Top 5 Nest Cam Alternatives in 2024 (Better Options for Top-Tier Security)

Nest Cams are known for their high quality and reliability. Unfortunately, they are also known for their relatively steep pricing, that is, for the unit itself and then a monthly subscription on top of that for cloud storage facilities.

Nest Cam Alternatives

Luckily for you, there are many Nest Cam alternatives that will blow your mind when you see what they’re capable of at much lower price points. All these alternatives being 1080p, some with free cloud storage and a couple with options to save footage on a local SD card.

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But before we get into the details of the best Nest Cam alternatives, let’s first look at one of the most popular Nest Cams to establish a baseline for comparison.

About Nest Cam

The Nest Cam NC1102ES

For anyone who doesn’t know what the Nest Cam is capable of, let’s have a look and then we’ll compare it with some alternatives at much more appealing price points.

The Nest Cam supports 1080p HD with 130° FOV which is perfect for almost any security camera scenario and will provide high detailed video footage.

In cases where you’re monitoring a very large area, where people and objects may not come close enough for you to identify faces or smaller details like intruders’ specific clothing or even tattoos.

With a 1080p video resolution, all these things will be easier to accomplish.

The Nest Cam features 8 high-powered infrared LEDs to provide light in the footage even when no other light is available. These infrared LEDs, combined with a superb camera lens, make the Nest Cam one of the best surveillance cameras in low lighting conditions.

There are motion and sound alerts so that you’re informed within seconds if there are any loud sounds or if there is any movement in the camera frame.

It has a 3-hour snapshot history to help you in monitoring your space.

The Nest Cam has two-way audio which is great for if you want to tell the kids about something when you see them arrive at home. They can talk back and you can have a full conversation, pretty cool. This is all controlled via the Nest app on your phone.

With online cloud storage, your information is well protected, you can even set up two-factor authentification to protect your account as well but all this isn’t free. There is a monthly subscription fee that you’ll have to pay if you choose the Nest Camera.



Video Resolution1080p
Field of View130°
Audio CapabilitiesTwo-Way Audio Functionality
Video Storage OptionsDirectly to Cloud Service Only (No internet = No recording)
Sensors/AlertsMotion and Sound Detection
Extras: 8 High-Powered Infrared LEDs help to get the clearest shots possible even when there are no other lights in the area.

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Nest Cam Alternatives

Wyze Cam v2

Wyze Cam v2

The Wyze Cam is by far the most popular alternative to the Nest Cam. It’s packed with awesome features and in some cases, the Wyze Cam is actually the better choice for you. Let me tell you why.

The Wyze Cam not only comes with free cloud storage up to 14-days, but it also has an option for local SD card storage! You can record HD video continuously for 48 hours to your SD card if you choose.

The second biggest aspect of this camera which makes it the better choice over the Nest Cam is the price. The Wyze Cam is FAR cheaper than the Nest Camera with almost identical video performance.

The Wyze Cam also records in Full HD 1080p for you to get every detail out of your footage.

The field of view is only slightly less than the Nest Cam coming in at 110°, this is still a wide-angle lens to capture large areas or rooms and is completely sufficient.

It also supports two-way audio for you to tell your dog to “get off the couch” or to let your loved ones know about something when you see them enter your home after school or work.

With the Wyze Cam v2, 10 to 15-second alert videos will be recorded upon movement or loud sounds and you will be alerted via the app to view them. The motion tracking feature shows moving objects on your screen for you to see quicker and easier.

You can use the voice control feature to command Alexa or Google Assistant to view different cameras depending on your situation.

With the Wyze Cam, you have 4 infrared LEDs to assist viewing in the dark up to 30 feet so even if there are no other lights on, you will still see what’s going on through the camera view.

You can share viewing access with your family and friends. All they need to do is download the Wyze app, you invite them to gain access from your app and presto! They can now view your cameras with you unless you decide to remove them afterward which is easily done.



Video Resolution1080p
Field of View110°
Audio CapabilitiesTwo-Way Audio Functionality
Video Storage OptionsDirectly to Cloud or Local SD Card
Sensors/AlertsMotion and Sound Detection


  • 3-Axis Flexible Bracket Included for perfect set-up angles
  • Magnetic Base for easy placement onto metal objects without needing screws
  • 8x Digital Zoom for identifying smaller or further away objects
  • 4 Infrared LEDs for capturing video in low lighting conditions

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Wyze Cam Pan

Wyze Cam Pan

The Wyze Cam Pan is everything the Wyze Cam v2 is and much more.

In my opinion, this Wyze Cam option is worth the extra bucks due to a few added features, the most impressive feature compared to the standard Wyze Cam is the full remote control functionality to, pan, tilt or zoom the camera from wherever, whenever via the app.

The field of view is 120°, slightly improved from the standard Wyze Cams 110°. Of course, this is just a bonus when you can pan 360° to view anything around the camera anyway. The camera can be tilted up to 93° vertically up/down.

You can set waypoints for your camera to follow automatically to create full 360°patrols of the entire area.

The Wyze Cam Pan also stores your video footage for up to 14-days for free and still comes with an option to record 1080p continuously to an SD card for up to 48 hours. (32GB)

The night vision is improved with the use of 6 infrared LEDs built into the unit for you to see up to 30 feet in the dark.

Two-Way audio allows you to tell the kids to do their homework or to let a burglar know that the police are on their way.

The Wyze Cam Pan has a bigger speaker than previous models for people to hear you loud and clear.

Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant to view different cameras at your verbal command.

Share access to your cameras with friends and family for multiple people to keep tabs on the area at the same time. Remove access anytime should you not require it anymore.


