Top 4 Smart Locks For Wink Hub in 2024 (Leading Picks)

Explore the world of enhanced security and unmatched convenience with the best smart locks compatible with the Wink smart home hub.

Imagine the luxury of controlling your home’s access from anywhere in the world. Whether a friend arrives early or you’re away on vacation, the power is in your hands. Using the Wink app, effortlessly permit or deny entry, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

The top-tier smart locks we spotlight don’t just fortify security. They elevate it. Grant unique pin codes to 30 to 250 users, ensuring only your trusted circle can enter when needed.

best smart lock for wink

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These locks revolutionize homeowner experience. Tailor access: the dog sitter during the day, or lockout all codes during your travels. Property managers will especially benefit — no more tedious lock changes for tenants, just a quick pin reset.

Many come equipped with intelligent sensors, alerting you to any suspicious activity. Some greet you by auto-unlocking on approach and auto-securing when you leave. Installation? Effortless. These fit snugly into your door, often needing just a screwdriver. And with long-lasting AA batteries, they demand little upkeep.

A cherry on top? Selected models boast alarms that instantly notify you of potential breaches, keeping you informed even when you’re away.

When paired with the Wink hub, these smart locks employ Z-Wave technology, a titan in smart home protocols, praised for its efficiency and non-reliance on Wi-Fi. Wink’s adaptability shines, supporting a multitude of other standards like ZigBee, Bluetooth LE, and more. You’re not just getting a lock — you’re stepping into a globally trusted ecosystem.

The benefits of using Z-Wave include:

  • It’s an affordable technology.
  • Z-Wave products are easy to install and don’t require rewiring.
  • With over 20 years of experience, Z-Wave has been proven to be reliable.
  • It uses strong encryption and security features.
  • Some of the most well-known brands have trusted Z-Wave technology.
  • Z-Wave has a far range, reaching up to 100 meters in the open air while walls and other objects will reduce that range.

Top 4 Smart Locks For Wink Hub

Here are the best smart lock options that are compatible with your Wink hub.

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Smart Camelot Touchscreen With Alarm

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Smart Camelot Touchscreen With Alarm

Schlage has been making quality locks for over 95 years. They have an excellent reputation to uphold, and they do just that with their smart locks.

This Schlage Smart Lock is easy to install and has a fingerprint resistive touchscreen for up to 30 programable user codes. It further comprises a built-in alarm that can detect potential door attacks.

You can also time-restrict these codes to only allow certain people access between certain times of the day or night. With different codes for different people, you will be able to see who unlocked at which times and how often.

The low battery indicator will give you a couple of weeks of warning before your batteries die but also has a backup key just in case.

It’s backed by a limited lifetime mechanical/finish warranty and a 3-year electronics warranty. It is built with the strength and durability you’d expect from a 95-year-old company.

This lock requires 4 AA batteries.

The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt uses Z Wave technology, allowing it to connect to your Wink Smart Home hub for you to lock and unlock from anywhere.

Suitable for standard door sizes (1 ⅜ inch to 1 ¾ inch thickness and 2 ⅜ inch or 2 ¾ inch backset)


Kwikset SmartCode 888 Smart Lock Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

(with Z-Wave Plus Featuring SmartKey Security in Venetian Bronze)

Kwikset SmartCode 888 Smart Lock Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

The Kwikset SmartCode 888 Smart Lock is perfectly compatible with your wink hub for you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

With a 5-Button keypad and one-touch lock and auto-lock options, this device is very divers. You can have as much as 30 user codes for family, friends, helpers, and more.

Home Connect Technology allows you to automatically customize your other smart home device settings when you lock or unlock the door. The SmartCode 888 has a 30-second automatic lock feature if you want to enable it.

You can easily re-key to existing keys, which will allow you to use your existing house key to manually lock and unlock this smart lock.

A metal design makes it tamper-proof, and all you need is a screwdriver to replace your current deadbolt.

You will receive notifications providing you information of the lock activity, and you can always check the lock status at any time.

The SmartCode 888 has a Z-Wave 500 chipset for extended wireless range, and it can perform over-the-air updates with super wireless encryption.

This smart lock uses 4 AA batteries.


Yale Assure Lock With Z-Wave Touchscreen Keypad And Deadbolt

Yale Assure Lock With Z-Wave Touchscreen Keypad And Deadbolt

The Yale Smart Lock is also compatible with your Wink hub with Z-Wave connectivity.

A 4-8 digit pin will also unlock the lock by entering the pin into the touchscreen. A physical key is also included, and of course, you have full control over your Wink app on your phone as well.

You can program up to a whopping 250 pin codes to share with family and friends. With this many user code options, you can use this smart lock at the entrance of some businesses for access control as long as there are less than 250 employees.

It has a weather-resistant gasket and a quiet motorized deadbolt.

Easy to replace your current deadbolt unit requiring a face bore hole of 2-⅛”, backset of 2-⅜” or 2-¾” and fits on standard doors of 1 ¾” to 2 ¼” thick. It features voice-guided assistance, privacy mode, auto-lock, and more.

It comes with two physical keys for a manual backup and has a backlit touchscreen keypad.


August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

Another smart door lock compatible with Wink is the August Smart Lock.

This is a completely keyless smart lock but will warn you long before your batteries completely die. It uses 4 AA batteries, which should last at least 12 months before replacing.

You will need to secure with Door Sense so that you know if your door is securely closed or locked.

It also boasts a 24/7 Activity Feed, which will require iOS 9.0 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher smartphones.

You can attach your existing deadbolt and use your existing keys at any time. It features an auto-lock function and auto-unlock as you approach the door. The smart lock fits standard-sized single cylinder deadbolts.

This smart lock option, unfortunately, doesn’t have a keypad for manual input, though, so you will have to do the unlocking and locking for everyone through your app.


Conclusion: Smart Locks That Work With Wink

If you need a smart door lock that is compatible with your Wink system, any of these premium choices will do the job very well.

If you’re buying a smart door lock to assist you with allowing access to multiple different people while you not around, you should get a smart door lock with a keypad so that you don’t have to worry about unlocking and locking for people while you are busy at work.

With the keypad connected to your smart lock, you can set 30 to 250 unique codes up for different people. Then they can gain access without you worrying about it. You will also be able to know exactly who unlocked your door, at what time, and how many times by viewing the history.

Not all smart door locks are created equally, with the main difference between them being whether or not they have a keypad for manual pin code entry. I recommend always getting a smart lock keypad for extra functionality.

Schlage smart locks are my favorite choice, mostly because they have over 95 years of experience with locks. They produce quality products to make sure they uphold their reputation to the highest standards. They always use high-quality materials and have great customer service as well.

A great way to combine two smart home technologies is to use a smart door lock with a smart doorbell that has a camera and two-way communication. That way, you can communicate with the people at your door and give them access to your house or not. You can say hello to the pizza deliverer, unlock the door and let them in if you want.

With the Wink Hub, you can set your smart door lock up so that your other smart devices like lights or thermostat automatically adjusts to your requirements when locking or unlocking.


Any home that makes use of smart home devices such as smart door locks and smart doorbells should have an uninterrupted power supply for the router.

If the main power at your home goes off, you will need your Wi-Fi to gain access to your smart devices with your phone. Basically, you won’t have any remote connectivity, which is one of the main features of smart home accessories.

APC UPS BE600M1, 600VA UPS Battery Backup & Surge Protector

This is a good option for most people. It supplies a 600VA / 330W power supply with seven outlets for six other devices other than your router. It also has 1 USB port and a 3 to 5-year battery life.

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