How to Reset Code on Hotel Safe (Complete Guide)

When staying at a hotel, you are likely to find a hotel safe in your room. These hotel safes are intended as a quick and easy way for guests to store their valuables safely.

However, sometimes hotel safes can create more problems than they solve.

With so many PIN codes and passwords we are using today, it can be extremely easy to forget the code for your hotel safe. In which case, you have a few options, one of which is resetting the code.

How to reset the code on a hotel safe? To reset the code on a hotel safe, you can use the master code, master key, master code reset card, or an override PDA. Usually, these devices or codes are known only to the hotel staff and used solely for resetting the code of their hotel room safes.

There are a few implications after understanding how hotel safes can be reset. In this article, I will go into more detail about how hotel safe codes can be reset and what that means for you as a guest.

How to Reset Code on Hotel Safe

Can You Reset the Code on a Hotel Safe?

The code on a hotel safe can be reset if you know the master code, have a master key or card, or a code overriding device. After the code has been reset, you can go ahead and set a new code for the hotel safe.

In reality, nothing prevents you or other people (including the hotel’s employees) from resetting the code of your hotel safe if they have the necessary information, keys, or devices.

You can already see that this makes hotel safes a little less safe. But why is that the case? Why should other people be capable of opening your hotel safe while your belongings and valuables are inside?

Hotel safes are to be used by the guests only. However, while a hotel safe should provide a certain level of security, it should also allow the hotel staff to operate the safe in case the guest forgets their code.

Otherwise, the hotel is risking their guests not being able to access their valuables at all, and the hotel may not be able ever to use their safe again.

This video highlights nicely the pros and cons of using hotel safes.

Some safes can also be locked using a card. For example, your credit card. However, this is not advised because skimmers can be placed on the safes allowing other people to gain access to your credit card information.


How You Can Reset the Code on a Hotel Safe

Let’s consider that you put your valuables inside the hotel safe and lock it. You go about your day only to return later and realize you no longer remember the code to unlock your hotel safe.

What do you do then?

If you forget your hotel safe’s code and want to reset it, then you have two options:

  1. You can try to reset your hotel safe’s code by using the master code or a master card, or
  2. You can contact the hotel’s staff so that they can reset the code for you.

Since some hotels never change the default master code, it may be worth doing some little research online in order to find what the default master code for your hotel safe might be.

You can try looking up information by using the safe brand, model, and serial number and including words like “master code”, “override code”, “master password, or “administrator code”.

If the hotel staff has never changed the master code, you can use it to open the safe regardless of what password has been previously set.

When you find it, you can then try using it. If the code works, then you will be able to access your valuables and use your safe again by setting up a new code.

And even if you are not planning to forget your password in the future, it is still recommended to check if the master code has been reset—especially if you are planning on leaving your valuables inside. In some cases, it may not be worth it to leave anything inside the safe.

Usually, hotel safes come with an override code that is often set by default to 1234, 0000, 1111, 9999, 000000, 111111, 123456, or 999999.

For example:

  • Saflok hotel safes have a default master password set as 999999.
  • Mesa Hotel Safe default reset password is 000000.
  • Safemark hotel safe override code is set by default to 999999.
  • Hotel Safe ME Series’ master code is 888888.
  • Burg-Wächter PointSafe has a master code of 12345678.
  • Burton Hotel Safe’s master code is 000000.

A few good examples of how easy it can be to reset a hotel safe code can be found in the following videos:

Changing the override code is the responsibility of the hotel. However, in reality, this practice is overlooked.

However, some hotels do take the time and reset the master code of their safes, and you will have to ask for somebody to come and open your safe by resetting the code. At which point you should be asked to provide information proving this is your room.

In any case, speaking directly with the hotel staff is highly recommended in order to stay on the safe side, just in case.

Some hotel safes can also be opened using a master key. However, master keys are not provided to the hotel visitors and are used solely by the hotel’s employees.

