Top 4 Smart Lock and Doorbell Combo in 2024 (Synced Security)

From keypads to fingerprint technology and smart home automation kits, we’ve seen a surge in interest in home security in the past year or two. Today, you can enhance your home security using a smart lock and doorbell combo!

List of the Best Smart Lock and Doorbell Combo

Here are the best smart lock and doorbell combo that you can choose between to take your home security to the next level.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Doorbell Cam Pro

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Doorbell Cam Pro

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The combination of August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Doorbell Cam Pro happens to be our top pick for top-of-the-line security.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the August app in your smartphone, you’re in complete control of what happens at your front door, regardless of your location. You can operate the lock remotely to grant entry to your family and guests.

The doorbell keeps you informed of any entries. On top of that, its motion detection technology senses anyone roaming around your door and notifies you immediately on your smartphone.

The doorbell camera captures the moments and shares it with you on your smartphone. The technology makes it easy for you to identify the guests or delivery man arriving at your door. If, however, you want the camera to save the recorded videos so that they can be played any time afterward, you will need to choose a subscription service.

Another fantastic feature of the video doorbell is that you get to welcome your guests via the HD live-view feature.

With the help of this feature, not only can you see who’s there at your front door, but you can also communicate with them via your smartphone. To check the live feed outside your home, all you need is a smartphone and the August app.

Since the motion detector is quite sensitive by default, you may end up getting alerts that may not matter. To avoid that, you can adjust the sensitivity of the detector as per your needs.

The August smart lock itself can be controlled using the August app that’s available both on Android and iOS. You can even lock/unlock the device from your smartphone as well as know who was at the door.

Besides, it features tremendous automation, unlocking when you arrive near the lock and locking when you close the door behind you.

It also includes a simple keypad, allowing you to set up pin codes for you and your family. Furthermore, integration with the Z-Wave Plus makes your device smarter than ever.


Altro Smart Lock Model X

Altro Smart Model X

The Altro Smart Lock Model X, which is due to be launched soon, is also one of the best smart locks and doorbell combos that not only offers keyless control over your deadbolt but also comes with a built-in video doorbell.

Its two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with the guests and greet them right at the entrance. The smart lock offers various keyless entry options as well as lock/unlock automation.

The built-in video doorbell notifies you whenever someone arrives at the door, while the live video feature allows you to quickly check the app’s video feed to see who’s at the door. The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with the guests.

On top of that, the doorbell doesn’t wait for people to ring the bell. It starts recording the video as soon as it detects motion and uploads encrypted video clips on the cloud storage.

You can either punch a passcode on the number keypad or use your smartphone to operate the lock. In fact, you may choose to do absolutely nothing, and the lock will function as per your needs.

In other words, you can program the device to unlock automatically when you approach the door and lock automatically when you’re safely inside. The device can do that using Bluetooth technology.

Plus, you can pair the device with home automation apps such as Google Assistant or Alexa to operate the lock through voice commands. As long as you have your phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth on, you can also control the lock remotely.

The only drawback related to this device is its battery, which is why it couldn’t top the list despite the nature of its doorbell. With a WiFi connection, continual motion detection, video recording, and deadbolt operation, the device is quite power-hungry.

While many other smart locks offer closer to a year of battery life, this smart lock comes with two rechargeable and removable lithium-ion batteries that only run for two months or less.

Also, the lock comes with no back-up mechanical key. If you think about it, both these issues combine to increase the chances of users being locked out of their homes if the battery runs out while they’re outside.

If Altro resolves this problem, it can easily be regarded as the best smart lock with the doorbell combo.


Yale Lock with Google Nest and Nest Hello Combo

Yale Lock with Google Nest and Nest Hello Combo

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When combined with the Nest Hello Video Doorbell, the Yale Lock x Google Nest turns into a remarkable security solution for your home.

The doorbell’s Nest Aware feature protects your home through its video recording technology, facial recognition, custom motion zones, etc.

While you can expect the Nest doorbell to detect motion, capture screenshots of the front porch, and store them in the cloud for up to 3 hours for free, you will need to opt for one of the three subscription plans, each of which offers a different amount of video history. The 5-day plan costs $5, while a 10-day plan costs $10, and the 30-day plan costs $30.

Whenever the Nest doorbell detects a person or motion around your front door, it sends you a notification right on your smartphone.

Furthermore, if you’re expecting someone but don’t have the time to follow-up, you can pre-record a response that needs to be communicated. For instance, you may want to direct a deliveryman to place the package behind the flower vase outside your front door.

The Nest doorbell’s on-demand live-view and 2-way audio features allow you to see and communicate with the guests in real-time. Like the smart lock, the Nest doorbell can be turned into a hands-free device by pairing it with Google Assistant or Alexa and operating it through voice commands.

Coming back to the Yale Lock x Google Nest— it’s a secure, tamper-proof keyless deadbolt that allows you to unlock your front door by entering a passcode on the keypad or tapping on your mobile app.

You also get to control the lock remotely as well as receive alerts for people entering or leaving your home. Besides, it comes with the auto-lock feature that automatically locks when you’re away.


Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Ring Video Doorbell 2

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt and Ring Video Doorbell 2

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Finally, the combination of Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt and the Ring Video Doorbell 2 manage to grab the last position in our list.

Featuring 1080 HD resolution, the doorbell provides you a 160-degree wide-angle view of your front porch any time you want. It also comprises a motion detector that notifies you when someone tries to tamper with your lock or even lurk around it.

With this device, not only can you see them, but you can also threaten them via a two-way audio feature. Likewise, you can direct the postman on where to drop the parcel through this technology.

Like most other options, the doorbell doesn’t have video storage of its own, but you can get the footage saved on a cloud-based platform by choosing one of the two ring subscription plans.

The basic subscription, which is known as Protect Basic, helps you store videos captured for the past 60 days, while the premium plan, Protect Plus, offers free Ring Alarm monitoring and some discounts in addition to the 60-day video history.

The Schlage smart lock device comes with built-in WiFi, precluding the need to buy an adapter or WiFi-hub to connect with your home’s network.

When you connect the smart lock with the Ring app, you can operate the lock directly from the Ring doorbell’s live view. Through the Ring app, you can also verify the identity of your guests.

In addition to entry access through a mobile app, you can also add up to 100 unique passcodes, either temporarily or permanently, to allow your family and friends inside your home. This feature is truly a life-saver for Airbnb hosts.


Final Verdict: Best Smart Lock and Doorbell Combo 2023

With the integration of home automation devices, the world is getting incredibly smart.

If you’re looking to make your home smarter and keep up with technology, consider buying a smart lock that connects with a smart doorbell, and live peacefully.

By pairing your doorbell with your lock, you will not have to get into the hassle of managing a lock and a doorbell separately as both will be integrated to produce a more reliable security solution!

While all the options stated above are great for home security, we recommend the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect and Doorbell Cam Pro. This smart lock and doorbell combo has unmatched features and can ensure the utmost safety for your house.

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