Best Smart Locks that work with Google Home

In this post, we look at the Best Smart Locks that work with Google Home.

Investing in smart locks can keep your home safe and secure. They also allow you conveniently to control your locks remotely giving access to people who might visit when you are not around.

So what are the best smart locks that work with Google Home? There are some great choices for smart locks especially those that work with Google assistant. The best smart locks which can work with your Google home include Nest x Yale Lock, August Smart Lock, and Schlage connect.

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Best Smart Locks that work with Google Home



August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

This is one of the best and most popular available smart lock in the market.

In the recent past, this smart lock has chosen to explore in the realm of voice control and now supports Google home.

The smart lock allows Google home users to control the lock using voice command. Voice command enables the users to check the status of the lock and even give a list of all available locks on the Google home account.

The voice command, however, does not support unlocking for security reasons.

August smart lock is thus one biggest brand in smart locks and their third-gen model is superb. The smart lock makes use of a key-less design and has a deadbolt handle on the front to allow hand use.


Nest x Yale Lock

Nest x Yale Lock

Nest x Yale lock is probably the best smart lock, which works well with a Google home.

The lock is made by companies, which are owned by Google nest and Yale, which is a reputable door lock company. Since it is a product from nest there is no doubt that it will work best with your Google home.

Google assistant allows you to check the status of the door and your lock remotely hands free.

With Google home, you can lock all the doors in your home or check their status to ensure they are locked.

Nest x Yale smart lock has the best integration to Google assistant tying well with Nest cameras and sensors, which you already have.


Schlage Z-Wave Connect

Schlage Z-Wave Connect 

Schlage smart lock has both keypad and psychical keyhole for more convenience.

Schlage has been manufacturing locks since 1920, so Schlage connect is a smart lock which you can trust in your Google home.

Although the previous two models require you to get a Wi-Fi adapter to add the functionality of an assistant, Schlage connect smart lock has evolved.

You can connect the smart lock to any Z-wave smart home hub. Once it is connected to the hub you choose, it can be controlled from anywhere using a smartphone.

It even integrates voice functionality to lock the doors using Google home.

igloohome Smart Lock

igloohome Smart Lock

This smart lock design is one of the bests on this of best smart locks that work with Google Home.

The locks can work offline, has many entry modes and is simple to install. It is also easy to control the Igloohome smart lock using Google assistant.

An Igloohome smart lock allows the home users to create pin codes or Bluetooth keys with Google home.

To get started the home users link their Igloohome account with Google home account. After they are linked the user can talk to Igloohome to create pin codes or Bluetooth key.

Sesame Smart Lock

Sesame Smart Lock

This is the best smart lock in terms of cost and if you are looking to save some money.

Its unlock and auto locking is almost similar to august smart lock but cheaper.

Sesame smart lock also works with Google assistant. Unlike in the past, Google home users do not need to use IFTTT as a bridge.

The lock can be directly connected and controlled using Google assistant. The user can ask Google to lock the doors or check its status from wherever.

The lock has also been developed further and can be linked directly to your Google home. The smart lock can be added directly to the Google home application, instead of relying on Google assistant action.


All the smart locks mentioned above are great and can serve Google home user well. However, Nest x Yale is definitely the best smart lock that works with Google Home, which I would recommend.

Google owns the lock and its functionality will evolve to be even better than any other lock. That is not to say you will not get a great experience with other smart locks. For instance, you may decide to go for sesame, which is great and saves on cost.

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