks that are installed on the inside fo your door over the top of your existing deadbolt lock is that they do not change the look of your door at all(on the outside at least)

The cheaper version of the August smart lock looks a little cheap, which is not what you want people to see on your fancy doorway.

The August Smart Lock Pro looks really sleek and professional. It features some really great lighting effects as well as a really simple cylinder design that you will love.



The August Smart Lock Pro with Wifi bridge is going to cost you around $$$ dollars, which is pretty standard for high-end smart locks. If you choose to go with their cheaper model then you are expecting to pay around $$ USD.

If all you are looking for is something that is cheap and will do the job, the third generation august smart lock might be the better choice.


Ease of Installation

Installing these smart locks is super easy since you are not replacing anything. You simply remove the inside plating and drill this guy on.

If you order this lock on Amazon, pay attention to their “Expert Setup” options. At the time of writing this, Amazon is offering free expert installation with your purchase, which is phenomenal.


Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage is such a reputable brand, and it will always be one of my first recommendations when it comes to smart locks.

They are consistent in every lock they make, so although I am recommending this specific lock, many of their other locks will work great.


What makes this lock the best

Schlage makes really great locks, and the reason they stand out is that they usually come equipped with everything people want in a smart door lock. This is the lock that has “All the bells and whistles”

Because they come so equipped, they tend to be a little more pricey, but the features will always outweigh the cost in my mind.



This lock comes equipped with several forms of entry. Accessibility and security are the reasons smart locks exist in the first place, and this lock really does do it right.

People that use Schlage locks will tell you that they tend to default to the pin. Even though they have their phone in their pocket, it is sometimes just easier to type a 4 digit code into the door than it is to tell Siri that you are home.

These pins can be easily managed from your phone, and the lock can store up to 30 different pins. This way, if you need your neighbor to have access to your home for a short period of time you can simply text them a pin that will grant them access for as long as you would like.

Obviously, you always have the ability to use Siri on your lock, which is a great thing. If you need to let somebody into your smart home without actually walking downstairs, you can just say “Hey Siri, I’m home” or whatever you set your phrase to be.

The last resort way to access your home will always be the normal physical key. Schlage values this, and will almost always have a manual override in their locks. Having a physical key is really important if you don’t always have your phone and/or you forget pin numbers easily.



Again, Schlage really outdoes themselves in this category.

Many smart locks have the problem of only having one or two different styles of lock that you can purchase. Schlage offers so many different styles and variations of the same quality product.

You will not have to sacrifice quality for looks with a Schlage because of how many different colors and finishes that they have on Amazon alone.



Like other smart locks, this will cost you around $ dollars, which is pretty standard. Many locks that have a standard key, as well as a touchpad, tend to be a bit more pricey than that so consider yourself lucky.


Ease of Installation

Installing a smart lock can be a bit tricky, and I will say that installing this lock is going to be a lot harder than the August smart lock. They have plenty of video guides and such, but still, it can be a little daunting for people that are not used to doing their own smart home repair.

Installing a lock that fully replaces a deadbolt involves removing the old one, installing the actual deadbolt while making sure it’s aligned, and then placing the final pieces on.

Many people find that although their previous deadbolt slid in and out easily, the new installation requires some adjustments to be made to the door frame in order for the new mechanism to do its job.


Yale Assure Lock SL

Yale Assure Lock SL

Although most people tend to choose the Schlage Lock, the Yale Assure Lock is my personal favorite, and let me tell you why.


What makes this lock the best

In my life, I try to live a minimalist lifestyle. Although many smart locks have tons of different features, all I really want is to connect to my phone as well as have a pin that I can type in to unlock my door.

Yale keeps it simple with a really small design that looks futuristic and high tech, without feeling silly or extreme.



Yale Locks are all about simplicity. This lock does not have a manual keyhole on the outside of the door like many other pin-based locks. This lock has a simple keypad on the outside of the door to grant access (keyless entry).

That means that you have two ways to access your smart home:

  1. You can access it by typing in a pin
  2. You can access it by telling Siri that you are home

These two ways are going to cover 99.9% of the situations. A pin is almost always easier to give to someone than a key.

You can comfortably use speech commands to tell Siri to lock and unlock your door

Many people express concern that although the batteries will only need to be replaced once a year, they might still get locked out of their own homes. Yale has thought of this as well and has presented a solution.

This lock comes with nodes on the bottom of the lock for emergency charging via a 12V battery for those times when you get locked out. Pretty awesome.

Smart Lock Battery Life



I am a huge fan of the look of this lock. It is really simple and doesn’t have a lot of options, but I am a guy that focuses more on function than form. Yale locks are sleek and simple, so don’t expect anything flashy.



This lock is pretty cheap for the quality that you are getting. Click this link to find it on Amazon.


Ease of Installation

Much like the Schlage, this lock is going to take some technical know-how, but you should be able to figure it out on your own.


Reagle Smart Lock

Check out our detailed review of the Reagle Smart Lock.

Reagle Smart Lock


Yale Assure Lever Lock

Yale Assure Lever Lock

The Yale Assure Lever Lock is another great option because it works with Alexa and Google Assistant, apart from Apple Homekit framework.


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