Top 5 Smart Locks for Hubitat in 2024 (Your Ultimate Guide)

Hubitat stands out as a leading force in the realm of home automation, offering homeowners a centralized hub to seamlessly connect and control a variety of smart devices, including locks. In this post, we’ll delve into the best smart locks optimized for Hubitat, presenting options that are not only secure but also convenient for daily use.

The world of smart locks extends beyond just bolstering home security. They’re designed to streamline your life, making daily tasks effortless. While numerous locks employ Bluetooth technology, these typically have a limited range, often confined to the immediate vicinity of the home.

The pinnacle of convenience in smart locks is the ability to manage them from virtually anywhere. This feature is especially crucial for Airbnb hosts, who may need to provide access to guests remotely. Without this capability, hosts find themselves making unnecessary trips just to hand over keys.

However, this remote access typically requires some form of internet connection. While built-in WiFi might seem like a solution, it presents its own set of challenges. Smart locks with WiFi often suffer from rapid battery drainage, raising the risk of homeowners finding themselves unexpectedly locked out. Moreover, the potential vulnerabilities associated with internet connectivity could compromise data security.

This is where Hubitat shines. Opting for smart locks compatible with the Hubitat hub ensures you remain connected globally without the usual drawbacks. The Hubitat Elevation is versatile, boasting compatibility with Alexa, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Google Assistant, LAN, Lutron, and cloud-connected devices.

But first, let’s delve deeper into what sets Hubitat apart before highlighting some top smart locks tailor-made for its ecosystem.

Best Smart Locks for Hubitat

What is Hubitat?

Hubitat is a powerful, non-internet-dependent home automation platform that works with your connected smart devices so that you’re in complete control of your home.

Other smart home hubs, such as SmartThings and Wink are primarily cloud-based devices that rely on the internet. This means that they won’t function when the Wi-Fi goes down.

Since Hubitat handles most functions locally, it continues to do the job when the internet goes down. Plus, with Hubitat, the data is totally safe as it’s not going onto the internet.

When using the Hubitat smart hub, some smart locks offer more support than others.

List of the Best Smart Locks for Hubitat

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Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Our top pick, the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt, is an advanced lock that comes with an incredible amount of flexibility in terms of smart home integrations.

Without a smart hub, you’ll only be able to benefit from basic features such as auto-lock, passcodes, etc.

Without its own dedicated app, the smart lock comes outfitted with two model types including Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus, both of which are compatible with Hubitat smart hub.

When combined with Hubitat Elevation, the smart lock comes under your complete control. All you need is a smartphone and you should be able to control the lock remotely.

Your smart lock data is stored locally, keeping it safe and secure.

For instance, the data pertaining to the entry/exit log will only be accessible to you. Since it’s not on the internet, no outsider will be able to hack it.

Other smart hub integrations that this smart lock supports include VeraEdge, Wink Hub 1 and 2 both, and Samsung SmartThings 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generations.

On top of that, you can also integrate it with add-on devices such as Amazon Echo Plus and Amazon Cloud Cam.

Finally, installing the device is quite simple. All you need is a Philips screwdriver and around 15 to 25 minutes to install it on your door.


  • Best option for Hubitat smart hub
  • Remote access
  • Easy installation
  • Auto-lock feature
  • Can add up to 30 unique passcodes


  • Relies on a smart home hub for most features
  • Doesn’t have a dedicated app of its own


Yale Assure Lock SL

Next in line is the Yale Assure Lock SL.

It features a clean touch screen design and is regarded as one of the most efficient locks for hubitat as when it is connected with it, you can monitor and control your lock even when you are away from home.

Although the device has its own Yale apps, they only allow limited controls such as minor settings and management of passcodes.

If you’re really looking for advanced features such as remote monitoring and access, you need to connect it to Hubitat smart hub. Since it makes use of Zigbee, Z-Wave, Z-Wave Plus, Apple HomeKit, pairing with Hubitat is not an issue.

If you face any issue with the Hubitat device, you have 24/7 ongoing support available from the manufacturer.

Other smart hub integrations include Apple HomePod, Apple TV 4th Gen, VeraEdge, and Vera Plus.


  • Highly compatible with Hubitat smart hub
  • Comes in various finishing options


  • No backup mechanical key for emergencies
  • Limited features on its Yale app
  • Quite expensive


Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Z-Wave Deadbolt

Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Z-Wave Deadbolt

The Kwikset Obsidian Keyless Z-Wave Deadbolt combines style with functionality so that the device doesn’t undermine the look of your door.

