How to Lock up a Skateboard? Skateboard Security Tips

Leaving your skateboard unsecured is not a wise decision. You may have no idea about how thieves keep looking for opportunities to get their hands on other people’s possessions. If you aren’t sure about how to lock up a skateboard, you’ll learn some great insights from this guide.

How to Lock up a Skateboard

8 Ways To Secure Your Skateboard From Theft

Here is how you can lock up a skateboard and safeguard it from theft:


Carry it With You

Carry it With You: Skateboard Backpack

Although skateboards aren’t as expensive as bikes, leaving them unsecured makes them just as susceptible to theft as bikes.

The best approach to protect it from thieves around the campus is to carry it with you wherever you go.

Whether you can keep it with you all the time depends on the size of the skateboard. If it fits into your backpack without posing any threat to other objects, well and good. Otherwise, you can buy a separate backpack specially designed for skateboards.


Use a Special Carrier or Backpack

Skateboard Carrier Backpack

No one is denying that the best way to secure your skateboard from theft is to keep it with you all the time. That might be possible if you have a mini or foldable skateboard, but what if you have a skateboard that is too large to fit into your existing backpack?

It won’t be practical to carry your skateboard with you in classrooms or elsewhere on the campus. Hence, you should invest in special backpacks or carriers that make it remarkably easier to carry your skateboard with you.

The Bualo Skateboard Adjustable Carrier Bag is a great purchase. Measuring 80cm x 24 cm x 7 cm and made from polyester, this backpack is designed to hold most regular skateboards and mini electric skateboards weighing up to 15.5 lbs. Its curved shoulder straps allow for comfortable carrying, while the fashionable design suits people of all ages.

Besides, if you have a very long skateboard, have a look at the Skateboard Longboard Carry Case that measures 120cm x 30cm x 15 cm. The bag is made from high-quality, durable nylon fabric and carries anti-liquid and anti-abrasion features for protection. You can either use it as a handbag or transform it into a backpack by adjusting the shoulder strap.

Featuring fine workmanship and amazing aesthetics, you’ll look stylish with this backpack. As a lightweight bag, it’s easy to carry. You can close the bag by tightening the rope- this adds more convenience to your life. Overall, this Carry Case is worth the investment.


Use Lockers

If you can’t buy a bag, you can use your lockers in your school or workplace to store the skateboard. But the available lockers will need to be large enough. Large lockers are available at beaches, hotels, and airports, so securing your skateboard shouldn’t be a problem.

However, locker theft has become quite pervasive, especially at airports and cheap hotels, which is why you can’t rely on them with complete peace of mind.


Get a Foldable Skateboard

Foldable Skateboard

If you have or can buy a foldable skateboard, securing it can become a lot easier. Foldable skateboards will typically fold into half, making them easier to fit into your backpack or locker. You may even conveniently carry it in your hands.

Check out the Freeline Skates 2 Wheels Skate Board or BoardUp: The Portable Mini Skateboard — these are some of the best options out there.


Lock Your Board to a Rack

Locking Skateboard Rack

Educational institutions are commonly faced with skateboard and bike theft issues. To resolve this, many schools have installed racks specially designed for locking skateboards.

If your school doesn’t have a skate rack, discuss with the school administration to suggest making this investment. If they agree, skateboard security won’t be a concern anymore. All you need is a suitable lock to lock your skateboard against the rack.

One incredible skateboard lock is the Valet My Stick, a 4-digit combination lock with a braided steel cable that is 4 feet long. Not only is it compact and lightweight, but the vinyl coating of the steel cable makes it scratch-resistant. Hence, it can easily fit into any backpack while traveling.

This skateboard lock can also come in handy if your school doesn’t have a skateboard rack installed and you are securing your skateboard against a pole. The loop circumference required for locking onto a pole or a rack is an important consideration when choosing a skateboard lock.

Valet My Stick Cable Lock’s lockable loop circumference is 11 inches, so it is suitable for both small and medium-sized poles and any type of skateboard rack.

