Top 3 Smart Locks for UPVC Door 2024 (Handpicked Options)

If you have a UPVC door, then you might be worried about smart lock compatibility. I am here to talk about why those fears exist, as well as which smart lock works best with UPVC doors.

The best smart locks for UPVC doors are:

  • August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
  • Yale Security YRD256-CBA-619 Smart Lock
  • Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock

I am a huge fan of these three smart locks for UPVC doors, and let me tell you why.

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Best Smart Lock for UPVC Door

Best Smart Locks for UPVC Door

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

August Smart locks are known to be some of the best smart locks out there and for good reason.


The August Smart lock pro is really an awesome device. These smart locks are always my go-to recommendation for pretty much anybody that is new to the smart lock arena. They have every single ability that you could want in a smart lock that only attaches to the inside of your door.

The August Smart Lock comes with several built-in features that are quick to impress. To start, they look absolutely stunning. The simple cylinder design is so futuristic looking and yet practical. The deadbolt is locked manually by rotating the outside of the lock similar to the feel of a Nest thermostat and feels really nice to do. The lights are simple, and show exactly what the lock is doing when it activates. Very few locks know how to do this right.

The August App is so great and combined with great hardware you can enjoy some really great features that are pretty special.

The first of these features that I want to talk about is called AutoUnlock. Auto unlock is a feature that automatically locks and unlocks your front door when you come and go. It does this by sensing that your phone in the range of the device and then locking and unlocking accordingly.

How awesome is that? No more setting your groceries down to find your keys and unlock your door!

The second feature that I would like to point out that is exclusive to August Smart locks is their “door sense” feature. This feature allows the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect to sense when your door is closed and locked at all times. This is really handy if you have just left for vacation and are unsure if you locked the door. Simple check the August app and find out if you did or not. If you ended up forgetting, you can tell it to lock itself right then and there and not have to worry that somebody will be stealing your valuables!


Compatibility with UPVC Doors

The reason that the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect is the first lock on this list is that it is so easy to install. Although it makes some sacrifices in order to do so, the August smart lock is actually installed over top of your current deadbolt! Some technical experience is required but in terms of simplicity, it doesn’t get much better.

Many people are worried that their UPVC doors are just too flimsy to drill any holes in. That may be the case, but with a smart lock like this one, you don’t have to worry. Generally, there is no drilling required!

If you order on Amazon, they even will come to install it for free, now that is awesome!

If all you want is the fastest way to get rolling with a smart lock, then this is the one for you!


Ease of use

Using this lock is really simple. All you have to do is sync it up to your phone and the smart connect dock and then you are good to go! People rant and rave about how easy it is to use this lock, and that is why I like it.

When you have a lock that uses a smart hub device like this, the battery life is far greater than a smart lock that connects directly to your wifi. With Z-wave, which is what this lock uses, you can expect your battery to last around a year, while a lock that connects directly to wifi will last only 2 months or so.


User experiences

Everybody that buys this lock says it was a great purchase. The reviews on Amazon are really good, and I will personally vouch for this lock. if something has over 70% 5-star reviews on Amazon, you know that you can be comfortable buying it.

That being said, there are a few things that people have had problems with. Apparently, if you have an old phone, this lock has some trouble connecting all the time. These issues are very uncommon, and I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


Yale Security YRD256-CBA-619

Yale Security YRD256-CBA-619

This lock is one of my favorite locks out there and will be yours too if you are a minimalist type person.


So the Yale Security YRD256-CBA-619 Assure Lock SL Slim Touchscreen deadbolt with a motorized deadbolt is an interesting product. Especially once you notice that it does not have an analog keyhole deadbolt on the outside of the door. This lock is completely digital and has no option for manually opening your door.

Now that may sound scary to some, but once you have used a keypad deadbolt your life will never be the same. All of the reasons smart locks are awesome come down to the simple fact that they grant easier access to your home for yourself and others of your choosing. That being said, the added ability to have a passcode on your front door is super convenient.

My brother has one of these, and he refuses to ever have a deadbolt without a keypad on it for the sole reason of convenience. Many people find that they stop using the app entirely and rely on just the pin. Now that is convenient!


Compatibility with UPVC Doors

The reason why this lock is compatible with UPVC doors is that it is very small on the outside, and Yale is known for compatibility.

Let me explain. UPVC doors can sometimes be a little flimsy and slightly cheap, so having a massive lock on the outside of the door may weight it down a tad. This little guy is small and will fit in most door situations and setups.


Ease of use

Setting these things up can be a bit of a hassle, but after they are all set up they work great! The best thing about these Yale locks is that they actually use the same app as the August Smart Lock, which is my personal favorite app to use for my home. It is simple, efficient, and of course, it just works.


User experiences

Some people have problems getting this to work with August software at first, but after it gets working it runs like a dream! Do some research into what type of set up you want to run and you will be completely satisfied with this lock.

Tons of positive reviews on Amazon, with a few critical ones from people that didn’t plan well for a smart lock. Make sure your door is ready for one and you should be fine.


Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock

This type of lock is the epitome of great features as long as your door is the right thickness that is.


From the title, you can probably guess this lock’s main feature; the fingerprint scanner.

Yes, that’s right. This lock has a built-in fingerprint scanner for up to 95 people. Now that is awesome!

Most locks will have one of two things on the outside of the lock, a keyhole or a pin pad. This lock actually has both of those as well as the fingerprint scanner! That being said, this door lock is NOT MADE FOR DEADBOLTS. Most smart locks are made for a simple deadbolt, but this lock is designed for doors without a deadbolt.


Compatibility with UPVC Doors

Although pretty bulky, this is perfect for many UPVC doors since normally they are found on the side of the house, and sometimes don’t have a deadbolt. This type of solution is perfect for folks without the option of a deadbolt, and need a way for kids to get into their house.


Ease of use

As I said, this might take some time to get installed and such, but once all of the kids and residents of the home have their fingerprints scanned in you are good to go. Super easy to use. You might forget a pin or even a cell phone, but you won’t forget your own thumb!


User experiences

Many people report that this smart lock is great to use. They use it for all sorts of things like Airbnb and other applications. Some people have been frustrated with this door lock, but in all honesty, its because they probably didn’t set it up correctly.


Related Questions

Are smart locks hard to install? If the door is properly aligned, installing a smart lock onto an existing deadbolt can be done in minutes. If the entire deadbolt is being replaced, it can take a little longer and require a little more mechanical experience.

Can I pay a professional to install a smart lock? Many locksmiths are able to install smart locks, and can even be contracted out through Amazon. Some smart locks come with free installation. Installation by a professional will usually cost around 100 dollars.

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