It is a decent choice for those with a Hubitat smart hub as it comes with both Zigbee and Z-Wave Plus connectivity. This means you should be able to monitor, operate, and manage the lock from anywhere.

When you enable the Hubitat smart hub, you can lock/unlock the device, check the lock status, and receive notifications right on your smartphone.

It makes sense to connect your smart lock to a single home automation network covered in Hubitat smart hub.

All you need to do is connect Hubitat with your local network, register it, and pair it with your smart lock. Then create rules for the way you want it to work. You now have the Kwikset smart lock right on your fingertips!

This device also supports a variety of other smart hub integrations including Samsung SmartThings 1st and 2nd Generations, VeraEdge, Vera Plus, Wink hub 1 and 2, Securifi Almond+, and Amazon Echo Plus.

Besides, the smart lock features a visually striking touch screen that gives a modern, innovative look to your door. Its sleek design means that it seamlessly blends with every home décor. Its SecureScreen feature offers maximum security as it allows you to enter random digits before the actual code so that anyone standing nearby can’t guess your passcode.

To prevent a lockout situation, the lock also comes with a backup power source. The 9-volt terminals are located at the bottom of the device exterior. Just touch the battery prongs to the terminals to power the touchscreen, after which you’ll be able to enter your passcode as usual.



  • High aesthetic value
  • Compatible with Zigbee and Z-Wave, both of which are supported by Hubitat
  • Remote access
  • High-security SecureScreen feature
  • Backup power source


  • Can’t manage access codes remotely using the smart hub
  • Difficult to replace the battery
  • No backup mechanical key


August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Wi-Fi Bridge

August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro comes with a WiFi module. It supports Z-Wave and works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, all of which are compatible with Hubitat smart hub.

This means that whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can control the lock as well as keep track of whoever enters or leaves your home remotely. Using Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, you can even use voice commands to control the lock.

To get started, register with hubitat smart hub and connect your smart lock with it. Then create rules for how you want it to function and then relax.

Like other smart devices at home, your smart lock is now part of the home automation network. You can control all devices with a single app.

Taking convenience to the next level, the device has an auto-unlocking feature. As you approach the front door, the device will unlock automatically. As you get past it, it automatically locks behind you.

It does have its own stand-alone app called August Home, which is optimized not just for iPhones and Android devices but also for smartwatches.

When it comes to installation, the process takes not more than 10 minutes using a screwdriver. You won’t even have to discard your existing hardware and keys because the device is compatible with most standard deadbolts.


  • Compatible with a variety of home automation apps, all of which are compatible with the Hubitat smart hub
  • Can be controlled using voice commands
  • Auto-lock/unlock feature available
  • August app available
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with most standard deadbolts


  • Limited Keyless entry options


Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro + Wi-Fi Bridge

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro + Wi-Fi Bridge

The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro + WiFi Bridge is a versatile deadbolt that offers 6-in-1 entry options to your home.

Hubitat smart hub makes things simple by connecting all your home devices to a single network, without compromising data security.

When combined with the Hubitat smart hub, you can monitor the door activity while being away and operate the lock remotely.

Not only can you control the lock through voice commands using Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, but you can also connect the device with other third-party smart devices such as security cameras, lights, etc., via IFTTT applets.

When connected to Hubitat smart hub, you will be able to control the lock with its highly customizable dashboards.

The auto-lock feature locks the door after a pre-specified period of time, while the auto-unlock feature uses your phone’s GPS to unlock the device as you get close to it. Besides, you also have the Magic shake unlocking option which requires you to shake your smartphone while standing in front of the lock.

There are also a variety of ways to grant temporary and permanent access to others. Using the app, you can create temporary or permanent passcodes and control when they’re supposed to work and when they shouldn’t. Plus, you may even give users access via the mobile app as well as through scheduled fingerprints.

The single most daunting issue with this smart lock is that it doesn’t support Apple HomeKit, making it a big deal breaker for iPhone users.



  • 6-in-1 entry options
  • Remote access through Hubitat smart hub
  • Highly Flexible in terms of smart home integrations
  • Supports IFTTT to connect with other third-party integrations
  • Temporary and permanent access to others


  • Not compatible with iPhone
  • Magic Shake feature proved unpopular


Final Verdict: Top 5 Smart Locks for Hubitat 2023

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best smart locks for hubitat. Based on our findings, we recommend the Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt that proves to be the most feasible option for Hubitat smart hub.

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