Video Resolution1080p
Field of View120°
Audio CapabilitiesTwo-Way Audio Functionality
Video Storage OptionsDirectly to Cloud or Local SD Card
Sensors/AlertsMotion and Sound Detection


  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom the camera remotely with the app
  • Create waypoints for the camera to patrol the room or yard
  • 8x Digital Zoom for identifying smaller or further away objects
  • 6 Infrared LEDs for capturing video in low lighting conditions

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Arlo Q

Arlo Q

The Arlo Q doesn’t require an Arlo Base Station, you connect this device to your wi-fi and it’s ready to go.

Just like all the other Nest alternatives on this list, the Arlo Q records at 1080p for you to get all the detail you require in a security camera. The camera has a 130° field of view same as the standard Nest Cam listed above.

This surveillance camera works with Alexa for voice control.

You get free cloud storage that lets you share, view or download video clips from the past 7 days without any additional charge.

There is also motion and sound detection recording and alerts to make sure you never miss a thing.

A highly advanced and upgraded night vision system helps you to view and record footage even in complete darkness.

Other features like detecting specific people, specific zones and the ability to contact emergency responders right from the phone’s lock screen are paid for extras.


Video Resolution1080p
Field of View130°
Audio CapabilitiesTwo-Way Audio Functionality
Video Storage OptionsDirectly to Cloud Only
Sensors/AlertsMotion and Sound Detection


  • Free online cloud storage
  • Enhanced Night Vision allows you to view the scene even in total darkness


Logitech Circle 2

Logitech Circle 2


The two biggest selling points of the Logitech Circle 2 is the beautiful 180° super-wide-angle lens and the weatherproof aspect of the camera. That’s right, the Logitech Circle 2 can handle, heat, cold, rain and shine. Indoor or outdoor, wired, or wireless, it’s up to you.

Something else that increases the value of this security camera is the option of a built-in 6400 mAh battery which can last up to 3 months on a single charge! Only about 10% more expensive than the wired version.

A window mount accessory is available for you to easily mount the camera to any window of your house for a 180° view of the exterior of your house.

A plug mount accessory is available for you to plug the camera straight into a wall plug without any chords required.

An additional 15 foot (4.5 m) weatherproof extension cable is available as an accessory for more difficult to reach areas on the outside of your house.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and saves footage straight to free cloud storage.

The Logitech Circle 2 has a lens that allows so much light in, it doesn’t require LEDs to enhance dark scenes up to 15 feet away.

Two-Way audio communication is available with this unit as well to communicate with people at home.

There is a free built-in 30-second timelapse of the entire day for you’re viewing pleasure.


Video Resolution1080p
Field of View180°
Audio CapabilitiesTwo-Way Audio Functionality
Video Storage OptionsDirectly to Cloud Only
Sensors/AlertsMotion Detection


  • Weatherproof. Can handle heat, cold, rain or shine.
  • 180° Field of View!
  • Portability via the Built-in 6400 mAh Li-ion Battery Option
  • Plenty of cool accessories as mentioned above


Alfred Video Home Surveillance App

Screenshot Image

Ok, so the last bonus alternative to a Nest Cam is actually a cell phone application. You might already know that you can use spare cell phones as security cameras for you to view through an app on your main phone at any time.

So you could place your tablet standing up on your desk at home and then access the camera to view your room at any time. But you can do more than just view…

This is if you already have a tablet or spare phone at home. If you’re going to make a purchase for home security surveillance, purchase a camera that’s made for that purpose.

So what else can you do other than viewing through the camera?

Two-Way communication allows you to listen to sounds through the app because your phone has a mic, you can activate an intruder-alarm to scare someone off. (Connect to BlueTooth speaker for better sound) You can push a button on the app to speak through the speaker of your phone/tablet and have a conversation with someone.

You can also view through the back OR front camera so you almost get a full view of the room or at least, two entirely different viewing directions.

Recorded footage of motion or manually initiated recordings are saved to a cloud service that is available to use on the free and premium version of the app.

If it’s dark, you can activate your flash on the device to illuminate the room. Motion detection recording and alerts are also included.

Of course, if the power cuts out for whatever reason, the phones all have internal batteries to record a few more hours. They also have sim card functionality to keep uploading footage while the power is off.

Pretty much all these features and more are totally free to use and the main feature you need to pay for is the ability to view and record in HD.

If you do pay for the premium version of the app you will be able to view and record in HD as well as set times for specific cameras to switch motion recording on/off automatically. Otherwise, you need to switch motion recording on/off manually.

This Nest Cam alternative is more suitable for someone who only wants to check up on a single room and already has a spare device like a tablet in their room.

I wouldn’t spend money on a phone to do a job that a Wyze camera will do better. If you going to make a purchase, purchase the device that’s designed for the job at hand. The actual camera.

Specifications: Whatever your phone/tablet specifications are.


Conclusion: Best Nest Cam Alternatives

The Nest Cams are fantastic pieces of hardware, I won’t deny that, but there are much more affordable options available that do just as well in features and performance.

Some Nest Cam alternatives are actually preferred for their capabilities to record to a local SD card or for the availability of free cloud storage. Avoiding monthly subscriptions, however small they might appear to be, can save you many thousands of dollars in the long run.

My personal favorite Nest Cam alternative on a budget is the Wyze Cam Pan because of its remote control capabilities which allow me to move the physical camera remotely via the application for me to see everything in the area of the camera, up/down or 360 degrees all around.

My favorite choice with no budget in mind is the Logitech Circle 2 for its 180° field of view, battery option (3-month battery life), and weatherproof design to withstand the outdoor elements, even rain.

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