Yale Assure Lock SL vs Nest x Yale Lock (Analyzed)

Yale has been a trusted lock brand since 1840, that’s over 180 years of experience designing quality locks. These smart locks are extremely effective in giving you easier access through your front door.

The Google Nest x Yale communicates only through the Nest service while the Yale Assure Lock SL can connect to many different services in different ways. It has Bluetooth and WiFi. A Yale Smart Module can be connected to the Assure SL to allow for Z-Wave, ZigBee, and other wireless communication.

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Yale Assure Lock SL vs Nest x Yale Lock

Make sure to read on to find out which Yale Smart Module you may require.

Once you’ve gone through all the details here, you’ll see that the Assure SL is the lock with more features and capabilities compared to the Nest Yale Lock.

Summary: Yale Assure Lock SL vs Nest x Yale Lock

 Nest x Yale LockYale Assure Lock SL
SmartThings, Wink, Alarm.com, Iris and more
AppMobile, WebMobile
Geofencing/Location ServicesYesNo
Guest AccessYesYes
Tamper AlarmYesYes
Voice ActivationNoNo

Differences Between Yale Assure Lock SL And Google Nest Yale Lock

The Google Nest Yale Lock uses Thread technology to communicate to your other Nest devices like the Nest Guard or Nest Connect. Whenever you connect smart devices to each other in this way, it opens up possibilities for the devices to do certain things automatically.

For example, when you get home and unlock your Google Nest Yale Lock, the alarm of your Nest Secure system is disarmed as well.

The Nest Yale Smart Lock is not compatible with other home automation systems, only Nest.

The Yale Assure Lock, on the other hand, uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicate.

If you invest in a Yale Smart Module, Sometimes included for free, you’ll be able to connect to more devices in different ways. The Smart Module has a Z-Wave, Zigbee, or HomeKit option for you to choose from.

The Nest Yale Lock has a limited number of user codes that can be created in your Google account. A total of 20 user codes per home, with three homes maximum.

The Yale Assure lock can store a default of 25 user codes and up to 250 codes if you have a Yale Smart Module of any kind.

The Google Nest Yale will not automatically unlock the door as you approach as the Assure SL does with August DoorSense.


Similarities Between Yale Assure Lock SL And Google Nest Yale Lock

Both locks have a genius back up power option.

If your batteries somehow run flat without you realizing it, you can connect a 9V battery to the bottom of the lock and power it up to use it until you replace the four AA batteries inside.

Both these locks will warn you long before the batteries are depleted, though, so I wouldn’t worry much about that.

These are keyless smart locks with the backup method being the 9V battery instead of a key. The fact that they’re keyless makes them invulnerable to lock picking because there’s no keyway to pick through.

Both these smart locks are accessible remotely from anywhere as long as you have cellphone reception. The Nest Yale lock obviously uses Nest to communicate through while the assure lock has many different connection options, as explained further below.

Touchscreen keypads are used on both devices, although with the Nest option, you are limited to 20 user codes, whereas the Assure has a standard 25 and extended 250 codes possible with the Yale Smart Module installed.

They both have an ANSI/BHMA Grading of 2, which means that the locks are robust and durable but just not enough to be placed on a gate out in the open weather. The part of the lock that goes on the inside of the house is not suitable for an outdoor environment, but the keypad side of the lock is suitable for it to be on the outside of your front or back door.

Of course, these locks are both designed by Yale. Yale has over 180 years of experience in designing top quality locks.

The Nest Yale and Yale assure are both powered by 4 AA batteries that should last around 1 year before needing to be replaced.

The Google Nest Yale lock is slightly bigger than the Yale Assure SL. (The Yale Assure SL is the slimmest smart lock on the market)

The Nest Yale and the Assure SL can both auto-lock behind you as you leave so that your home is always properly secured even when your mind is full of thoughts.


Google Nest x Yale Lock

Google Nest x Yale Lock

Google Nest allows you to create 20 user codes to unlock your smart lock with the keypad, one code for the owner, and 19 codes for other users. Unless you’re getting this lock to use for a big office with lots of employees, 20 codes should be totally sufficient.

The Nest Yale uses Thread communication only compatible with Nest Connect or Nest Guard, which is required to work.

Integrates with Nest Secure so that when you unlock your door, your alarm disarms automatically for you to freely enter your home.

Set your Google Nest lock up for it to automatically lock behind you so that you never have to worry about locking it yourself.

The Nest Yale lock is really only an option for people who only want to use the Nest home automation system and nothing else.


Yale Assure Lock SL

Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale Assure SL is the slimmest smart lock on the market, less than an inch in thickness for a more discrete look on your door.

This lock can automatically unlock as you approach the lock for ultimate convenience. (This is done through August DoorSense)

The auto-unlock feature will not unlock your door automatically when you’re leaving your home but rather only when you’re returning home. This is to prevent the lock from unlocking every time you walk past it or when you go to the door to see who’s knocking.

You can create up to 25 unique user codes for unlocking the Assure Lock via the keypad. If you get yourself the Yale Smart Module, you’ll be able to store up to 250 codes, which will be ideal for the entrance of a large office.

Connect your August app to the Airbnb or HomeAway account for smart hosting. Codes can automatically be sent to renters and expire after they leave.

The Yale Assure uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for communications, which are already sufficient for most users, but if you get the Yale Z-Wave Smart Module, you will be able to connect to SmartThings, Wink, Alarm.com, Iris, Vera, Ring, and others.

A ZigBee smart module will give you communications with Xfinity Home, Echo Plus, or Echo Show.

The iM1 Smart Module will allow you to access your lock through your Apple HomeKit system to lock and unlock from anywhere and perform other HomeKit functions like commanding Siri to lock or unlock for you.

The Assure SL is compatible with Alexa and Google Home.


Conclusion:  Nest x Yale Lock vs Yale Assure Lock SL

The Google Nest Yale smart lock is perfect for anyone who only wants to use Nest Home automation and nothing else. It’s not suitable for offices or anywhere that will require more than 20 user codes. If you wish to door to unlock as you approach, you will have to go for the Yale Assure model.

The Yale Assure Smart Lock has everything you could ever require from a smart lock, remote access with multiple home automation services, auto-lock and unlock, up to 250 user codes, compatible with Alexa and Google Home, and much more.

Even if you decide to change your home automation from SmartThings to Apple HomeKit, just change the Smart Module inside the lock, and you’re good to go.

The fact that the Yale Assure is the slimmest smart lock available is also a nice bonus for a clean looking installation.


Related Questions

Does Yale Assure Lock Work With Nest? No, the Yale Assure uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to communicate and can be modified to use Z-Wave and other types of communication, but it does not work with Nest.

Does Nest Yale Lock Have Geofencing? At the time of writing this article, the Nest Yale lock does not support Geofencing. The Yale Assure does have Geofencing, which it uses to auto-unlock your door once you leave the area and then come back home.

Which Yale Lock Is The Best? It depends on what your requirements are, but the Yale Assure lock has the most functionality and upgradability compared to any other. That’s why I believe the Yale Assure smart lock is the best Yale lock to date.

Does Yale Assure Work With Google Home? Yes, while you can’t integrate your Yale Assure with Nest, you can connect it to Google home and give your lock voice instructions through it.


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