Best Keypad Door Locks 2019

Best Keypad Door Locks 2019

In this post you will learn all about the best keypad door locks and their features.

A kind of electronic lock in which locking mechanism works by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy is known as a keypad door lock. You can install it on all types of doors but to open or lock this lock you will have to use a number-code. They can help in improving safety of homes as well as private areas in business premises. 

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A Keypad Door Lock is a revolutionary innovation that is growing in popularity on a daily basis. Of late, many people are opting for keypad door locks rather than the traditional key lock system.

One of the reasons for the increasing popularity of this trend is that most Keypad Door Locks are equipped with a Smart Lock System. There are different types of keypad locks produced by different manufacturers.



Before finding the best keypad door locks for your home you must have some basic information about their features.

Features of keypad door locks

Battery power

Basically these locks are powered by battery and can be installed on a door without needing more wiring. In case of malfunctioning of its keypad you can use backup keys provided with it to open or close the door. While choosing the best locking system of this kind you should focus on weather resistant locks with backlight option so that you can easily access it at night while using on the external doors.

Number Code

The number code of your keypad lock can contain 4 or 5 digits depending on its brand and model.

Different types

Moreover they are available in different shades and designs so that you can choose according to the decoration of your place. You can also choose from deadbolt keypad locks, touchscreen keypad locks and keypad locks with handle as peer your convenience. Some companies also provide keypad looks with remote control so that you can welcome your guests without getting up from your convenient seat.

Additional security

An additional security system is provided in keypad locks so that you can prevent intruders or get inside your home even if you have lost its supporting keys. Most of these locks have a touch button so that the lock gets automatically activated and ensure security of your place. Some locks can discourage the intruders with the help of an inbuilt alarm system they have.

Peace of mind

These keypad door locks can provide you peace of mind by ensuring your privacy and security as you can use them on all of your external and internal doors to keep even your family members away from your private space in the home. You can find affordable keypad locks in the market as they are available in various designs and models.

Pros and Cons of keypad door locks

While buying the best keypad door locks for the first time you should have a look on their pros and cons so that you can take a well informed decision.




The first and foremost benefit of using keypad door lock is the convenience of getting into your home without carrying keys. Now you need not worry about carrying the keys while going out of your home or to be locked out of your home, in case of leaving its keys inside the home.

No tension of losing your keys

People usually lose the keys of their home lock while shopping or camping out of their home. By installing keypad locks on your doors you need not worry about losing their keys as a number code is enough to get entry into your home.

Full control

If you want that someone should not enter into your home without your permission then keypad locks are the best choice. Similarly we need not remind your roommate to leave the keys while going away as you can get the number code by making a phone call to him. You can also change the code to enhance its security.



Pilferage of number code

When you enter the code of your home door lock then someone can steal it. So you should be cautious enough while entering the code to open the door. If you suspect that the code has been hacked then you should immediately change it with a bit tricky code.


Most of the keypad door locks are a bit expensive than other key operated locks. Their installation cost can also be higher than other locking systems. So you will have to consider how much you can spend on this item while buying one.


You will have to bear some maintenance cost of these keyless door locks so that they can be operated smoothly. Replacement of battery, damaged system of push buttons and change of code are some of the factors that need additional care in this regard.

Though keypad door locks have certain disadvantages but their advantages can easily overcome their disadvantages.


Reviews of best keypad door locks

Reviews of some of the best keypad door locks are provided here under to help you in choosing one for your home.


Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth

Yale Assure Lock with Bluetooth


This keypad door lock is available in various colour variants including Polished Brass, Satin Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze to choose as per your decor. It has Bluetooth connectivity and Yale app can be used to customise its settings and create is number code.

Its touchscreen keypad with backlight allows you to use it even in dark lighting conditions. You can get back up from 9V battery to operate your lock without worrying about losing keys.

The keypad lock is made from stainless steel and brushed bronze. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and has a touchscreen display. The keypad lock allows users to create pin codes and customize lock settings from the Yale Assure App.

The Keypad Lock has smart capabilities and can be integrated into a home’s smart system. The smart keypad lock allows you to either unlock with your phone or by inputting a passcode on the keypad. In addition to these features, a user can create one-time passwords on the Yale Assure App.