When it comes to securing your skateboard with a lock, it is extremely easy to secure skateboards with holes. You can easily put the cable lock through the holes and secure the board against the rack or pole.

If your skateboard doesn’t have a hole, you may consider placing the loop in between the board and the wheels. The design of your skateboard will help you determine the most secure way to lock it. See what works for your case.


Use a Skateboard Lock

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The SKATE Snatch Skateboard Lock makes an ideal solution for securing your skateboard at school in-between classes, at beach, in crowded coffee shops, and wherever you go. It comes with a sturdy cable, a combo lock, tamper-resistant hardware and a built-in bottle opener as a bonus. With high flexibility in mounting and placement, this is the perfect skateboard locking accessory for any skater.

If you’re looking for more reliable skateboard locks, check out the Anti-Theft Disc Brakes Lock by ASTVSHOP. This multipurpose lock works for both a skateboard and a bike or scooter.

It comes with a lock with a heavy-duty alloy steel body and 2 keys for unlocking. Not only is the item lightweight, but it can be easily kept in a school bag. Most importantly, it offers a money-back guarantee for quality-related issues, setting it apart from other options.


Attach a Security Alarm

Attach a Security Alarm

Another effective way to secure your skateboard is to attach a small security alarm (that runs on battery) to it. As soon as an unauthorized person tries to get hold of your skateboard or move it in any direction, an alarm of at least 100 dB will be triggered to alert everyone about the theft.

If you want to opt for a security alarm, Doberman Security alarm is a good option. It requires a small battery, makes use of a simple on/off button and sticks to any part of your skateboard. Depending on how you place your skateboard, you should attach the security alarm on the backside of the skateboard so it’s not visible to a potential thief.

With its loud beeping noise, even the most experienced thieves won’t be able to figure out how to switch off the alarm in panic. In confusion, they will most certainly leave the scene for fear of being caught.

Yet, it must be stated that the alarm can be switched off easily, which means that it can prove ineffective if a thief is already well aware of the alarm’s functions.


Personalize Your Skateboard

While the best way to prevent your skateboard from theft is to minimize the time you leave it unattended, some smart techniques can greatly reduce the chances of theft.

If you personalize it with unique engraved tags, whoever steals your skateboard will find it risky to use it in and around the area it was stolen. So, if you personalize it, your skateboard is less likely to be a top target for thieves.

However, this doesn’t mean that you make it too fancy. If you only want to use your skateboard for commutation, don’t decorate it much because this would only grab attention. When kept among other skateboards, try to ensure that your skateboard doesn’t stand out from the rest.

It’s true that personalizing your skateboard will prevent a thief from using the skateboard on-campus, but what if they don’t plan to use your skateboard on-campus in the first place?

Maybe someone simply wants to earn money by selling your skateboard on the black market. In that case, you may have absolutely no chance of seeing your skateboard ever again. The best approach is to not take any chances by taking appropriate skateboard security measures.


Final Verdict: Skateboard Locks

To sum it up, skateboards can be easily stolen in the absence of owners if they don’t take the necessary security measures in place. Besides, thieves are most active in remote areas and during the night time so it goes without saying that you must never leave your skateboard out at night.

The most common places for skateboard theft are schools and colleges. Ideally, you should keep the skateboard with you throughout your time on the campus.

If you prefer that option, consider buying a foldable skateboard that offers tremendous portability. See if your long skateboard can fit inside your locker. If that doesn’t work, get a skateboard backpack that will help you carry it conveniently, regardless of its size.

If, however, you simply don’t want to carry your skateboard with you, you should seriously consider buying a skateboard lock that will secure your skateboard against the rack (if it’s there in your school) or a pole at your campus. Attaching a security alarm also goes a long way to secure your skateboard from theft.

Based on what you prefer and what’s possible in your case, take advantage of the above-explained security tips. The products we’ve mentioned are reliable and amazing in their own unique way. Now that you’re aware of how to lock up a skateboard, we truly hope that this guide helps you reach an effective security solution for your skateboard.

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