Schlage Connect vs Sense: Which One Should You Buy?

Both Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense smart locks are excellent choices to secure your front door. Schlage has been producing quality locks for over 95 years and has earned a good reputation for doing so.

If that doesn’t convince you enough, Schlage has lifetime mechanical warranties on both these locks.

The Schlage Sense only works through Bluetooth and Apple HomeKit and is made for Apple users specifically. The Schlage Connect uses Z-Wave and can connect to many different home automation systems and smart devices. The Schlage Connect was released in 2010 and the Schlage Sense in 2015.

Here is a summary table of the major differences between the Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense.

 Schlage ConnectSchlage Sense
IntegrationAlexa, SmartThings, Wink, Nexia, Ring, and Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
Remote AccessVia Z-Wave
Via WiFi Adapter or Homekit
Geofencing/Location ServicesNoNo
Guest AccessYesYes
Tamper AlarmYesYes
Voice ActivationYesYes

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Schlage Connect vs Sense

Differences between the Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense

The Schlage Connect uses Z-Wave for communicating with other devices while the Schlage Sense uses Bluetooth to connect to other devices.

Because Z-Wave is so common in other smart home devices, the Connect will allow you to integrate the lock with other smart devices in your home so that everything is connected and communicating with each other.

You can set your other Z-Wave smart devices to do certain things as you lock or unlock the door like your lights switching on when you arrive home.

At launch, the Schlage Sense was only equipped with Bluetooth and required a Wi-Fi adapter to connect to your home automation, but now it can connect directly to your Apple devices, which will act as your adapter.

You can also connect the Schlage Sense Smart lock to Amazon Alexa, which was not possible before. The Sense has a little bit less functionality compared to the Connect because it doesn’t have Z-Wave technology.

The Schlage Connect does not pair with HomeKit or Apple devices, whereas the Schlage Sense can.

The Schlage Connect was released back in 2010 but has obviously gone through many upgrades in hardware and software since that time.

The Schlage Sense was first released in 2015 and has also gone through software and hardware modifications. This gives the two locks a 5 year age difference between them.

Other than that, there aren’t really any other differences between the two locks other than things that don’t matter, like the weight difference of 0.4 pounds.

They also come in two slightly different designs, and for some reason, the Connect has batteries included while the Sense does not.


Similarities between the Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense

There are many ways in which these two locks are the same.

These are the main features that are the same in both models.

  • Both these locks can be accessed remotely via your iOS or Android smartphone to lock and unlock your door at any time.
  • You can set up to 30 user codes for different people to use to unlock the locks. You can also set the times at which you would like to have certain pin codes work. (like giving the dog walker access between 7 and 8 am and not 24/7)
  • They both use 4 AA batteries that last around one year. If you experience battery problems, make sure your deadbolt is not rubbing against the doorframe when locking and unlocking.
  • They’re both just as easy to install as the other with a screwdriver.
  • These locks have built-in alarms with three different alarm alerts, forced entry, activity, and tampering alerts. The alarm works with a tiny motion sensor on the lock.
  • These locks have lock gradings of Grade 1, which is the highest lock grade available.
  • They both feature high-quality illuminated touchscreen keypads.
  • Alexa is now compatible with both locks, only recently on the Sense.
  • They both have key cylinders for you to be able to use a key manually if you ever need to.
  • Although you probably won’t need that key for manual operation because both these locks will warn you long before your lock battery is completely dead.


Schlage Connect

Schlage Connect

With Z-Wave technology, the Schlage Connect communicates with your home automation system to allow you to control your smart lock from anywhere at any time.

It’s compatible with Alexa, SmartThings, Wink, Nexia, Ring, and Google Assistant.

With Z-Wave, you can have this smart lock meshed up with all your other smart home devices to all work with each other in whichever way you set them up to do so.

There are different designs available for the Schlage connect like matching doorknobs and levers. It is available in Camelot and Century styles.

The illuminated touchscreen is fingerprint-resistant to help make sure your prints aren’t left behind on the screen for anyone to see.

The Schlage connect allows for up to 30 unique pin codes to unlock the door so that multiple family members or employees can each use their own code in order for you to see who accessed the lock at any given time.

The Schlage Connect is a smart lock with a BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certification meaning it’s one of the strongest door locks available.

Grade 1 is the highest grade of residential security. It comes built-in with an audible alarm that you can set to sound off if there’s an activity, tampering, or forced entry.

The Schlage Connect has been on the market for over ten years, with the first edition released in 2010.


Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense

The Schlage Sense is the lock for those people who only care about connecting their smart lock to their Apple HomeKit system.

The Schlage sense uses Bluetooth for communicating with other Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. So you will be able to tell Siri to lock and unlock your door whenever you want.

You won’t be able to connect your Schlage lock to your Z-Wave devices to fully integrate your home, meaning you can’t set other smart devices to do certain things when you lock and unlock your door.

You can only access the Schlage Sense remotely via HomeKit and Amazon’s ecosystem and not with Nest, Wink, or Samsung. You can use Google Assistant and Alexa with the Sense if you purchase the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi adapter.

The WiFi Adapter will also allow you to remotely add and remove access codes, set schedules for locking and unlocking permissions, and monitor the usage of the lock.

The Schlage Sense is updated wirelessly through the app as there are new features released, so you know you always have the latest capabilities available as time goes by.

The Schlage sense has been on the market since 2015 and has been proving itself worthy for over five years. It also has a BHMA/ANSI Grade 1.


Conclusion: Schlage Sense vs Connect

The Schlage Connect and Schlage Sense are both great smart locks. If you want to connect your smart lock to your HomeKit system and nothing else, then the Schlage Sense is the lock for you.

If you want to connect your smart lock to your entire smart home device network to be able to communicate with each other, you will need the Schlage Connect as it uses Z-Wave technology compatible with many smart home devices.

You can’t connect your Schlage Sense in a way that will interact with your lightbulbs, for example. You’ll need the Connect for that type of integration.

Other than the way that these two smart locks connect to other devices, Bluetooth vs Z-Wave, there aren’t many other differences.

Get the Connect if you want all the possible functionality you can get out of smart devices with Z-Wave and get the Sense if you only care to control the lock with your Apple device.


Related Questions


Does Schlage Connect Work With Schlage Sense App? No, the Sense App is for the Schlage Sense and Schlage Encode, you will control your Schlage Connect via Z-Wave instead.


Does Schlage Sense Have Z-Wave? No, the Schlage sense does not support Z-Wave. It uses Bluetooth by default and there is an optional WiFi adapter to allow for more connectivity as well but not Z-Wave.


Do I Need A Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter? No, you don’t need the Sense WiFi adapter by default but if you do buy it you will be able to connect to Google Assistant and Alexa. The WiFi adapter will also allow you to connect to the lock remotely through your phone from anywhere but you don’t have to get it if you don’t need that functionality.


Does Schlage Connect Work With WiFi? No, the Schlage Connect uses Z-Wave to communicate with your other smart home devices instead of WiFi. Z-Wave is the most widely used form of communication in smart devices.


How Do I Connect Schlage Sense To WiFi?

To connect your Schlage Sense to WiFi:

  • Plug the Schlage Sense WiFi adapter into a power outlet at home with Bluetooth range of the lock.
  • Use the Sense app to pair your deadbolt with the adapter.
  • Then connect it to your home WiFi.

How Do I Connect My Phone To Schlage?

This process will be different for the various Schlage models.

With the Schlage Connect, you will connect your phone to your home automation system and not to the lock directly.

With the Schlage Sense, you will simply search for Bluetooth devices with your phone and connect to the lock.


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