Reset Schlage Keypad Lock Without Programming Code (Easy)

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re at the point where you need to reset the Schlage Keypad lock that you’ve inherited with your new home or apartment.

I’m gonna be honest with you here—I’ve been in this situation before. You move into a new place and want to reset your lock. The previous tenant says they can’t remember how to do it (or, more likely, they just don’t know how). They’ve got to get out of there, so they tell you to call the company and figure it out yourself.

It’s frustrating, right? Until now.

I’m going to show you how to reset your Schlage lock without code. It’s easy; it’ll only take a few minutes, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and let’s get started!

If you need to reset your Schlage keypad lock without code, you’ll need access to both sides of the door. To reset the Schlage lock, disconnect the battery and hold the Schlage button while reconnecting the batteries. Your Schlage lock is now factory reset.

Now you can add codes, change specific codes…and do whatever else you want to do with a newly-reset Schlage lock! If you don’t have a programming code already, you’ll have to find it on a sticker under the lock.

Alright, alright. I hear you. The summarized version above doesn’t get into all of the details and it isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered made a more in-depth and step-by-step guide to help you out!

How To Reset Schlage Keypad-Lock-Without Programming Code

Do You Need The Programming Code?

Not all Schlage locks need codes to revert to factory presets. Some locks only require the default user codes and do not need the programming code. Whether your lock needs a code to reset to factory default depends on the model of your lock. The code is usually only required to test whether the reset worked.

Below you will find ways to find the codes you need for your model. There are also steps to show you how to reset the most popular Schlage locks.

Though not all models need codes, you will still need access to both sides of the mechanism. The reset feature is only accessible by pressing buttons or performing tasks on both sides of the door.

You must ensure you have your default codes handy before resetting the keypad. After resetting the lock, the keypad will not allow you to use any other codes.


How To Find The Programming Code

To reset some Schlage locks, you will need to find the default codes and programming code. If you don’t have the user guide which contains the code, you need access to both sides of the lock. If your lock has a key slot, you can temporarily disable the lock to access both sides.

Once you have access, you will need to disassemble the lock. Once the lock is off the door, look at the bottom of the outside mechanism to find a sticker. The yellow sticker should contain the programming code needed. The sticker should also show the original codes that you will need.

The placement of your codes might differ depending on the model of your lock. You can also look under the battery cover or under the mechanism on the inside of the door.


How To Factory Reset The Schlage Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

You can learn more about the process and view diagrams on the Schlage website. There is also other information about the Schlage Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt.

  • Remove the battery cover from the mechanism found on the inside of the door. This cover is the exact cover you would remove if the battery was low and needed replacing.
  • Find the circular reset button located to the right of the thumb turn.
  • Press and hold the reset button for roughly 7 seconds. The LED light should stop flashing red before you release it.
  • After you have released the button, the factory reset is in progress. The LED should light up in solid blue if the process is successful.
  • You can now use the default codes with the lock as the reset is complete.


How To Factory Reset The Sense Smart Deadbolt

Please visit the Schlage website if you need more information on this topic. You can also see the Sense Smart Deadbolt reset guide directly.

  • Remove the top half of the cover that encases the mechanism on the inside of the door.
  • Disconnect the battery by unclipping the connector found at the top.
  • Press and hold the Schlage button. This button is on the part of the mechanism that faces the outside.
  • Reconnect the battery while still holding down the Schlage button.
  • Once the battery is connected again, release the outside Schlage button.
  • To ensure the lock has reset, input one of the default access codes. If you do not have a code, follow the earlier instructions to find the default user codes.
  • Once you have entered the code, a setup routine should be activated.
  • Once the bolt stops moving, the setup and reset are complete.


How To Factory Reset The Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

The following are instructions given by Schlage on how to factory reset the Connect Smart Deadbolt. The steps are precisely the same for both the BE468 and BE469 models. Review the diagrams included in the Connect Smart Deadbolt guide if you are struggling.

  • Take off the top half of the battery cover. This part of the mechanism is on the inside of the door.
  • Once the cover is off, disconnect the battery. The battery is disconnected by unclipping the connector.
  • Press and hold down the Schlage logo button. You can find this logo on the keypad side of the lock.
  • Reconnect the batteries while holding down the logo button mentioned above.
  • The Schlage logo on the inner side of the door should flash three times. The tick or check symbol on the keypad should also flash three times.
  • Run a test to see if the process was successful by entering one of the default codes. If you do not have a code, follow the instructions given above.
  • You can unlock the door using default codes if the reset is complete. You can also now add other codes as desired or change existing ones.


How To Factory Reset The Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen

The following process works for both Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen models. There are no diagrams found on the Schlage website for this process. You can read the Touch Keyless Touchscreen guide for both the FE695 and BE375 models for more information.

