Top 5 Smart Locks for Thick Doors in 2024

Seeking a smart lock tailored for your thick front door? Delve into our comprehensive list of top smart locks optimized for thick doors before making a purchase.

Thick doors, common in many homes and offices, can pose challenges when selecting the ideal smart lock. However, with the expansive array of options available today, locating the perfect smart door lock tailored for robust doors is no longer daunting.

While most smart locks cater to diverse door types, it’s prudent to verify the door thickness range specified for each product. This ensures that the lock will fit seamlessly and function effectively.

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List of the Best Smart Locks for Thick Doors

Best Smart Locks for Thick Doors

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

Our top pick, the Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock, is the perfect choice for thick doors.

While the standard thickness of US doors is 1 3/4 inches, this lock is designed to cater to thicker doors between 35mm (1 3/8 inches) to 55mm (2 22/64 inches). Plus, its universal bolt adjusts between 60mm (2 11/64 inches) and 70mm (2 3/4 inches) and installs on the left or the right-hand side.

Besides door compatibility, the lock features a modern, sleek design that can add tremendous value to any exterior or interior door of your home or office building.

It requires both passcode and an RFID tag to unlock, allowing up to 71 user codes and RFID tags. On top of that, its auto-lock feature relies on a magnetic sensor that automatically locks the door 3 seconds after you close the door.

If an intruder tries to force it open, it will alert you with a loud intrusion alarm. Likewise, in case that fire breaks out, the thermal lock if its fire-warning system will immediately activate the fire alarm and unlock the door to enable quick escape from fire.


  • Best door for thick doors
  • High aesthetic value
  • Auto-lock feature
  • High-level security
  • Intruder and fire alarm


  • Limited keyless entry options
  • No smart home integrations available
  • No video doorbell


Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

Yale Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave

The Yale Assure Lock SL is the next great smart lock to consider if you have a thick door. It can be easily installed to doors measuring from 1 3/4 inches to 2 1/4 inches in thickness.

Its primary unlocking option is the touchscreen keypad, where you enter a 4 to 8 digit pin code to unlock, while a mere tap on the keypad is enough to lock it behind you. You can add up to 250 unique pin codes for permanent access to users.

If you have a habit of forgetting to lock the door behind you, you can activate the auto-lock feature, which will automatically lock it once you leave.

Besides, this Yale smart lock supports various smart home integrations such as Samsung SmartThings, Alexa, Honeywell, Iris, Wink, etc. This gives you tremendous control over the lock.

For instance, you can manage pin codes via the Samsung SmartThings app.


  • Ideal for thick doors
  • Touchscreen keypad allows for easy entry/exit
  • Allows up to 250 pin codes
  • Flexible to allow smart home integrations


  • No video doorbell


Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock

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The Sifely Keyless Entry Door Lock caters to relatively thick doors ranging between 1 3/8 inches and 1 57/64 inches.

It’s a secure home security solution that comes with three keyless entry options. You can enter a passcode, place your fingerprint, or use your smartphone app to operate the lock. As a backup option in case of emergencies, it does offer two mechanical keys to gain access.

You can create five different types of passcodes without an internet connection. These include timed, one-timed, cyclic, permanent, and custom passcodes. This makes life easy for Airbnb hosts and other rental property managers as they no longer need to meet the guests to grant them entry.

Besides, the device comes with the 3rd Gen Fingerprint access technology, featuring a scratchproof, waterproof, and dustproof sensor that responds in 0.3 seconds. Also, you can add an unlimited number of fingerprints in it.

Finally, all you need to do is download the Sifely app and operate the lock from your smartphone through FOB technology.


  • Caters to thick doors
  • 3-in 1 keyless entry options
  • 5 different types of passcodes can be created
  • Remote access


  • Not as secure as a deadbolt


Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt

When it comes to serving thick doors, you just can’t ignore the Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt. Its door thickness range lies from 1  5/8 inches to 2 inches. If your door is thicker than 2 inches, the device’s thick door kit will have you covered.

Besides, the lock comes with some outstanding security features. For instance, the built-in alarm features three alert-modes. It alerts you when someone enters or leaves your home and proactively communicates any potential security threat.

Also, the major problem with touchscreen keypads is that when you enter the code, your fingerprints may leave marks on the numbers you entered. Expert intruders can detect them and gain unauthorized access to your home.

This Schlage smart lock resolves this issue with its fingerprint-resistant touchscreen that ensures that patterns remain undetectable. Its security is also reflected in the fact that the door lock is BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified— the highest residential security rating.

In addition, its Z-Wave technology pairs the lock with various home automation systems, allowing you to operate the lock remotely. You can give temporary access codes to your visitors, and the device sends you entry/exit notifications right on your phone.

Finally, in case your battery dies or any other emergency, you can use the backup mechanical key that comes with the device.


  • Suits thick doors
  • Built-in alarm with 3 alert-modes
  • Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen
  • BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified
  • Compatible with home automation systems
  • Remote access
  • Temporary access codes
  • No auto-lock feature


InteTrend Smart Lock

InteTrend Smart Lock

The InteTrend Smart Lock is a sturdy and durable secure home gadget made from zinc alloy. It’s a decent option for most types of doors, including the thick ones.

The door thickness range for the product is 1 1/2 inches to 1 57/64 inches. Even though the device features a modern aesthetic, it carries minimalistic appeal.

It’s a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that replaces your mechanical keys with several keyless entry options. When you arrive home, switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and unlock it with a single tap.

Secondly, you can access entry by entering passcodes on its easy-to-use keypad. You can set multiple passcodes at once, including timed, one-time, cyclic, and permanent passcodes depending on who you want to grant entry.

If you choose to set temporary or one-time codes to let your guests inside, the device allows you to specify the days and times through your smartphone for when those codes should work.

This option is a great asset for Airbnb hosts who can efficiently operate through their smartphones to let guests enter without having to be physically present at the door.

Plus, timed passcodes can be used for your cleaners or babysitters who only visit on specified days. Permanent passcodes can be created for your family members.

The flexibility of time codes makes it a great device for homes, offices, schools, apartments, and motels.


  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Different passcode options
  • Flexibility in applications
  • Works for thick doors
  • Limited keyless entry options


Examine Your Door Before Buying a Smart Lock

When buying a smart lock, inspecting your door is a must.

One of the primary things to check is whether or not your door is thick enough for the smart lock you’re planning to buy.

Also, you will need to see whether your door is cut in a standardized way so that a smart lock easily fits into it.

The best approach is to download the app for each of the options you have in mind before you go on to purchase it. You should find pre-installation guides in most of the apps. From there, you’ll find out the right measurements for the lock, and you’ll be able to size up everything beforehand.

In addition, you will need to ensure that your door is ready for the smart lock. This involves checking whether the bolt is turning smoothly when you lock or unlock the door manually. If you had to push or pull the door for it to work, it needs to be fixed so that it works properly with the new lock when you’re not around.

The problem can be fixed by applying a little bit of elbow grease using the right tools. If the door seems to be misaligned, all you need to do is tighten a few screws in the hinge. If you are facing more complex issues, you should call an expert.


Final Verdict: Top 5 Smart Locks for Thick Doors 2024

We hope you liked our list of the best smart locks for thick doors. It should be of great help when you finally decide to make a purchase decision.

We recommend the Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock, which is perfectly suitable for thick doors as well as offers various other bonus features.

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