Top 5 Keypad Door Locks 2024 You Need to Check Out

Keypad door locks are the future, and I am here to give you the best of the best keypad door locks for your home or business.

The best keypad door locks with handles are:

  • Schlage FE575 PLY 626 ELA Plymouth Keypad Entry with Auto-Lock
  • Signstek Digital Electronic Touchscreen Keypad Security Entry Door Lock

The best keypad door locks for deadbolts are:

  • Yale Assure Lock SL
  • Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • AmazonBasics Traditional Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

Let’s jump into each of these locks and talk about what makes them so awesome.

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Best Keypad Door Locks

The Top 5 Keypad Door Locks of 2023

Doorhandle Locks

These locks really take advantage of the keypad with things like an auto-lock.

Your life is about to make a drastic change if you choose to install either of these locks.

Schlage Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock

Schlage Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock


I love this lock! The features are so fantastic.

The biggest problem with these keypad locks is when you are in a situation where you are moving in and out of your house repeatedly and have to constantly type in your pin.

This fantastic lock has the ability to simply turn it into a permanent unlocked state. That feature alone makes it the absolute best keypad lock on the market hands down.



This lock looks fantastic, which should come as no surprise if you are familiar with Schlage. It has almost a dozen colors that you can get it in, which is really nice if you already have a good looking porch design. Nobody wants to see an ugly handle on a really nice door, and Schlage has done their best to make sure their locks are never an eyesore.



You are going to be throwing down $$ dollars on this guy, which I understand hurts a little bit. For those of us that don’t want to fork out the dough necessary for a full-blown smart lock, that price tag is a little steep.

I really think this lock is great and that you would be really happy to have it on your front door, but if you are looking for a cheap solution maybe pass on this one.


Final Thoughts

This lock is fantastic, and you would really enjoy it. Reviews throughout the internet scream that this lock is life-changing, and I am sure you will find the same thing. If money really isn’t an object, read no further and buy this lock.


Signstek Digital Security Entry Door Lock

Signstek Digital Security Entry Door Lock

This lock is pretty simple, but it comes with one really awesome feature: a backup mechanical key.

Many of these locks are a little complicated if they run out of battery, but this lock comes prepared with a simple mechanical key for those times that you find yourself locked out for one reason or another.

The key is a little complicated to use, and theoretically, you will never use it. The best part about this is the comfort that you will always have access to your home in an emergency.

Stash this key somewhere on your porch and be able to access your home if you get desperate. Even if a person with evil intent finds your key, they probably won’t be able to figure out where it goes since this lock is really clever with how it hides the keyhole.



This lock has a little more of a futuristic look than the Schlage, but some people really like that. For example, I would prefer to show off my cool lock than try and hide it.



This lock will cost you around $$, which is pretty good all things considered. I don’t mind sinking 75 bucks for easier access to my home!


Final Thoughts

I think this lock is a great buy for many people, especially if you would prefer to have a touchpad rather than actual buttons.


Deadbolt Keypad Locks

These locks replace your current deadbolt with a more advanced and accessible system.

Deadbolts generally fall more into the smart lock space, so these locks will be pricier but have more features than just keyless entry.


Yale Assure Lock

Yale Assure Lock

This is actually a lot of different locks from Yale in one section, but know that all of their locks are phenomenal.

With Yale, you have the choice of how smart you want this lock to be, and therefore you decide what features you want to be enabled on your device. These locks can connect to your phone across the world, or be a simple keypad entry. Your choice.



Locks that are a minimalist design are always my favorite, and this lock does that for me. The Yale Touchscreen Assure lock is really simple on the outside, but a little bulky on the inside to store all the smart guts inside where it’s safe.

The simple keypad look really makes me happy and will take your front door to the next level.



Since this lock has a lot of options, the price varies greatly. For their most simple model, you are looking at a little over $$ bucks, but their most advanced models cost well over $$ dollars. I wouldn’t shy away from this lock due to price since it is going to have more features than you thought you wanted.


Final Thoughts

The Yale lock is one of my personal favorites, and I recommend it often. Hopefully, you agree and decide to buy it!


Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

61zI1I79e1L. SL1000


For those of you that are not familiar with Z-Wave, it is basically the best in terms of smart lock connectivity. With Z-Wave, you can connect your lock to all sorts of other devices, and with a little help, it can connect to wifi without losing battery life within weeks of installation.

Z-Wave unlocks all sorts of capabilities, and you will be really happy with all of your new features.


This lock is a really great looking touchscreen lock, which is rare.

It has the normal keyhole that many deadbolt replacements decide to do without but is a really nice touch.

I find that having a standard key is still a great choice even if you rarely need it.

It is nice to have a lock that looks good and comes with all the features you could possibly want right?


For a smart lock, this lock is priced pretty normally at $$. For all the features you are getting as well as the confidence that comes with buying a Schlage, this really is a great buy.


Final Thoughts

If you want a deadbolt that has both a touchpad as well as a keyhole, this is a really great option for you. I really love Schlage products, and I am a really big fan of Z-wave enabled products, so this is the best of both worlds.

This lock checks all of my boxes for normal smart locks, and therefore I can recommend it really quickly for anybody that is getting into the smart lock space.


AmazonBasics Traditional Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

AmazonBasics Traditional Electronic Keypad Deadbolt


The beauty of this deadbolt/keypad combo comes in its simplicity. This lock is the type of product that comes with absolutely no frills and extra features. It simply does its job and makes sure that it does it right.

This lock is really low profile, and the buttons sit right above the normal keyhole.

Amazon tends to sell products that are really plain, and I think that is where they get the name “Amazon Basics”. They are not trying to be the absolute perfect product, but are more focused on being the product that works and is inexpensive.



This lock is really cheap, and I mean REALLY cheap. You can get one of these guys sent to you for $ dollars USD. That is a really big deal. Many people are so scared to invest in a nice door lock because of the scary price tag, but this is a great way to just barely dip your feet in.

If you have bucks burning a hole in your pocket and want to get rid of the key on your keyring, this is the lock for you.

Final Thoughts

I mentioned before that this lock really is nothing special, and I stand by that. The product you are getting isn’t special in any way except for the price. You cannot beat that 50 dollars anywhere else.


Related Questions

What is the difference between an electronic lock and a smart lock? Generally, an electronic lock uses key fobs, a pin pad, or biometric scanners to grant entry. A smart lock uses some sort of internet or Bluetooth connection to a smartphone to grant entry.

Can I still use a key with a smart lock? Many smart locks come equipped with normal smart lock features as well as the ability to use standard manual keys. These locks are typically slightly more expensive. Some smart locks are installed on top of the current lock system and do not require different keys at all.


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