  • Disconnect the battery from the device by unclipping the connector.
  • Press the Schlage button usually found on the outside of the door.
  • Reconnect your batteries and press and hold the Schlage button in the next ten seconds. The button will light up for one second before you press it.
  • Hold the button down until it lights green again and you hear a beep.
  • Simply try opening the lock with a default code to see if the process worked. If you do not have a code, see the instructions provided above.
  • If the process has failed, try again.


How To Factory Reset Other Schlage Locks

There are a couple of locks that are similar and are summarized below. These include the BE365 Deadlock, BE369NX Z-Wave Enabled Keypad Deadbolt, FE575 Auto Lock, FE595 Flex Lock, and FE599NX Z-Wave Enabled Flex Lock. All these locks reset the same way using the following steps as seen in the reset guide.

  • Remove the battery cover usually found on the inside part of the lock. Removing the cover is generally as easy as sliding it off, but some models need a screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the battery by unclipping the battery connector.
  • Press the Schlage button to make sure the keypad has no power left.
  • In ten seconds, reconnect the battery, and the Schlage button will light up for one second.
  • After the button was lit up, press and hold the Schlage button. The Schlage button will become green, and you will hear a beep.
  • After the above steps, enter a default code to test the lock. There is a guide above on finding the default codes for your lock.
  • If the code does not unlock the door, try the process again.


Can You Reset A Schlage Keypad Lock Without Any Codes?

Many Schlage keypad locks can reset factory settings without entering any codes. The biggest problem with not having the codes is that you cannot test if the reset was successful.

Once your Schlage keypad lock is set to default, you will need your programming code to add new users. Adding new users and codes is simple but cannot be done without the programming code.

Disassembling your lock to find the codes is a bit of a hassle but is better for your safety. For more information on adding or using codes, you can look at the Schlage YouTube channel.


How To Add A Code To Your Schlage Keypad Lock

There are a few ways to add more codes to your Schlage Keypad lock after factory settings are active. Adding new codes differs from model to model, but for the most part, is similar.

By using the Schlage Home app and clicking on the icon of two people, you can add more codes. After clicking on the first icon, click on the + icon and fill in the given fields. After filling in the name and code fields, you can share the code. You can share the code in any way you like, including via email or text message.

You can also add a new code by using the Schlage Keypad itself. Usually, you will need to press the Schlage button first. After that, you can enter the programming code made of six digits. Once the code is active, press the number one.

Pressing the number one will allow you to enter your new code. After entering the code the first time, you need to repeat it. If the keypad has recognized that the codes are identical, it will flash green or flash the green tick symbol. If the code is accepted, press the Schlage button again to exit programming mode.

If you are not sure the code is active, see if the door unlocks after using it. The most common problem is that the code does not match after the first and second time entered.


How To Remove Code From Your Schlage Keypad Lock

There are also two ways of removing or deleting a code from your Schlage Keypad lock. Removing codes again may vary based on your model but stays more or less the same.

You can easily and quickly disable, remove, and reinstate codes using the Schlage Home app. You can do this by opening the app and clicking on the icon of two people. After clicking on the icon, you can see all the codes currently in use.

Clicking on the codes will allow you to change, rename and schedule each code. You can also use this screen to deactivate a code if you wish. The app makes the process much faster than using the keypad.

If you wish to remove a code using the keypad, the process is similar to adding a code. First, you need to press the Schlage button to light up your keypad. After that, you should insert your programming code to enable programming mode.

Once your keypad is in programming mode, you can press the number two. By pressing the number two and entering a code, you can remove the code from use. After pressing the number two, you must insert the code you wish to remove. Be sure to verify your code by entering it once again.

If removing the code was successful, the keypad or tick symbol should flash green. You should also hear two beeps that signify that the removal has been successful. Once the code is off, you need to press the Schlage button again to exit programming mode.

If you are unsure that the code is gone, enter it to see if it unlocks the door. The most common reason for this not to work is due to the codes not matching. Non-matching codes mean a difference between the first and second codes given in programming mode.


Important Things To Remember Before Resetting Your Schlage Lock

Once you know how to reset your Schlage keypad lock, the process is quite simple. However, there are a few essential things that you should never forget before getting the process started.

If you are trying to reset your lock before following these tips, you might not be able to unlock your door again.

  • Find your default codes – You must find your codes before resetting the lock. A reset Schlage lock with no default codes will result in a door that you cannot open. The only way to unlock a reset lock without the code is by using a key if your lock has one. Schlage warns that they cannot retrieve your codes by phoning them.
  • Have access to both sides – As mentioned before, you will need access to both sides of the lock if you want to reset it. You must have access to both sides before attempting to reset the lock.
  • If you are resetting to move the lock – If you are using this guide to reset your Schlage keypad lock to move it to a different door, be sure to put the lock on the new door after reconnecting the batteries. This tip is to help you simplify the rest of the process and ensure that there are no problems with the setup.



This brings us to the end of our discussion on how to reset the Schlage keypad lock without programming code.

We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you feel confident in your ability to reset a Schlage keypad lock without the programming code. If you found it informative and helpful, let your friends know about it by forwarding it along.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to our team of experts!

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