Air Conditioner Security: 9 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your AC Unit

Criminals everywhere are always specifically looking for any weak points in your security to gain access to your home. One of those weak points they are taking advantage of is your air conditioner.

In some cases, they will just steal your AC unit and leave without taking anything else. In other cases, they will remove your AC from your window, climb through, and steal the contents of your home.

Luckily there are security measures that can be taken to help prevent any of this type of criminal activity. Even if your AC is an external unit that stands outside on the ground, you should secure it with a cage as explained in this article.

In most cases though, AC units are placed in windows and most of the security measures you can take to protect these types of installations are also found throughout this article.

Air Conditioner Security

If you use a few of these security measures in combination with each other you can create the most secure AC installation in your neighborhood.

Install a Security Cage

AC Security Cage

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Installing a security cage is your best option if you have an exterior air conditioner which stands on a cement base.

The AC Guard Security Cage is an example of a neat and tidy design that won’t detract from your home’s good looks. This cage is bolted to the cement base around the air conditioner so that criminals can’t easily steal your AC.

With the right tools, aircon cages are easily removed for you to perform maintenance on the AC. This steel cage on Amazon has a powder-coated finish with a 16-gauge construction.

This is what might happen when you don’t have a cage around your AC

Here is a video on how to install the AC Guard Security Cage.


Install an AC Window Guard Cage

AC Window Guard Cage

Most AC security cages are powder-coated steel that fits around your air conditioner on your window.

A metal cage is the most effective way to secure your window-mounted air conditioner. Not only does a security cage prevent criminals from stealing your AC unit, but it also serves as an AC mounting bracket.

So it supports the AC unit nicely and also makes sure the AC doesn’t fall out the window for any reason.

AC window cages are screwed into your window frame at multiple points to make sure they’re solidly in place and not easy to remove for criminals.

Here’s a great cage on Amazon for window-mounted air conditioners:

Last update on 2023-10-15 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Install an Air Conditioner Mounting Support Bracket

Air Conditioner Mounting Support Bracket

To get the most sturdy and secure air conditioner set up, get yourself a premium mounting bracket.

This is an example of a tried and tested mounting bracket on Amazon which has proven to be a strong, reliable option for anyone who wants to make sure that their aircon is FIRMLY in place.

Bolting the mounting bracket to the wall is not necessary but will add a huge layer of protection as it will be far more difficult to remove without making too much noise.

These air-con mounting brackets are super easy to install sometimes with no tools required. (Unless you bolt it down for added security which I suggest)

They are made from heavy-duty steel that can hold up to 200 lbs (90KG) and fits single or double windows depending on your set up.

Having a bracket like this will decrease the chance of your air conditioner falling out of the window for whatever reason.

The dimensions of this bracket are as follows:

10″(H) x 19.2″(L) x 20″(W) / 25.4 x 48.8 x 50.8cm (w/o extension beams)

Width: Expands 24”- 38”

Take a look at this mounting bracket on Amazon:


Fit an AC Window Lock

AC Window Lock


This is definitely the quickest and easiest solution to prevent criminals from stealing your AC or removing your AC to gain access to your home.

All you need to do is secure this lock to your AC and bottom of your window and lock it into place. It’s easy to detach when you need to as well.

Of course, the window itself can still be smashed although it’s unlikely in most circumstances as the criminal doesn’t want to make so much noise. Having said that, you can also purchase a strong security film to stick to your window to protect against smashing. We look at this protective film further down in this article.

Take a look at the Frost King ACL1 Security Lock on Amazon.


Use A Window Plate

Window Plate

Another way in which you can secure your home while using a window situated AC is to get a window plate that you can fit at the opening of the window and then place your AC on the inside of your house.

At this point, you need only to lead a pipe from your aircon to this plate and place it over the hole in the plate. If your window does not have a lock to keep it firmly in place, you could make use of a sliding window lock like this one on Amazon.

Are There Smart Locks for Sliding Doors?

This window kit plate can also save you on your electric bill because it’s the perfect seal that prevents any warm air from outside getting inside.

Window kit plates are easy to install and usually include the following:

  • 1 x Inner Plate
  • 1 x Outer Plate
  • 1 x Window Adaptor
  • 1 x Screws Set

Here is an example of a Window Kit Plate on Amazon.


Fit an Adjustable Window Lock

Adjustable Window Lock

An adjustable window lock is brilliant for keeping windows securely in place when they need to be partially opened for air conditioners or air conditioner plates.

The Jeacent window lock is a fine example with high-impact steel to make sure it doesn’t break. These types of window locks are extendable and adjustable for any sliding window you may have.

Once your window is in the correct position, just position this gadget between the frame and window to block the window from moving any further. Follow the link below to see exactly how to apply this window lock. These are very easy to use in many different situations.

Take a look at the Jeacent Window Security Bar on Amazon for a perfect example of this type of window lock.


Apply Security Film To Your Window

Window Security Film

An additional measure of security for your window is a clear or tinted window film. It will make it much harder for criminals to smash the window and gain access to your home. The film will absorb impacts and hold any shattered glass together.

Security films like this can be bought in different dimensions here on Amazon.


Install a Security Window Alarm

Security Window Alarm
A window alarm can be one of the most effective ways to deter intruders.

Window alarms instantly sound off an alarm at around 100 dB if there is any tampering/vibrations in the window.

The vibration sensors are tuned perfectly so that they don’t trigger false alarms if there is heavy wind or rain.

This is another super easy gadget to apply to your window. Just remove the sticker from the back and stick the alarm to the window. There’s normally a warning on the sticky side to deter criminals from even trying to mess with your window.

Batteries are usually included with all types of window alarms.

Here’s an example of a great window alarm on Amazon.


Install a Security Camera

Security Camera

Installing a security camera is also a good choice in protecting your assets.

A security camera can also deter criminals from attempting to break in because they know that you have motion sensors and alerts that go to your phone to catch them in the act.

If you’re placing a camera outside the house, just make sure it’s weather-resistant.

This type of security camera would be ideal, check it out on Amazon.

Also, check out 5 Nest Cam Alternatives in 2023.


Conclusion: Air Conditioner Security

Properly securing your air conditioner and the window it’s attached to is done by utilizing a few different methods.

Securing the air conditioner with a cage is one of the most secure options as it will be very difficult for anyone to cut the cage open to gain access. This would be extremely noisy for them to do as well which is the last thing the intruder would want.

Besides using a cage, you can make sure that the window is difficult to open from the outside with the use of window locks specifically designed for securing windows that have AC units inside of them. Security film can also be used to make your window stronger in case of someone trying to break in.

A good support bracket helps to secure the aircon firmly in place and if you can bolt the bracket into your wall and AC unit, it will be a very good solution for AC security.

If you use a couple of these solutions together, almost no criminals will bother trying to steal your AC especially when there are so many AC units that aren’t so highly protected.

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