9 Dorm Room Security Tips (To Keep Your Stuff Safe)

In this article, we’ll be discussing some security tips to help improve your dorm room security and make sure that your valuable items are as safe as possible, maybe incorporate some new and beneficial habits into your routine if it’s needed.

Dorm Room Security

These are the top dorm room security tips:

  1. Make use of security devices such as window and door alarms.
  2. Set up a smart camera.
  3. Practice safe habits.
  4. Create relationships with your neighbors.
  5. Use applications like Noonlight.
  6. Smart Locks (If allowed)
  7. Keep mace(pepper spray) within reach.
  8. Install a Safe.
  9. Insurance.


Make Use Of Security Devices Such As Window And Door Alarms

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Window and door sensors are a great source of security for dorm rooms as they create an immediate deterrence by sounding off loud sirens and will alert people of your door or window is being opened.

Combined with my second security tip, to set up a smart camera, you’re well on your way to having a dorm room that’s more secure than most others.

These sensors on Amazon are effective and convenient as they’re very loud and have their own remotes to activate and deactivate them when needed.

Door stoppers that double up as an alarm are very useful as they not only block the intruder from entering but also set off a loud siren that will alert everyone in the nearby area.

The potential thief would most likely get out of there as soon as possible, especially since the door won’t move any further for them to get in. If you’re inside the dorm room at the time, you’ll certainly hear the alarm going off loudly if anyone tries to enter.

Even if you use this device, you should always make sure to keep the door locked as well; the door stopper is just a second layer of defense after the door lock.


Set Up A Smart Camera

Smart Camera

Setting up a smart camera today is so easy and extremely beneficial, switch on the device, install an application, plug the camera in via the included USB, add your wi-fi information, and scan a QR code. (Full instructions)

Now you’ll have live footage of your dorm room on your phone at all times. It’s good to have footage of theft if you ever need to claim on insurance. It may not always be easy to pick the perfect device because there are so many options out there. But I’m sure you’ll find the one that suits your needs with only a bit of research.

I personally like the Wyze Cam on Amazon because it’s easy to install, plus you only need a wi-fi connection to fully utilize all its functions, no hub or assistant required. (Although it is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant)

They also offer a wide variety of functions like HD video recording, night vision indoors, and motion detection capabilities. You can also share your camera access with someone you trust.

You can buy these cameras in packs of two for if you want to direct one to your door and one to your window. You won’t need more than that for the average dorm room.


Practice Safe Habits

Make sure your door is locked at all times

Making sure your door is always locked, even if you just step out for a “second,” is very important as it could mean the difference between staying safe or being yet another victim of dorm room crime.

That means locking your door even when you are inside studying, listening to music, or just reading a book you fancy. Staying safe means taking on new habits like locking your door in order for you and your property to stay safe.


Pack your valuables away when not being used

Packing your valuables away when you are not using them is a very good habit to have in general as it keeps your dorm room neat and tidy.

I mean out of sight when you pack them away, so it also keeps them hidden away for if someone uninvited gets into your dorm room and has long fingers.


Close and make sure windows are locked

When closing your window, check to make sure there isn’t anything in the way of it fully closing so that it can be properly locked. Properly closing your window is also important for sensors to engage and activate.

Remember, the window is the only other way into your dorm room.


Share your schedule only with one or two trusted people

Ideally, you can share your schedule with the people living closest to you if they’re found trustworthy. Also, share it with your parents, so they know of your whereabouts at any given time.

Make sure not to share it with too many people, though, as you don’t want everyone to know when you’re not in your dorm room.


Always make sure you know who is knocking

Even if you’re expecting someone, always make sure to check who’s knocking at your door before you unlock.


Create Relationships With Your Neighbors.

Having relationships with fellow “dormies” that live near to your room can be great for dorm room security as you would have some form of communication and would be able to alert each other if something went wrong in your dorm room.

I’m not saying you need to know every person there, but it would be beneficial to know the people next to you or across from you, plus you get to make new friends.


Use Applications Like Noonlight


Close to 2,000,000 people have installed this security app called Noonlight. It’s very simple to use and has saved numerous people’s lives already.

Noonlight is great to use when you feel that you might be in danger but don’t need to call 911 yet.

When you open up the app, you are presented with an icon on the screen which you must press and hold at all times.

If you lift your finger for any reason, a 10-second count down timer will begin, and if it completes, your phone will call emergency services and provide them with your photo and location for the police to assist.

You can cancel the count down by entering a pin code if you feel safe again.


Smart Locks (If allowed)

If the college allows you to place a smart lock on your dorm room door, it is a very effective way of securing your door as you can be notified whenever the door is opened. You also don’t need any key to use it, only your phone or Pincode is required.

There is a wide range of smart locks with different functions and features, so have a look to find the one that suits your needs.

Some smart locks even allow you to give a unique pin to trusted people in case of an emergency. Just remember to check if your college allows smart locks to be installed in your dorm room.


Keep Mace (Pepper Spray) Within Reach.

Mace is obviously a tricky one as when you spray. You need to quickly exit the room or area because of the potency of the mace.

It should only be used as a last resort in self-defense as most colleges prohibit you from using mace on campus, so before using it, make sure that it is the last option.

If someone is trying to harm you and your only way to defend yourself is by using the mace, then do it.

11 Pepper Spray Alternatives To Protect Yourself (Legal)


Install A Safe

Having a safe is an excellent way of keeping things secure, but when installing a safe in a dorm room, we should consider the size of the safe as the space of the dorm room is limited and can still be hidden perfectly at the bottom of your closet.

A safe as we know is for the most valuable stuff like cash or jewelry we own, and as a student, at least some of those things remain in the dorm, and you should only have what you really need with you.



With all the tips given in this article, the last one that needs to be mentioned should definitely be insurance. As we can’t be 100% sure that our valuables will be safe on campus even with the most secure tactics and devices.

Insurance at least gives us just a little more peace of mind that if something does get stolen or broken that it is covered by insurance.

If it happens to be something with all our work on, hopefully, you are subscribed to some sort of cloud service to be able to retrieve the information.


Conclusion: Dorm Room Security

I’m sure there are many more devices and habits to secure your dorm room, but by using at least one or more of the tips and devices in this article, you’ll have a dorm room that’s more secure than most.

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