Kwikset SmartCode vs Schlage Keypad

Not everyone needs the fanciest smart lock available. Sometimes you just need a decent smart lock to benefit from basic features like keyless entry and easy installation. If this fits your requirements, smart locks like the Kwikset Smartcode or Schlage Keypad will be the perfect fit for your door.

The Kwikset SmartCode can store up to 8 user codes for different people to unlock the door while the Schlage Keypad can store up to 19 user codes. The Kwikset SmartCode features autolocking in case you forget to lock the door while the Schlage Keypad does not have an auto-lock feature.

kwikset smartcode vs schlage keypad

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Differences between Kwikset SmartCode and Schlage Keypad

The Kwikset SmartCode has a patented side locking bar to protect against lock bumping and the Schlage Keypad has the conventional type of locking bar.

The Schlage Keypad is bigger and heavier than the Kwikset SmartCode making the Kwikset the slimmer fitting smart lock.

The Schlage Keypad has a three-year warranty on the electronics and the Kwikset SmartCode has a one-year electronic warranty.

The Schlage Keypad was released in 2007 and the Kwikset SmartCode was released in 2012 making it five years newer than the Schlage.

The Schlage includes batteries while the Kwikset does not but I’m sure that won’t be the deciding factor and Kwikset knows this too.

Those are the main differences that we found between these two locks. Another small difference which is hardly acknowledgeable is that Schlage was established in 1920 while Kwikset was established in 1946.

However, since the idea of a smart lock would not be developed until many decades later, the age difference between the two companies of 26 years doesn’t really matter.

Here is a summary table of the differences between the two locks: Schlage Keypad and Kwikset SmartCode

Model Kwikset Smartcode Schlage Keypad
Keyless Entry Yes Yes
Back-lit keypad Yes Yes
Autolock Feature Yes No
User Codes Up to 8 Up to 19
Weight 0.68 kg (1.5 pounds) 2.43 kg (5.35 pounds)
Batteries Included No Yes

In What Ways Are Kwikset Smartcode And Schlage Keypad The Same?

  • Both of these locks use manual code input to lock via a keypad with physical buttons. This is beneficial for if you are wearing thick gloves and also makes for a lower design-cost compared to touchscreen smart locks.
  • These locks both have a keyway as a back-up method for entry in case your batteries run flat.
  • They both use four AA batteries to operate.
  • These locks have lifetime warranties on the mechanical parts.
  • They are both certified commercial Grade 2 security making them suitable to secure any of the entry doors of your house.
  • Both of these locks feature a strong metal housing making them durable and helps to prevent tampering.
  • These locks don’t have remote control capabilities. You can’t control them via an app on your phone or through any home automation system.
  • They both don’t require hard-wiring because they are battery operated.
  • They are easy to install with the use of just one screwdriver which can be done within twenty minutes.


Kwikset Smartcode Overview

Kwikset SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt

The Kwikset SmartCode is the perfect smart lock solution for anyone who just needs a keyless entry for multiple users.

The user codes for this lock are limited to eight unique codes so keep in mind that it may not be sufficient if you plan to give access to the whole family and still to any house cleaning services, dog walkers, etc.

The backlit keypad helps you to easily input your access codes in the dark.

With the Kwikset SmartCode, you can lock the door behind you with the press of the dedicated locking button.

This lock does feature auto-lock in case you forget to lock the door you can set this lock to auto-lock after 30 seconds. Ideal for when your hands are full or if you have forgetful users coming and going.

You can also re-key this lock to suit your existing keys if you so choose. (Compatible with Kwikset KW1 keyway)

SmartKey cylinders have a stainless steel side locking bar, racks, and pins for ultimate security and protection against keyway bumping.

It has an adjustable backset 2 to ⅜ to 2 ¾ inches so that it fits all standard door sizes.

This lock has a sleek metal design with a tamper-resistant cover.

This lock is certified commercial Grade 2 security.

The installation shouldn’t take more than a few minutes with the help of a screwdriver.

This lock requires four AA batteries which are not included.

The dimension and weight are as follows: 3.5 x 5.38 x 9.88 inches and 1.5 pounds making this smart lock slimmer and lighter than the Schlage Keypad.

The Kwikset SmartCode has a one-year electronic warranty and a lifetime mechanical warranty.


Schlage Keypad Overview

Schlage Keypad Deadbolt

The Schlage Keypad lock is better suited to you if you require more than eight user codes.

With this model, you can store up to nineteen individual user codes for more people to unlock the door at any time. This makes it much better suited for homes with big families and has extra room for workers as well.

The Schlage Keypad is guaranteed to fit onto all standard pre-drilled doors to give you peace of mind. Door sizes include 1-⅜ inch to 1-¾ inch doors. The universal deadbolt fits 2-⅜ inch or 2-¾ inch backset.

The Schlage Keypad features silicone-coated keys to prevent numbers from wearing off over time.

The Schlage Keypad has a three-year electronics warranty compared to the Kwikset’s one-year electronic warranty.

The keyway is a 5-pin tumbler C type with one nickel silver key.

This lock is also certified commercial Grade 2 security.

With no wiring required, this lock can be installed within minutes with a Philips screwdriver.

This lock requires four AA batteries which are included.

The dimensions are as follows: 4.25 x 3.25 x 5.5 inches and 5.35 pounds.

The Schlage Keypad has a three-year electronic warranty and a lifetime mechanical warranty.


Conclusion: Kwikset SmartCode Vs Schlage Keypad

The Kwikset SmartCode and the Schlage Keypad are both excellent options for anyone who doesn’t need to remotely access their smart lock or set up more than nineteen user codes. These locks are ideal for the front, side, or back doors.

If you need to give access to more than eight people you will need to go for the Schlage Keypad as it can hold up to nineteen user codes.

If on the other hand, you don’t need to set up more than eight user codes and would rather benefit from a three-year electrical warranty, you could get the Schlage Keypad.

If both locks suit your needs equally you could go for the cheaper option, the Kwikset SmartCode.

Of course, both these smart locks are very basic in terms of smart lock features. If you want to benefit from newer smart lock features like remote access and integration with your current smart home system you should look at some newer options.

Most newer smart locks are also able to store at least 30 unique user access codes ideal for small offices or houses with a lot of foot traffic.

Most newer smart locks have the auto-lock feature like the Kwikset SmartCode and some even have an auto-unlock feature.


Which Is Better, Schlage Or Kwikset?

This would really depend on which two models you are comparing. In this article, we find that both Schlage and Kwikset have their own unique advantages over the other.

Generally, Schlage does make very secure locks, we would say a bit tougher on average compared to Kwikset overall.


Are Schlage and Kwikset Interchangeable?

In terms of what type of key you can use, Schlage and Kwikset are not interchangeable.

If you’re referring to the lock unit itself and whether or not it can be swapped out on your door then yes, both these smart locks have the same type of installation design.


Can Schlage Locks Be Keyed To Kwikset?

No, they use different lock cylinders so you would have to get the cylinder replaced to match up with the other. A locksmith can do this for you if need be.

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