The master key goes into a small lock that is usually placed behind the nameplate. The problem with these locks is that they are easy to access and often easy to pick.

This brings us nicely to the next topic that should be covered.


How Not to Reset the Code on a Hotel Safe

Hotel guests do forget their hotel safes codes. This is normal. If a hotel guest forgets their safe code, they should understand that the hotel staff normally do have a way of opening the hotel safe.

The services of a locksmith will very rarely be required, so forgetting your safe’s code is not a big deal.

Guests should not feel awkward asking at the hotel’s reception for somebody to come and take a look at their safe. This is the right way to go about it.

Do not tamper with the hotel’s safe in any way, and do not try to pick its lock as you can end up damaging the safe in some way which can be considered damage to the hotel’s property, and you may be asked to pay for the safe.


How Does the Hotel Staff Reset the Code on a Hotel Safe

If you forget your code for your hotel safe, you should speak with the hotel staff at the reception, letting them know that you have forgotten or lost your code and would need somebody to come and reset it.

Usually, somebody from the reception, from the maintenance, a housekeeping supervisor, or a security officer should come to your room and reset the code for your hotel safe.

There are a few general ways they can do this.

  • Master code: The most common way hotel staff will reset the code of your hotel safe is by using the master code.
  • Master Key or a Master Card: Some hotel safes can come with a master key, a master card, or both. Using the master key or the master card, they can open your hotel safe without using the passcode.
  • Override Devices: Other hotel safes may require the use of a special PDA or code overriding device. These safes are a lot more secure as these devices can also require one or two passwords in order to operate, and can keep track of who used the device, when, and for which safe. These devices provide higher levels of security as not everyone should have access to the override device, and there are no easily accessible key locks or master codes.

After your hotel safe has been opened, you can access your valuables stored inside and lock it again using a new code.


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4 thoughts on “How to Reset Code on Hotel Safe (Complete Guide)”

  1. I have a hotel safe that they decided to throw out cause of new owners and upgraded the room safes. I had my code set and ended up going to jail for a few months. Well someone changed my code I asked my family and they said they didn’t do it but they were the only ones in possession of it. How can I get it unlocked I’ve tried several seniaros of combinations but nothing has worked. None of the former employees work at the hotel where I got it so what can I do that won’t cost money? Its a safe mark room safe and I don’t see any serial numbers on it or anything besides safemark.

    • To unlock a Safemark hotel room safe when the code has been changed, and you don’t have access to the override code or any serial numbers, the options are limited, especially if you’re looking for a solution that won’t cost money. Here are a few suggestions:

      Override Code: Most hotel safes have a master or override code. Since you mentioned it’s a Safemark safe, there might be a default factory code. If you haven’t already, you could try common factory codes (like 000000 or 123456), but if the default code was changed, this won’t work.

      Contact Safemark: Reach out to Safemark directly. Explain the situation and provide any identification details of the safe you can find. They might be able to provide guidance on how to reset the code or open the safe. While this might not cost money, they may require proof of ownership.

      Manual Override Key: Some hotel safes come with a manual key for emergencies. If you have this key, it can be used to open the safe. However, these keys are often not given to the end user in a hotel setting.

      Seek Help from a Locksmith or Security Expert: This could potentially cost money, but a professional locksmith might be able to open the safe without damaging it. They have tools and expertise that allow them to open safes in situations like this.

      Remember, trying to forcibly open the safe could damage it and anything inside. If none of these solutions work, seeking professional help, even at a cost, might be the safest and most effective option.

    • To change the factory override code (123456) of the hotel safe, you will typically need to access the safe’s programming menu. This is usually done by entering the current override code and then following the manufacturer’s instructions to set a new code. It’s important to refer to the safe’s manual for specific instructions, as the process can vary by model. If the manual is not available, contact the manufacturer’s customer support for guidance. Make sure to keep the new override code secure and only share it with authorized personnel.


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