Baldwin Single Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt 

Baldwin Single Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt

This keypad motorised deadbolt door lock is a one touch locking system available in Venetian Bronze finish.

It can be fitted easily in the prep of any standard tubular door. It can be installed within few minutes by using only a screwdriver.

It can be operated smoothly with 4 batteries of AA configuration.








Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt

Schlage Touch Camelot DeadboltThis keypad operated deadlock is available in a wide range of finishes including Antique Brass, Aged Bronze, Bright Chrome, Bright Brass, Satin Nickel, Matte Black and Satin Chrome so that you can chose the most suitable one for your home.

You can also choose from its two styles Century and Camelot according to your choice. This imported lock has a touchscreen that resists the scratches from the repeated use of your finger to operate it. It can be conveniently operated with needing any key.

The LED lighting system provided in it provides light on its lever and numbers to press the right even at night.



Other less popular best keypad door locks


Sargent 28-Keypad Cylindrical Lock

Sargent 28-Keypad Cylindrical Lock

The Sargent 28-Keypad Cylindrical Lock features a possible 1,100,000 code combinations which makes it impossible for a person to guess your lock code.

The device is also capable of assigning emergency and one time user codes in order to ensure that no one else knows your regular code. Moreover, in cases of multiple users, the keypad lock allows for temporary lock out of selected users.

The Sargent 28-Keypad Cylindrical Lock operates with a 6 digit code. The device is made from steel and uses 4 C alkaline batteries. To cap it all, it is durable and easy to use.







KABA Eplex E1500 Electronic Deadbolt

KABA Eplex E1500 Electronic Deadbolt

The KABA Eplex E1500 Electronic Deadbolt is a device that comes with an ergonomic design and construction.

It requires no wiring to setup and can accommodate up to 100 users. Moreover, the keypad lock allows for an easy programming of pass codes without removing the Keypad from its location.

The keypad lock also assigns authority levels for a variety of functions. The device also issues one-time access codes that lasts for only 24 hours which ensures that not every visitor would be given the regular lock code.

The device supports a code length of between 4-8 digits and has an anti-tamper lockout feature which ensures that anyone who tries multiple codes unsuccessfully is locked out of the house.

The Keypad Lock comes with a solid brass exterior construction which allows for durability. The KABA Eplex 1500 is most suitable for commercial buildings that have several employees. The device keeps an audit trail of the last 1000 interactions which includes all entries and entry attempts. It also comes with an automatic re-lock capability that can be set to activate between 2-20 after a successful entry attempt.


Scyan D5 Keyless Keypad Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock

The Scyan D5 Keyless Keypad Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock is an easy to use and secure door lock system solution that also incorporates finger print technology.

The keypad door lock can be unlocked by either fingerprint or keypad code. It also comes with a built in fingerprint sensor which allows for the door to be unlocked with one touch of a recognised finger.

The device can take up to 100 fingerprints and user codes which makes it ideal for commercial premises with several employees. The user code can be set to use a combination of between 4-12 digits.

The Keypad Lock also comes with a lockout feature which ensures that the door remains permanently locked under tense security circumstances.

The keypad lock also features a low battery alert feature which indicates that the battery power is low.

The keypad lock is powered by 4 AA Alkaline batteries and has a weight of 3.85 pounds.


Assa Abloy Gateman Wide WV-100 Digital Door Lock LED Touch Keypad

The Assa Abloy Gateman Wide WV-100 Digital Door Lock features a LED Touch Keypad.

The Keypad Door Lock comes with an ergonomic and aesthetic design and construction. The LED keypad produces backlight so that you can distinguish the keypad digits correctly in order to enter the right pass code in circumstances of poor visibility.

Moreover, it comes with an adjustable volume control and an etiquette mode which ensures a quiet operation. In addition to these features, the keypad lock is totally waterproof which ensures that it cannot be destroyed by the elements of weather.

Furthermore, it comes with an alarm system which goes off when an intruder is repeatedly trying a wrong combination of passcodes. It also comes with a safe handle mechanism which further guarantees security.

The keypad lock comes with an English and Korean User Manual which contains a detailed instruction on how to setup and use the product.


Conclusion: Best Keypad Door Locks 2019

Thus, the information provide in this write-up can help you to buy the best keypad door locks to enhance the security of your home.

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