6 Easy Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock

While the easiest way to lock a door is to install a door lock, there are several ways to lock a door without a lock. But why would anyone want to do that?

Well, such a feature can prove quite valuable in case of emergencies. For instance, if your front door lock is broke at night for some reason, your home security can be seriously compromised until you place an order for a door lock and it’s finally delivered to you.

If you are facing an emergency, one of the following methods can be temporarily used to lock a door without a lock.

Ways to Lock a Door Without a Lock

lock a door without a lock

Use a Barricade

Barricades prove to be extremely effective in resisting forceful attacks and withstand an excessive amount of force. They can be applied to doors with a lock as well as those without one.

Let’s discuss how it works for doors without a lock. Barricades can be used for both indoor and outdoor gates and doors.

Before anything else, you need to consider the way your door opens. What’s important to know is that barricades work for doors that open inwards. You must barricade against the direction your door opens, that is, inwards.

If your door opens outwards, barricading won’t make sense as anyone outside your door will be able to remove the barricade with ease. If you have an outward opening door, go for alternate solutions. What makes barricades a safe alternative is that they’re able to withstand excessive force.

When it comes to using barricades, you have two options to choose from: pre-constructed or improvised barricades.

Pre-constructed barricades are commonly used as security bars that you often see at the base of the doors. They are made typically from sturdy materials such as aluminum and are able to resist ramming, kicking, and other tampering techniques.


Improvised barricades, on the other hand, can be created by anyone using appropriate items that can be stacked against the door as you see in movies. But guess what— it really works.

If you choose this method, you will need to select items that are proportional to the door they’re supposed to barricade in terms of size and weight.

If you chose items that are too small or light for the door, the barricade will be easily violated. Heavy objects such as desks, chairs, bed frames are ideal to serve as barricades. Whatever you choose, make sure that the barricade extends beyond the size of the door’s entrance. Try barricading the door from top to bottom.

If you choose to use a chair, make sure it’s sturdy enough. If the size of the chair allows, try placing the top end of the chair under the door handle so that it doesn’t move if someone tries to open it from the outside. To make sure that the chair doesn’t move an inch and stays firmly in its position, attach two of the legs with something that holds them firmly together.

If you compare the two barricading techniques, improvised barricades require no financial investment. On the other hand, you will need to purchase a pre-constructed barricade.

However, installing improvised barricades can be a big challenge, whereas pre-constructed barricades are easy to install and unlike their improvised counterparts, they can be removed easily to allow for emergency exits.

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Use A Door Wedge

Door Wedge

This can be confusing as door wedges are normally used to keep the doors open. Yet, in case of emergencies, you can even use them to keep your door shut.

The idea is to create a makeshift lock out. To make it work, first close the door completely and position the door wedge along the side of the door that opens, not the side with the door hinges. Then, tap the wedge in place until it’s secure and test whether it’s keeping the door shut or not.

If you have a door wedge, this method won’t require you to spend a penny. Also, door wedges or door jams do not occupy any space as compared to improvised barricades.


Remove the Door Handle on the Outer Side of the Door

Remove the Door Handle on the Outer Side of the Door

You need a door handle to open a door regardless of whether it’s locked or not. An easy way to prevent anyone from opening the door from the outside is to simply remove the handle that’s on the outer side of the door.

There’s no way an intruder can open a door without a handle unless they attempt to break open the door. Keep it that way until you have a new lock installed onto the door.

Unlike a barricade or a door wedge, this method can be used for doors that open both inward and outward. Plus, this method is easy to use. All you need is a screwdriver to remove and install the outer door handle when required.

However, this method involves a potential risk: you’ll be locked out of your home if you forgot to install the outer door handle before leaving home. As a result, this method can be used as a temporary solution before you get a permanent lock for your door.

In case you are in a hurry or there’s an emergency, it can be annoying to install the door handle before leaving. Also, the method isn’t effective to resist forceful attacks.


Portable Lock

A more permanent solution is to buy a portable lock.

As the name suggests, portable locks can be installed and removed easily to doors that support them. If you plan to move to a different location in the near future, portable locks can be a much cheaper solution as opposed to more permanent locks.

Also, trying different locking techniques such as barricading can damage the door as well as the surrounding walls, something your landlord won’t approve of. Portable locks are a much better alternative to these methods.

Besides, portable locks particularly come in handy during trips and tours, making them a valuable solution for frequent travelers who like to have added security.

Portable locks typically come with instruction manuals that include installation guidelines. Follow them when attempting to install them. The only problem with portable locks is that they aren’t compatible with all types of doors.

Here are some portable door lock options to choose from:

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The Door Bull

The Door Bull

Similar to a barricade, The Door Bull is installed onto the floor and the door frame. More appropriately, it’s an enhanced version of a barricade. While a barricade can move away from its position with a little bit of extra force, this portable lock won’t move, keeping the door firmly closed.

If someone tries to exert extra force, the lock will distribute the force evenly between the door frame and the floor, thereby preventing access.

The lock’s unique design is patented and can be easily installed using the instructions given on the manual. Again, this lock works for inward opening doors and not those that open outward.




This is the most popular portable lock available on the market.

The idea is to lock the handle in place so that no one can open it even if they had a key. Since the mechanism will make the handle immovable, this portable lock can also be used for doors without a lock.

This one-piece lock takes only a few seconds to set up. You don’t even need any tools for installation. Watch the tutorial present on the product page and follow the instructions.

On top of that, Addalock is an affordable option as compared to other portable locks. It’s best for applications where you aren’t allowed to make any permanent changes to your door. While you can use this lock for added security or as a temporary solution, you can’t rely solely on it or use it as a permanent solution.


Travelers Security Lock

Travelers Security Lock

Travelers Security Lock is a more reliable option than Addalock when it comes to securing your home. Even though it works the same way as Addalock, it is capable of resisting stronger force. Its small size makes it perfect for frequent travelers.

You need not worry about the installation process. As long as you have an inward opening door with a gap of 1/8 to 1/4 inch between the door and the door frame, setting it up should be super easy. Watch this tutorial from YouTube and follow the instructions.

In case of an emergency or if you’re in a hurry, you can remove it in a few seconds.

Though it’s a little more expensive than Addalock, it offers good value for money.


Adoric Lock

61i3ZI%2BZp6L. SL1500

If you have a double door and you’re looking for a simple solution for extra security, the Adoric Childproof lock should be a rational purchase.

It can be used for a wide range of applications including various types of mushroom-shaped doorknobs as well as annular and D-shaped door handles such as those used in cupboards, kitchen storage doors, and so on.

It is sold as a pack of 4 as well as 8, making a perfect gift for people with babies or pet owners who want to keep the babies and pets away from cabinets. Plus, installation only takes a few seconds, requiring no drills or tools at all.


Final Verdict: How to Lock a Door Without a Lock?

Securing your home without a lock can seem challenging if you aren’t aware of some techniques. The above-explained methods can be used as temporary solutions to lock a door without a lock.

While barricades can prove just as effective as permanent locks in keeping intruders at bay, they can be difficult to handle in case of emergency exits. Hence, portable locks are a much better yet temporary alternative.

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